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**TW** Spotting Support and Questions **TW**

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of posts about spotting in the monthly symptoms thread and other places. Please feel free to use this more visible thread to discuss and give/receive support.

There's a general TW on this whole thread.

Hugs to you all :heart:

Re: **TW** Spotting Support and Questions **TW**

  • I will start as I'm hoping my post will help others. I had very light brown spotting from 5w2d to 5w6d, then again on 6w2d. I called my DRS office and the nurse assured me it was quite common and usually nothing to worry about. I haven't had any since and I'm currently 7w3d all based on my LMP. I'm definitely not out of the woods yet but it's much less scary now that the spotting has subsided. I have had 3 losses in the past. My first one I had slightly pink spotting that went away and then came back full force about 4 or 5 days later when I miscarried. My other two losses I didn't have any brown spotting and just went straight into bleeding. Everyone's body is different and symptoms can vary greatly but this has been my story. If you are going through spotting, my heart is with you. It's such a scary experience but hopefully it's nothing concerning. 
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    I started off this pregnancy with heavy bleeding for three straight days. It then varied between brown and red spotting for another week or so. Once I got on progesterone, it stopped and I hope it stays that way *knocks on wood*. I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma at my last appt and it will be closely monitored. With my loss in Oct. I had absolutely no spotting or any indication something was wrong. I'm hopeful that we acted early and can keep this little one thriving. Hugs to all of you experiencing spotting/bleeding. It really is so scary!
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  • I had pretty consistent spotting up until around 8w. It was scary, but everything was fine at 8 week US. It seemed to happen when I would hold my pee for too long. Definitely spotting from my vagina and not from my urethra, so not UTI related. Looking forward to my next appointment at 12w. Good luck everyone!
  • Hopefully this will be reassuring to others. Last Tuesday I woke up and had bright red spotting. It stopped, but I was obviously freaked out. My OB ended up getting me in for an U/S and everything looked perfect with baby. No idea what the spotting was about, but it has not returned. 
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  • A few weeks back I wiped and had a bright pink streak in my discharge. Having went through a loss with my first pregnancy (this is my fourth pregnancy) I broke down crying, had my mom watch the kids and DH and I went to the ER. My HCG levels were high and everything looked normal, it was just too early to pick up a heartbeat. Not the most reassuring thing ever but was basically told that they have no reason to believe anything is wrong. I'm anxious person so it's been difficult, but I've had no pain or any other forms of spotting or pink in my discharge since and morning sickness has kicked in so I'm hoping for good news on Wednesday when I have another ultrasound. I haven't been super active yet for this reason but...

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  • Just wanted to pop over with an update since having an ultrasound...we got to see baby's heartbeat *huge sigh of relief* and they think my due date is off by about 10 day which would make my EDD October 2nd but I'm hoping it'll be okay to just say here with you all
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