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  • @rms924 Good to know!  I was just wondering because we put our little one down at 7 in his room and then we have 1.5 hours to have adult conversation and/or do dishes and/or watch TV like zombies before we go to bed (at 8:30 - hahaha).  Also, and I'm sure it's a phase, but my LO screams for approximately 30 seconds when I put him to bed (before crashing out) and I feel like if he weren't restrained he'd be up and running to me.  Those things were making me wonder how you do it.  :)  Good to know!
  • You are doing it right! Also my kids don’t sleep well. With this 3rd one, everyone is going to sleep in their beds. I feel bad about them crying but my husband and I need time alone. Co sleeping has been taking a toll. :)
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    DS: 18 months   <3
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