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  • @cuduebor- yes, actually. I had forgotten about it 🤦🏼‍♀️ They did a placement scan at 7w5d for DS2 (thank you, baby book, for that reminder). It looked like two oval blobs stuck together. It was an abdominal scan. According to the notes, I measured 7w2d at that scan, and they had no difficulty with the regular probe 🤷🏼‍♀️ EDD was not changed. I didn’t write down his HB measurements, though, and it’s not on the photo 
    BFP #1 3/07, EDD 11/12/07, MMC 5/7/07
    ~~~  ~~~  ~~~
    BFP #2 5/4/14, EDD 1/15/15, DS1 1/19/15
    BFP #3 8/19/16, EDD 4/30/17, DS2 4/25/17
    BFP #4 12/22/18, EDD 9/6/19 - CP 12/29/18
    BFP #5 1/18/19, EDD 10/3/19 
    ~~~  ~~~  ~~~
    High Risk Dx (6/14):  Homozygous MTHFR C677T, protein C & S deficiencies
  • @cmbt2 thanks for the info! That's really helpful and good to know they were able to do an abdominal scan! Transvaginal wands are not my favorite.
  • cuduebor said:
    Questions: Has anyone had a scan at 7 weeks? Doc said we will be able to see the heartbeat, but I’m wondering what else to expect since it’s so early.
    You will be able to see and hear the heartbeat, which is incredible! Other than that they mostly just take measurements to make sure the baby is developing at the correct speed per how many weeks you are. It will look kind of like a lima bean shape at that point.
  • edited February 23

    Weeks/Days: 7 weeks, 3 days

    Rants/Raves: no rants or raves

    Symptoms: fatigue, bloating, morning sickness, twinge pain in left side from time to time.


    Gtky #1: Does your babe have any siblings?
    Yes two sisters 6 & 4

    Gtky #2: Tell us about your journey to get here! 
    Not much of a journey, unfortunately not planned, however just as excited since finding out. Had the IUD removed in october and GYN wanted me to wait for a full period before starting a new bc, after some known side effects appeared I decided to buy a test (which was positive).
    Nice to meet you all! 
  • With people still joining and all the due dates clustered in the first half of the month anyway, I hope it's okay if I just start a big board wide check in for this week :) I just made up the check in really fast so if you want to add anything else please do! 





    Gtky #1: Does your babe have siblings? (ETA: including furry ones!)

    Gtky #2: Tell us about your journey to get here! 
    5 weeks, 4 days

    Symptoms: Really tired and winded really easily. Really mild queasiness and that's about it so far. 

    GTKY # Yes. He/She will have a sister and a brother. And 2 dog sisters.

    GTKY # 2 We started trying for #3 in October. Had a chemical pregnancy in December. January was the last month we were going to try before taking a couple month break for a bunch of events we have coming up that I didn't really want to be super newly pregnant for and here we are :)
  • Weeks/Days: 4w5d

    Rants/Raves: TGIF. Another busy weekend ahead after a weird week with the snow. Looking forward to March just around the corner.

    Symptoms: Insomnia at night, tired during the day. Also had my first bout of metallic taste in my mouth this pregnancy. 


    Gtky #1: Does your babe have siblings? (ETA: including furry ones!) 4 and 2 (one of each)

    Gtky #2: Tell us about your journey to get here! I can't hold a candle to the journeys many of these women have gone through to get here. DH and I have been fortunate to conceive quickly each time. I've always wanted 3 kids, and it took DH a little bit of time to thaw to the idea of it. We wanted our kids fairly close in age, so a 3 year+ age gap between DD and this one seems perfect. 

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