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Hey everyone!! I am FTM and I am not trying to ruffle anyone's tail feathers or offend anyone but I am just doing my research and would like to see where everyone stands on getting their babies and children vaccinated?  We live in Texas and it is all we are hearing about and reading about so I have some cause for concerns on both sides of the fence.  Just curious as to see where everyone stands and why?

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  • @mom2b77373 of course. I know it’s nice to get info from other moms, it’s just one of those topics that typically doesn’t end well. Hopefully you can get some info though 
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    @pizzaplz we don't allow a lot of visitors when they are tiny and  don't travel to see anyone until our kiddos can be vaccinated. Lots of handwashing. With other kids, H traveling, and just having stuff to do, staying at home isn't an option so I babywear when I go out. This keeps most people out of their face. 
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  • @nopegoat oooh, yeah, I didn’t even think about babywearing being a natural protectant against other people getting too close! Thanks for your input. I’m glad we’re due in July at least, so we have a little bit of time before having to face winter death flu season.
  • @pizzaplz I'm probably in the minority here, but I've never asked people if they got their flu shot. (Plus, the flu shot isn't available in July...) I asked immediate family to get Tdap, but I also have two other kids and locking myself up in the house and avoiding people isn't an option. Unfortunately this baby will be out and about at a young age. In my eyes, you can't avoid everything! Maybe I'm too lax on this though...my daughter ended up fine though. 

    Babies younger than 6 months can't get the flu shot and its unrealistic to think he/she can stay away from anyone without one all winter. But on the other side, if you breastfeed I believe some of the immunities pass to the baby. 
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    Baby wearing while you are out is a huge help, or we leave them in their car seat with a light blanket over it. My first was born on July, so he wasn’t old enough for the flu shot during peak season. He ended up getting it and it was awful. Even with DH and I both having got the shot, he still got it. 

    My second was a January baby and we limited going out as much as we could, but it was difficult. Thankfully he never got sick. 

    Im sure my two boys will be bringing home all sorts of germs from school, but we will just keep up with hand washing, and ask those who are sick to please stay away until they’re better and the first round of vaccines. 
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  • I’m for vaccinating my kids. Too many things can happen, and your babies are precious. I would rather take every precaution I can to prevent my babies from getting a preventable disease. 
  • @Cbeanz 😂😂😂🔥☄ bring it on! 
  • Both of my kids are fully vaccinated. There is no way I would risks my child’s health when certain diseases are preventable (or the severity from catching it can be severely reduced).

    Unless my kids had a medical reason such as a severe allergy, compromised immune system, ect I would never not vaccinate. I strong believe the benefits outweigh any possible negative. 

    Thankfully, my kids have never had a reaction or a complaint after any of their shots and mine are both done with immunizations until they are much older now. Just yearly flu shots. 
  • Vaccines make me nervous. Maybe because they give them so many at once or maybe because I have friends who don't vaccinate and feel very steongly about it. But I still vaccinate and I stick to the recommended schedule.  I would just encourage you to do your research, talk to people you trust, and do what you think is best! I understand where both sides are coming from, so I guess you could say I'm a little on the fence. I do stay away from the flu shot, and I don't get vaccinated while pregnant.
  • I was surprised to see this topic come up but appreciate the conversation! I too vaccinate my kids... but I have a best friend with kids same age who is anti-vacc. Anyways we’ve talked about it and it’s very hard when you want your kids to grow up together and we get along so well in other areas of life but have such different views on a major major topic. I don’t wanna offend or hurt her and I realize she’s doing what she believes in her heart is best for her children... but I must do the same. It’s tough when it comes between relationships. 
  • +1 to getting all the vaccines. I'm a high school teacher and where I am students whose vaccinations are not up to date are suspended indefinitely until they have medical documentation proving that they are in compliance and all vaccinations are up to date. With a 5 year old child already in school I feel so much safer knowing that this policy exists at every level of our school system. I also feel safer knowing once baby is here that DD's school friends who come over regularly for play dates are all fully vaccinated.
  • @mom2b77373 I'm with PP and all for getting all the vaccines.  I will add, check with your doctor on when to get the Tdap.  My doctor recommended my husband and I get it sometime after 24 weeks i believe.  She also suggested having anyone else who will spend time around the infant to get it, so we are asking any family who will be coming and visiting to get the Tdap.  
  • I am a STM who lives in Texas. I vaccinate 100%. Most of the daycares and schools do not allow students that are not vaccinated. 
  • +1 for vaccines. I’m a STM and my first child is current. We did delay some of his at the advise/blessing of our pediatrician because he seemed to be sensitive to them and ran high fever. But by his two year appointment he was all
    caught up. My husband’s sibling doesn’t vaccinate and it makes things difficult. 
  • This conversation has gone so much better than I thought!! It’s nice to see!
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  • @NicholeL16 same here. My sil does not (or didn't) vaccinate and she's having twins in July as well. Her son just started public school after being home schooled and I'm not even sure if she decided to get him vaccinated. Which also makes me wonder what the policies are in the school district. 

    Another question, since we will both have little ones around the same time, how should we deal with family time with then since we are vaccinating? 
  • +1 for vaccinating here. I believe in the science and as a healthy family I also believe it's our duty to build herd immunity to protect the people in our community that can't be vaccinated for health reasons. Most doctor's offices, daycares, and schools require children to be vaccinated and I'm very grateful for this.
    Similar to a pp, I have a child in kindergarten this year and I do feel better knowing that all his school friends who come over are vaccinated and that the new baby won't be at risk.
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