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TWW Wednesday 2/6

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 




Typical LP length: 



TTGP February Siggy Challenge: Animals in Love

Me: 29 DH:31
Together since 2007
Married 7/2/16
TTC #1 since 7/2017
Dx: unexplained, DH's SA shows 1% morph
IUI #1 12/27/18 - BFN 1/10/19
IUI #2 1/25/2019 - BFN 2/8/19

Re: TWW Wednesday 2/6

  • @prpl11butterfly i temp vaginally so I’d think it would be a smoother chart. I really just can’t wait for my tempdrop to get here so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. 
  • @kbrown2385 I thought you were with me on that method but I wasnt 100%. Yea, that is super odd. I don't know that we are ever getting our temp drops. Though I hope we wont have an immediate need for them when they do arrive....
  • @prpl11butterfly haha that’s exactly what I keep telling myself so I don’t keep getting annoyed over when it’s supposed to ship. 
  • @kimmer1412 nice looking chart!

    @emeraldcity603 you're not out until AF shows up. The one thing I learned with all my googling during the TWW in the last 7 months is that everything is possible. Huge temp dip the day before AF? Still BFP. Poor timing? Still BFP, both tubes are blocked per HSG? Still BFP and so on.

    @inthewoods23 whut?! I understand not being on YouTube while the guy is visiting employees and maybe talking to them but I bet he will be in meetings all day long. Your chart looks so good! This must be agonizing. 

    @kbrown2385 your temps are on the up trend which is good!

    @prpl11butterfly your chart looks really good too.It's interesting to see how your RHR follows your temps. I need to look more into that.
    TTC #1 since 04/2018
    Me: 36 DH: 37
    Dx: MFI (very low count: under 10 million/ml), right Fallopian tube slightly damaged (blocked)
    01/2019: Husband Dx with a varicocele!

  • Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD/DPO: 21/6

    Timing: Hopefully good

    Typical LP length: 11ish

    Testing: This weekend probably 

    R/R: Not much! No snow day yet, snow started later than they expected. Dealing with a lot of call ins from employees for various reasons, I love them but wow some of them have a real hard time working a full week.

    CS/Q: Nope!
  • @rikiteacup yeah I'm not sure what he's visiting for so maybe we just need to look busy in the AM as he comes around and introduces himself. We're all going to be cleaning up our desks during the remainder of the week. We've been told to come in at 8, take an hour lunch at noon, leave at 5.

    @b_1029 I'll probably sneak away to our bathroom a few times to check in and lurk TB lol so glad you're getting the new furnace! Yay heat!

    @brookert615 I'm paying for the blood test regardless of my own results at home so I may as well not test at home. I only have 1 test left so I'm saving it when I know it will be positive!
    TTGP February Siggy Challenge: Animals in Love

    Me: 29 DH:31
    Together since 2007
    Married 7/2/16
    TTC #1 since 7/2017
    Dx: unexplained, DH's SA shows 1% morph
    IUI #1 12/27/18 - BFN 1/10/19
    IUI #2 1/25/2019 - BFN 2/8/19
    IUI #3 TBD
  • Sorry, didn’t see the updated posts...

    @b_1029 yay, new furnace! FX for that and Friday to go smoothly!!

    @brookert615 sorry about the snoring. Can you get YH to give you permission to wake him up when he snores? I hate waking up mh, but when the snoring just won’t stop, a little nudge can go a long way to saving me some sanity.

    @mhamik I hope you can manage all those call outs ok and that the employees start getting their acts together.
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    @b_1029 yey for new furnace! Glad the weather had been cooperative with that. My coworker forgot to close her bathroom window yesterday and we both had the same thought, good thing it was the 60° day!

    @brookert615 ugh taxes.... I need to set up our appt soon. I'm dreading it since we changed brackets with this new administration...

    @begging4abump did you get out of bed between the temps? I've noticed that even if I'm laying awake for 2hrs my temps are pretty in line with other days. I'd keep the 630 one personally.

    Edited for stupid autocorrect 
  • @prpl11butterfly no, just lying in bed thinking how I needed to fall back asleep and then thinking of everything else on my to-do list. Thanks for the tip!
  • @mhamik Sorry you're having issues with employees! The same thing happens at my work!

