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Feb 2019 FET

I didn’t see a discussion for this yet. Anyone else out there doing a transfer in February? I just got the call today that we have one PGS tested “normal” embryo so we will be moving forward with our transfer in February. 

Re: Feb 2019 FET

  • I’m also doing a transfer in February. We were hoping for a FET in January, but my RE wanted a re-biopsy for ERA testing. We also have one PGS normal embryo. FX that February is our month!
  • I am doing a FET in February. Tentative transfer date is 2/7 as long as everything moves along the way it should. I go in 1/16 to be cleared to start. Fingers crossed for us all ♡♡
  • Just got my protocol, tentative transfer date is 2/6. FX that February is a great month for all of us!!!
  • I’m hoping to do a February FET. Had my retrieval in December, but out of 5 fertilized, only one made it to testing. Anxiously awaiting those results. If it’s abnormal, we will do another stim round in a February. GL all :)
  • @marianmet FX you get some good results soon!!
  • @aconklin214 my tentative transfer is 2/7 also! I hope everything goes well at your appointment next week!

    AFM, I had my biopsy this morning. Now I just have to wait until CD 1 to schedule my baseline. 

  • @vetgirl2011 that is awesome. Hopefully we both get to transfer on the same day.  Fingers crossed everything looks good. 

    My meds arrived today and it is so weird not having to refrigerate anything. The PIO already has me freaking out but I will do anything to ensure success. Last BC pill tomorrow and then 5 days till BL/US and hopefully the green light to start. 

  • Hi all!

    I decided this morning that we’re going to go ahead with a February FET. We’re doing an endometrial scratch this month in preparation. I’ve never had a scratch before, and tips on what to expect?

    We’re also going PIO for the first time this time around. It’ll be my 4th transfer but we’ve done suppositories previously. 

    Good luck to all of us!!
  • I'm scheduled for a transfer on the 4th. We did ivf in December and one had one egg, but it fertilized, and we froze it on day 4, good luck to everyone!
  • I was cleared today to start meds tonight. Yippee. Estrace all over haha. We did an egg retrieval in December and out if 10 eggs got 2 day 5 blasts. We have decided to only transfer one. Next appointment is next Friday. 
  • Hi! New to this discussion. Did a Fresh Transfer in July- Negative    FET in December (not sure if they placed an embryo-- long story)-negative... so here we are for another FET for February. We are set for Sunday, February 24th. Planning on one embryo since we only have 2 left.... I am not ready for this to be my last try.
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  • So exciting, looks like we are all getting started!! I have my blood work and US appointment tomorrow!
  • I had my baseline today, and am good to go! Welcome, @megmac2010 @Kriztyn @nattiemom2be ;
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