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February Symptoms

I know, February doesn't really start until tomorrow, but I'm in a hurry to get winter over with.

How's everyone feeling?
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Re: February Symptoms

  • klpv415klpv415 member
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    <3<3<3 Leslie Knope!!

    I've decided my nausea is more like gas. Like it feels like if I could burp I'd feel 1000000x better. Anyone else feeling this? Still no throwing up even though I've come close. Saltines make it worse.
    I've had heartburn the past 2-3 days but my mood has been better. Over the weekend/Monday I was a whirlwind of rage and crying, but I've felt normal and like my happy self recently.
  • I hate January so I fully support this being early.

    Still nauseous basically all day. I gave up on unisom/b6 bc it made me feel worse. And I'm so sleepy. We put our kids to bed at 8 and I am usually in bed by 8:30.
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  • So so tired...could probably sleep all day long. 
  • @mommyshark13 I've seen this on facebook too many times in the past few days to feel any other way:
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    And I'm so sorry this Unisom/B6 isn't helping.  It's basically the only reason I haven't dissolved into a puddle useless mush over the last week or so.

    Last night DS was up throwing up until after midnight.  I can be sick OR tired, but not both.  Mama can't hang today.  Also, cleaning up vomit when all you want to do is vomit is absolute torture.  Is it second tri yet?!?
  • @klpv415 I have also had heartburn or has or some other form of fire burning right under my boob after I eat. I definitely can not consider laying down or even slouching after a meal. 

    I am also super moody & emotional. I nearly had a breakdown because boyfriend muttered under his breath about me taking too long in the bathroom this morning. Lol
  • @RedBreast35 omg that sounds miserable, I hope your DS is feeling better pronto!
  • Oddly, I feel fine! I had HG with my other 3 pregnancies, so this is a really nice switch up. Hoping to stay this way for awhile. Only thing that is bothering me is my boobs seem to have grown 5x and hurt. 
  • Got hit with morning sickness for the first time last night...I forgot how disgusting peanut butter is in round two.

    Otherwise, if I'm being honest I've been a bit moody and just generally tired. DS is cutting teeth and has a cold and DD woke up in the middle of the night with a fever so we're all a hot mess right now.

    Yay for January almost being over!
  • @klpv415 ugh. The magically shrinking meals. I forgot how miserable I feel if I eat just a little too much.
  • January has lasted 495 days, atleast. I’m not sure we’ll ever make it to February let alone September at this rate. 

    I am BEYOND exhausted. I have been sleeping decently, I think, but when i need to wake up in the mornings to get the kids ready for school/sitter and it’s like I’ve been up for DAYS. And I’m insatiably hungry. I may or may not have gotten breakfast at Panera AND chick fil A this morning. I’m definitely destined to gain 200 lb this pregnancy. 

    Surprisingly, none of the usual symptoms so far. My boobs seem average sized, the nausea hasn’t set in. Tho add me to team ‘can’t seem to burp’ @klpv415 🤣 
  • I’m so glad January is over, it is seriously the longest month. Also over the -40 temps. 

    Anyone else get super sharp pains occasionally? I got one today that doubled me over for a bit. I know it’s RLP but I don’t recall it being that severe with my first. 

    Other symptoms are very painful breasts and just constant low level nausea. I don’t feel sick necessarily, just not really hungry and just off. 

    I use a Fitbit that tracks heart rate and mine has gone down. I’m hoping that’s normal as first tri  progresses. I don’t really like the elevated heart rate anyway. I’ve worked hard to bring it down over the last 6 months. 
  • I have mild nausea, like, nothing sounds good to eat type nausea. And I get super tired in the middle and at the end of the day, it takes me a second to fall asleep. I am bloated, my jeans are tight. Surprisingly my boobs aren’t sore, and they really were with my last two pregnancies (boys.) 
  • Oh my gosh, I have a whole slew of things happening, from crazy smells bugging the crap outta me to not sleeping well. Also, vivid dreams still, and sore boobs and nausea all day. DH got to experience a level of rage last night that was scary and overwhelming. 

    I hope all all of you ladies are doing ok, and happy February! 
  • Add me to the other team - I can’t stop burping/hiccuping! Thankfully it’s gotten a little better this past week (I’m 9w on Sunday). I think I’m generally over the morning sickness as long as I drink enough water and eat something every few hours. I noticed last night that I’m starting to look extra veiny. 
  • Ugh, ready for second tri. Nausea that shows up randomly, not at any predictable time...ravenously hungry, but nothing sounds good...bionic nose and sensitive to SO.MANY.SMELLS...sore boobs...exhausted...and out of control emotions! I bawled at the end of Amazing Race (season 29) last night. I've been binging it on Hulu, and I seriously boo-hooed like a baby when the winners got to the mat!
  • In pretty much the same boat as the rest of you over here, LOL. GI system is just a mess - nauseous, constant bloated/full feeling, horrible acid reflux. I'm SO exhausted, and emotional, crying at the drop of a dime. Boob soreness just started today, so that's fun. 