    @begging4abump What a crazy dream! Cute of YH to comfort you though! DH will NOT wake up if I yell at him, push him, kick him, etc lol. He will just stop for a second and go back at it. I started doing taxes and we are getting more breaks than we did last year so it's good for us so far - I have a bunch of work stuff that I need to itemize for DH but we will get that back in our state return. We aren't getting as much back in federal since they started giving more in normal paychecks though! 
    Animals in Love - TTGP February Sig Contest
    TTC #1 Since August 2017
    Diagnosed with Hashimoto's & PCOS

  • *lurking*

    @inthewoods23 how are you functional right now at 13dpo with still 2 days to go? Your chart is looking fantastic!! FX FX FX for Friday!!

    @b_1029 glad you're finally getting your furnace fixed! 

    @brookert615 sorry about the snoring. And I say that with sincerity, because I'm the snore-r in my family :lol:  I'm super self conscious about it but thankfully MF doesn't tease me too much about it. And he knows he has permission to wake me up cuz I have the magical ability to be able to fall back asleep in an instant. 

    Me: 32  SO: 35

    TTC since Dec 2017

    Aug 2018: PCOS

    Nov '18: Cycle monitoring, testing w/RE. SA showed count on the low side (19mil)

    Dec '18: Letrozole + TI - BFN

    Jan '19: 30lb total weight loss milestone since Aug '18. Natural monitored cycle + TI - BFN

    Feb '19: Letrozole + TI, repeat SA

  • @lcking82 Hope you're able to catch up soon at work! It's not fun having a ton of meetings! 

    @kiki047 That's too funny! You're gifted to be able to fall back asleep like that! 
    Animals in Love - TTGP February Sig Contest
    TTC #1 Since August 2017
    Diagnosed with Hashimoto's & PCOS

  • @lcking82 - so frustrating when meetings take up the bulk of the day, impossible to stay ahead!

    @begging4abump - that is a crazy dream! I go through phases where I don't remember dreams at all, then other times they're so vivid I wake up mad/sad/etc. 

    @brookert615 - the snoring husband is the worst! He doesn't do it forever, then on the night I can't sleep he snores so loud I want to smack him!

  • @kiki047 somehow I have the will power 😄 I keep feeling these slight twinges in the same area on my right side and I try to ignore them but at the same time I'm screaming in my head "what does it mean?!?!"

    Fun fact y'all, based on FF, AF is due tomorrow, but I test on Friday. HMM!! 🤔 
    TTGP February Siggy Challenge: Animals in Love

    Me: 29 DH:31
    Together since 2007
    Married 7/2/16
    TTC #1 since 7/2017
    Dx: unexplained, DH's SA shows 1% morph
    IUI #1 12/27/18 - BFN 1/10/19
    IUI #2 1/25/2019 - BFN 2/8/19
    IUI #3 TBD
  • @lcking82 I’ve been sleeping better since ovulation and somehow my temps are better beforehand. So weird. 

    @b_1029 so glad you’re getting a new furnace! Hope your house is nice and toasty before too long!

    @brookert615 I go crazy when dh snores! Hope you have better sleep tonight! 

    @begging4abump you’re dream made me laugh a little! I love yh made sure you knew comforting you wasn’t including what happened during the dream haha. I’m glad I’m not alone for chuckling at the 24/7 😆.
  • b_1029b_1029 member
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    @brookert615 ugh I hate it when DH snores. TBH he usually sleeps in the guest room during the week because 1. he goes to bed later than me 2. I'm a light sleeper and he's a heavy breather and 3. he goes through bouts of restless leg syndrome that make me want to throw him off the bed. Hopefully you aren't too tired today!

    @mhamik that's so annoying about your employees! I don't get how some people think they're exempt from their full time jobs. 

    @begging4abump what a rude dream husband! I'm not sure on the temps. I would just use the 6:30 one since they're almost the same anyway (the converted and the 6:30)

    @lcking82 thank you! Do we work at the same place? I've had SO many meetings all week and am so behind on work. I don't understand how they expect you to get work done when you're in meetings for 6 hours a day! 

    @kiki047 hiii! <3

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    TTGP February Siggy: Animals in Love

    Married 10.2016
    TTC #1 11.2017
  • @inthewoods23 your chart looks so good! FX! 

    @kbrown2385 I think your timing is great! 

    @prpl11butterfly I want to start tracking my RHR. I love how it also has a biphasic pattern. 

