Trying for my miracle Feb 2019

Hello All!!
So, am getting my second round of IVF done this Feb, very excited but equally scared and nervous, does that make sense?!! 
First round was a failure, it was heartbreaking, did in Aug 2017 and needed all this time to cope up emotionally and financially and to research a bit more before taking the plunge.
My issue is "Unexplained Infertility" but now the docs are trying to put in on poor egg quality and i this time opted for donor egg to get a better result.
Need a lot of encouragement and support:):)
FET will be scheduled post 20th Feb, any advice will be much appreciated

Re: Trying for my miracle Feb 2019

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    edited February 2019
    I believe all the support you need is here on this site. Best spot for you is the Feb FET message board. Its one page back under Feb FET.

    AFM I am on second IVF waiting for our embryos to test PGS/PGD normal (4 are in testing now).

    Me and DH 44
    I am a genetic carrier using PGD testing
    Dec 2018 ER = 0 PGS normal embryos
    Jan 2019 ER = 1 PGD/ PGS normal embryo, 1 carrier embryo, 1 no result
    April 2019 Hysteroscopy to remove polyp and Fibroid
    May 2019 FET = BFN
    September 2019 FET = BFN
    Dec 2019 ER = 1 carrier embryo 
    Mar ER = 0 PGS normal embryos
    July 2020 ER = 0 PGS normal embryos
    October 2020 Hysteroscopy to remove polyps
    Nov 2020 FET = positive (little one due July 2021)
  • Yes as @pgdwivf said, come join us on the Feb FET board! We have great support over there. Very exciting that you are moving forward with a donor egg! 
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  • Thank you so much!! Joining it straightaway:):)
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