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  • @asupernovablizzardstorm I’m in FL, and the area I’m in allows families to use a religious waiver saying they don’t vaccinate because of religious beliefs. So people use that, even though their choice to not vaccinate has nothing to do with religion. 
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  • I live in Lancaster County, PA and I used to think the only people that didn't vaccinate were the Amish lol! I knew of an Amish man who died from tetanus.  Such an easy thing to avoid! My mom said when we were little her dr had also been a dr overseas. He said if we saw the terrible diseases over there, we wouldn't hesitate to vaccinate! I'm really enjoying this post, as I sometimes wonder if I really am doing the right thing by vaccinating.  It's good to see all the positive stories!
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  • Yay vaccines! This came up when we were looking for a daycare, DH wanted to know if they allowed unvaccinated kids, so I asked, but then I felt dumb bc of course babies arent going to be fully vaccinated for a while. And now I am worried about that with all the crazy measles outbreaks you hear about (in my area we also had a whooping cough incidence). 
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    @quinniebear I wouldn’t feel dumb for asking!  Even though babies cannot have all of the vaccines right away, it’s good to know if all kids at the center are required to get vaccinated based on their age.  We asked for ds’s preschool.
    edited to add that the preschool told us it was a good question! 
  • @quinniebear I know in our state daycares are required to post their vaccination data online (it's based on the percentage of children who are vaccinated properly based on their age so they factor in that infants can only have limited vaccines) but that should be something they should have readily available. I have been asking as we go especially since our area has very low vaccination rates (and a current measles outbreak)
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