    @rikiteacup I have been lurking the October BMB and I have seen so many of us over there. That BMB is going to be another good one. 

    @b_1029 I told my DH I was on the crazy train and he said, "have you thought about not taking anymore tests?" Ugh, I wish it was so easy! 

    @begging4abump I would mark today's temp as questionable. 

    @lcking82 enjoy your slow day.

  • @kimmer1412 ;  your chart and timing look on point!!

    @emeraldcity603 ; Right there on the crazy train with ya girl- I work for a dr's office and I'm pretty sure I could fanangle my way into getting a blood test done too see what my levels are at- but I really don't want to be disappointed.  I'm trying to be patient- and not ask one of the girls to do the blood test.....because I'd still have to pay for the blood test- and I really don't want to do that either.

    @inthewoods23 ; you have great will power to have not taken a test already!!

    @kbrown2385 ;  i don't think your timing looks terrible- what is the FAM setting on FF?

    @rikiteacup ;  your comments about anything being possible are so true.....I feel like if I don't mark when AF started correctly- that just throws everything off- so you are getting all excited about no AF and then it shows the next day over one wonky beginning of the cycle or something   >:)

    @brookert615 ;  Sorry you slept on the couch!  I do the snoring in our house- so my husband would totally feel the pain with you.  And I want to do our taxes so badly! Well, I don't want to do them, but have them done- so they are done.  The idea of some thief or crook filing them for us before we get the chance gives me anxiety.

    @mhamik ;  Hope you get a snow day out of all this!!

    @begging4abump ;  completely accurate description of the "willing something to happen"  :D

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD/DPO:  24/8

    Timing:  pretty good

    Typical LP length:  12/13

    Testing:  waiting on temps and to see what happens with those- however the agony is killing me due to the timing factor.  Even when we were actively TTC in 2015, I don't know that our timing was quite as on point as it was this month.  

    R/R:  I'm just really trying to not get overly emotional about all of this.....I really feel like our timing was good, forcing myself to NOT have one of my co-workers do a blood test.  struggling to not give into the urge to test early.....which brings up my question.....

    CS/Q:  I don't want to spend the money on a digital or more expensive pregnancy test- but- how accurate and what are the best ones if you did test early???  any verdicts or info on that??  I'm going to try to remain strong and NOT test- I don't think I could handle the double disappointment factor.....meaning if I tested tomorrow and it was negative and then I tested again on Monday- and another negative- I think I would be crushed.
  • samashley1samashley1 member
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    Hii. Man, I'm late to it this week. I've been busy/tired, so I've been slacking here.

    @emeraldcity603 sorry about the BFN. You've got time though! It's so frickin' hard to wait.

    @inthewoods23 Ugh, the fake facade for VIPs really irritates me in the workplace. They're also human and aware of how humans operate in 2019—no one is fooling him (her?) anyway. Good luck and get all those breaks for tea in!

    @brookert615 Sometimes couch-sleeping is where it's at. No distractions/noises and all the sprawling you want to do.

    @b_1029 yay, new furnace! I'm always slightly bitter on spending for non-fun house things though. You have a good 'tude about it!

    @begging4abump oh I hate dreams that leave me annoyed during wakeup. My boyfriend and I have titled the dream version of him "DreamKenny" (that's his name) and DreamKenny is a DB sometimes.

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD/DPO: 20/7

    Timing: -5, -4, -2, -1

    Typical LP length: ~13-14

    Testing: 2/13 or 2/14...if I can wait (we all know I can't)

    R/R: Our dog has still been keeping us up some nights. It turned out he kept us up the night before I had a 5am training appointment at the gym (trying really hard to get back into working out, but it's hard with no sleep and a busy schedule). I still don't think I've recovered from that which was Tuesday.

    CS/Q: Yesterday, 6DPO, I had pretty intense left ovary pains. This included chills/hot flashes and slight dizziness. I did an OPK this morning just out of curiosity and it was obviously negative. My body is so whack I don't even know what to think anymore. 

  • kbrown2385kbrown2385 member
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    @MNturnsVA I believe the FAM setting determines ovulation solely on temps vs advanced settings that takes the opks, cm, go etc. into account.  Hopefully that’s right, or someone smarter than me corrects that haha. 