    OH, and this is so weird. I never experienced this with my other pregnancies. It's gross, but I have wicked foul body odor!  :s Seriously, I feel like I smell again 2 hours after I shower. What is that about?! Anyone else dealing with this? Please tell me I'm not alone!
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  • blitzybeeblitzybee member
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    I seem to be extra grumpy this afternoon. 😒 Or maybe I just have average people patience when pregnant, where I’m usually very patient! 
  • I'm officially almost at meltdown. All has been typical and well and then I noticed brown spotting when I went to the bathroom today. Spoke to my doctor, he's on call this weekend so couldn't stay at the office to wait for me to get in, so now am going to have to wait to next week to get a sonogram to make sure LO is ok. I'm really freaked out - this is the most awful feeling.
  • @laurenmicheley ugh. I’m so sorry. Of course this happens on the weekend. 😞 First trimester is such a helpless time for knowing what is happening. I hope the spotting slows, and you can get some rest. Thinking of you. 
  • @jaykay2004 Now I don't feel so bad bawling my eyes out towards the end of Bolt when they get trapped in the burning building. Like seriously, it's a kids movie, are they really going to kill off the two main characters?!?  :D
  • I am freezing, every evening it really sets in and I can’t get warm.  I didn’t deal with this my last two pregnancies, anyone else feel like they are trying to survive in the Arctic???
  • @jaykay2004 I cried during the new Spider-Man movie last weekend! Luckily no one saw cause the theatre was dark, but I was like OMG what’s wrong with me? 
  • @laurenmicheley Sorry you’re going through that! I had some brown spotting when I wiped for a couple of days a few weeks ago, then again for about a day this week - freaked me out. Turns out both times are spot on when my period would be due (if I weren’t pregnant of course), which my doc said is pretty common. Sending you good vibes!
  • @laurenmicheley spotting is definitely stressful! Do you have decent insurance? A trip to the ER may help alleviate your anxiety or if it starts getting worse. Thinking about you and hoping all is well. 
  • @nda_roxybabe minus the constant nausea, we're symptoms twins. it's mostly the sorest boobs west of the Mississippi & exhaustion for me w/ the occasional bout of nausea. 

    @dolewhipper lol & every time for me, it's 💩--but i still panic.

    @klpv415 YES to the normal/slightly smaller portion than usual & then i'm totally full (but also still want to keep eating, I'll add.) this started like a~week? up until then, I'd been feeling like I could eat a Thanksgiving meal like every meal.

    @laurenmicheley <3 to you right now. I hope you're doing alright & that everything checks out in the positive when you're able to see someone.

  • @laurenmicheley I had brown spotting with both of my older children and everything was fine. It's definitely nerve wracking though. Thinking of you. 
  • @laurenmicheley I'm sorry you have to wait. It does seem like everything always happens on the weekend. Hang in there. I'm sure it's totally normal.
  • @floridababy3 me too every evening I'm freezing.  Nothing has changed except pregnancy.  The thermostat is set the same as usual.  🤷‍♀️
  • @kaceyallan I am right there with you and I am a STM. The first few months are very isolating and anxiety is a tough one. It can be hard to stay busy and distract oneself in the winter. Just remember your hormones are going crazy and do what you can. I suggest writing a list of questions for the Dr. in a notebook and taking it with to the appt. 
  • @crs89 omg totally agreed. I was already feeling nauseous and that was almost too much to bear. So gross! 
  • @crs89 I cannnnttt. MH was completely appalled and I was like, "You know that feeling you have in your gut right now? That's how I feel 90% of every single day" 😂
  • @janat1717 thank you! Your words are comforting! :smile:
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  • I’m super tired! I can barely get normal chores done each day. It seems like if I over exert myself one day, I pay for it the next by being essentially useless. My boobs aren’t sore anymore-that was weeks 4-6 for me, and I’m at 8 wks in two days. Sometimes I’m nauseous, but not bad enough to throw up. Someone recommended sour patch kids, and they really help! I’m ready to be in the 2nd trimester, so I can have some energy back. Laying around has started to get depressing. I need to get outside and hike!
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