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Tylenol-- Should I be worried taking it for a long period?

Just wondered if other mamas have had to do the same thing. I know Acetaminophen is known to be only generally safe pain med to take while pregnant but still concerns me in having to take it almost daily (prob 1000 to 3000 mg) for a month straight. I see my doc in a couple days but at current moment feeling paranoid.

Long story short I have been having strong headaches and tooth pain on my right side, that didn't begin until a month ago (I was about 32 weeks). A dentist saw I have two cavities up in there that are bad and can't be pulled until after baby just due to risks from anesthesia --though honestly I wish they had just took 'em out :(:(  I've had full dose of antibiotics, my OB approved me some Tylenol 3 with codeine. For the last month I have been taking those, but the thought of codeine has been making me paranoid enough and instead taking plain Xtra strength Tylenol (1000 mg per dose). I have never been one to take any meds for THIS long let alone while pregnant... the pain just does not quit and it's awful sometimes-- normally when I need to sleep
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Re: Tylenol-- Should I be worried taking it for a long period?

  • I've had teeth pulled (wisdom teeth) with no anesthesia,  they numbed my mouth really good.  I would inquire about that honestly.  
    Honestly, this question is one for a doctor, about Tyenol intake.  
  • Agree with the above, a local numbing agent should be enough to get a tooth pulled without affecting the baby.  Ask your OB what they think about that option.

    If your OB gave you enough tylenol with codeine for a full month, I'm assuming he/she is fine with you taking it.  It's riskier to take questionable meds early in the pregnancy than later, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask your OB to clarify why he/she is ok with you taking it, so that you understand the thought process.

    I took prescription strength Zantac for between 8-12 weeks with each of my pregnancies. it's not automatically bad to take medication regularly just bc you're pregnant.  I wouldn't worry about that.  Just make sure you are following your OB's instructions.
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