    ETA as for tests, I like testing with first response. I know it’s going to be legit and not make me question. I’ve gotten positives on those as early as 7dpo. I tried the Walmart 88 cent ones and had terrible Evaps on them. I stay away from blue dye. 
  • @MNturnsVA I agree with that! We just do TurboTax - I just like to get that return lol! And if you look at the First Response tests it goes over the statistics. I always use the cheapies because I have no self control. lol. Maybe try and find something to distract yourself for the time being! 

    @samashley1 I agree with the no distractions! I turned on the space heater on a timer and cuddled up with my pup! Sorry your dog is keeping you up at night - what is he doing?! Hope you can find a solution so you guys can get some rest! 
    Animals in Love - TTGP February Sig Contest
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    Diagnosed with Hashimoto's & PCOS

  • @brookert615 he's old :shrug:, haha. He has collapsing trachea and has for years. He's pretty medicated, but as he's gotten into his geriatric years a mass has formed over his chest, compressing his trachea slightly. The vet said it doesn't seem cancerous (and even if we tested and it was, we wouldn't put him through treatment), so we upped his meds, added a bronchodilator, and added Zoloft (because he's always been an anxiety-ridden mess). He was doing a bit better, but I think the cold last week irritated it and as he starts coughing he gets scared and works himself up, which makes it worse. SO, we have to put him a bit to clam him down and then he stops. Just not a lot of sleep when consoling a doggie a couple times per night :-/ Sometimes he sprints in the yard to chase a squirrel and we're like, "ok, dude. Still gots the energy and spunk." but then he coughs when being startled? Old dog probz.
  • @MNturnsVA I can relate. For me though, I think the agony of waiting is overall easier than testing early. mh will question the hpt accuracy (even if it advertised as 90+) if it’s negative before we should be testing, so I’ve preferred to just wait it out since I only end up trying to convince him of its accuracy, and then hope creeps in, and then I get another bfn or af and then there’s more crying...I like having the hope I guess, even if it’s not this cycle.

    @samashley1 ha, mh used to show up a lot more in my dream/nightmares, and we used to refer to him as his name backwards. Dreamh would cheat on me all the time without any shame. Also, completely off topic—I’m almost done the cuckoos calling! Fewer than 100 pages to go!! Excited for the ending...and the rest of the series!!
  • @begging4abump YAY! I bought the second book and haven't jumped in yet. I'm listening to Michelle Obama's book and I haven't had time. But it's next on my list. I love Comoran :) 
  • @samashley1 Oh man, poor pup! That is so tough but that is awesome you guys are doing everything you can to keep him comfortable! 
    Animals in Love - TTGP February Sig Contest
    TTC #1 Since August 2017
    Diagnosed with Hashimoto's & PCOS

  • **Lurking**

    @MNturnsVA I like doing cheap Wondfos because I have a testing problem. If positive, I would buy a more expensive test to confirm, so as not to break the bank.

  • @samashley1
     That sucks re not getting much sleep. Thinking of you and crossing fingers that you will be very restful coming up!

     I sooo understand the agony. Wondfo has some cheap tests- I think I’m gonna start using them, but I do believe the First Response one is the most sensitive.

    begging4abump Totally feel ya. I’ve had the worst sleep ever this week- waking up at odd hours and taking temps just in case I don’t get the full 3 hours. I would take the higher one!

    Month/Cycle: 3/4

    CD/DPO: 18/5

    Timing: -5, -4, -3, -2-, -1, 0, +2

    Typical LP length: 12-13

    Testing: Waiting till 11 DPO (Tuesday)

    R/R: I’ve been really great this round until yesterday. Someone close to me got pregnant accidentally and got in an emotionally heated argument with someone else close to me today. It’s been an emotionally couple days and I really feel like crying. I know I’ve been trying for 4 rounds, but the waiting game every month is really hard! Also, I’m getting my progesterone tested (7 DPO) on Friday to see where it’s at since I spot sometimes before my cycle. Crossing my fingers everything is good- I have a good feeling about it.

    CS/Q: Chart was a little strange after ovulation- at 3 DPO it went below the coverline. I was wondering if I didn’t actually ovulate and then it went back up. I read online that can happen somes because of an estrogen surge from the corpus luteum. Thankfully it went back up, so seems to be what it was. Threw me a bit since it didn’t happen in my previous charting months.

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