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So sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

I NEED this nausea to end! Taking bonjesta and zofran and I’m still sick! Ugh! 
Anyone else as miserable?

Re: So sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

  • This pregnancy has been MUCH harder than my first. Nausea all day. My abs are twitching from vomiting so much. I was getting very dehydrated. My DR just recommended Unisom and B6 together at bed time. Today is day one and my nausea is about 75% better. Its such a relief. I am just really groggy... but ill take it. 
  • I'm doing B6 and Unisom as well. It has helped with the nausea (so much, I can actually eat now!) but I am having some weird dreams. 
  • I’m literally dead every day. With DS I was sick but would puke in the morning and then move on. I can’t exercise. I can’t eat. I have to eat. It’s maddening. Feel like I’m going to pass out or puke at every moment. 

    Unisom and b6 saved me last time but unisom was making me more sick this time. I’m seeing a naturopath on Saturday to get some homeopathy. I’m at my wit’s end and just 7 weeks. 

    Taking B6 and ginger. Not sure either is doing anything. 
  • @kvh1 if you decide to stick around, please take time to visit the following threads:
    We discourage one-off posts like this in an effort to keep the board organized. A good place to discuss nausea and MS would be in the February symptoms thread. Another good place to ask questions about symptoms would be the great question thread.

  • I feel ya. I ordered unisom off Amazon and have just been doing b6 2 times a day. It definitely helped a bit. I just cant seem to find anthing I want to eat first thing in the morning which makes it worse.
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