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TTGP Check-in 1/31

This is a check-in for those that were active in TTGP board before moving over here. Feel free to answer the questions (copied from September, copied from August) or just make general conversation.

What's going on this week? 

How far along are you?

Anyone have an appointment this week?




GTKY: What are some activities you do to relax that's not watching tv/Netflix?

Re: TTGP Check-in 1/31

  • Hope it's ok I got this started. I miss my TTGP friends so much, so I thought this check-in might help. 

  • Hey, @galentine thank you for starting this thread! I miss all my TTGP girls, too. Hopefully, they can join us over here soon! :)
    How exciting about seeing your family! How long are you going to wait to tell them?

    How far along are you? 5w2d

    Anyone have an appointment this week? Yes, I have an appointment with my PCP today to "confirm pregnancy" and get a referral to my new OB/GYN. (I'm secretly scared that they'll tell me I'm not pregnant and I hallucinated the whole thing. It still doesn't feel real!)

    Cravings/Symptoms? Sore nipples, but not sore breasts, which is odd. Also, fatigue and cramping (though that's becoming less). Also, I might be kind of a bitch now? I like to think that I'm a nice person, but I basically shoved my husband out the door this morning because people irritate me. But that could also just be because I haven't had caffeine for a week and a half.

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? I am remarkably ill-prepared for the birth of this child. At the moment, he/she will be sleeping in a dresser drawer because I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I'm looking forward to telling my mom so that she can give me advice, but I'm also dreading everyone knowing and then shoving unsolicited advice at me.

      But nothing specific right now. More just a general worry.

    GTKY: What are some activities you do to relax that's not watching tv/Netflix?
    I am an avid reader. Once I started TTC (back in July), I told myself that when I got pregnant I would read Tolstoy's War and Peace. I have about 35 weeks to reach that goal! @galentine What are your top three favorite books?
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  • galentinegalentine member
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    @elle-0409, I'm not planning to tell anyone until after my first appointment. I'm thinking I will be 9 weeks and change when I tell my family. My mom is pretty much my best friend, so it's killing me not to tell her. What about you??

    Hmm my favorite books might be a little off the wall. In no particular order
    1. The Husband's Secret
    2. The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 (a children's chapter book)
    3. The Harry Potter series
  • @galentine Yes to Harry Potter! I'm not familiar with the other two titles, I'll have to check them out. Mine are:
    1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    2. Le petit prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    3. Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! by Fannie Flagg

    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • I will not be hurt at all by this answer, but just checking do I count? Not sure if there's parameters here like the grad thread (which make sense haha).
  • I agree with @galentine :)

    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • I remember you @Marbellie - I think you count!!

    @galentine here are a few of my favorites

    1. The Chosen - by Chaim Potok, 2. Born to Run - by Christopher McDougall 3. The Life we Bury - by Allen Askens

    @galentine I also miss our TTGP gals - I'm hoping for some new grads this week!! And yes, I'm also peeing on all the things. I can't help myself lol

    What's going on this week? Just waiting for more symptoms.

    How far along are you? 4w5d (O date)

    Anyone have an appointment this week? Not until 2/11

    Cravings/Symptoms? feeling of fullness in boobs, some soreness but very mild

    Rants/Raves/Randoms? Rant - I'm on a conference call right now - 15 minutes in and they just finally got things set up. Ugh, don't waste my team!

    Questions? No

    GTKY: What are some activities you do to relax that's not watching tv/Netflix?

    Running and listening to books.

  • @Marbellie I LOVE New York!!!! One of my all time favorite cities!!!

  • @galentine I pee on everything too just to make sure it's still real. I'm used to stark whiteness on sticks since I didn't use OPKs
    @elle-0409 I didn't get to say this but I'm so happy that my wish for your sober Vegas trip came true! Haha @ pushing your husband and the drawer bed, don't worry everything will come together
  • It sounds like we have a lot of avid readers in this group! Is anyone planning to read anything pregnancy related?
  • @galentine nothing specific in terms of books. But I do like to find relevant research articles on the internet. I'm a STM and have fewer questions than I did the first time around. I'm happy to share or answer any questions FTM may have.

  • @marbellie Aw, I totally had a sober Vegas trip and it was perfect!
    @galentine I read Jenny McCarthy's "Belly Laughs" (not very good. Thank God for library cards), am reading "The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy" and will start "What to Expect When You're Expecting" in the next day or so. I've also heard that "Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy" is good.
    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • @cdnrunning I take wasted conference call time to hop on the Bump too. What do you like to do when you're in NY? I always try to get a musical show in, I even go alone if needed haha.

    @elle-0409 I want to check out What to Expect, let us know what you think.

    @galentine heaven forbid I pick up a book that is actually educational in anything beyond Victorian age love making so I'm no help with recommendations :pensive: I'm going to better myself soon though
  • @elle-0409 CONGRATS!! How exciting. 
  • @elle-0409, WOO legit pregnant!!
  • *lurker* @elle-0409 I know what you mean! I had a faint but clear line, but I still needed to hear my OB agree with me  :D
    TW: MMC
    BFP1 12/24/14 - EDD 09/07/15 (D/C 8w1d)
    BFP2 6/12/15 - EDD 2/22/16 (D/C 10w3d)
    Diagnoses and Treatments
    PCOS (myo-inositol, excercize)
    Indeterminant levels of APS IgM antibodies (baby aspirin)
    Sub-septate uterus (hysteroscopic septoplasty 12/18/15)
    BFP3 05/02/16 EDD 01/09/17 DS born 01/05/17
    BFP4 01/28/19 EDD 10/?/19 🤞🙏

  • *lurkin* do I have to announce it in here? 

    What to Expect When You’re Expecting was...different that I expected. It is an okay read, not too hard to get through and very informative. It has a bunch of FAQs with answers for each week and also has what’s going on with you (body/baby wise). 

    I read the entire pregnancy part (and labor) but then didn’t read the newborn part. I didn’t want too much conflicting info and we were planning on doing a baby basics class at our hospital (highly recc. doing that - it’s awkward with other couples there, but I liked the info we got!) 

    also, congrats @elle-0409 on being “officially” KU!! 

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  • @lillywonderland, I don't think you need to announce lurking in this thread 😉

  • Stupid bump, not letting me love tit @lillywonderland

  • @cdnrunning I also accept internet hugs!

    DS: 05.2017

    #2 EDD: 09.2019

  • @galentine thank you for making me feel normal. I not only lurk it - I lurk multiple times a day. I'm so hoping this is their month!

  • @galentine All day erryday.

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  • @marbellie, yes, I did/do that too! 
  • @marbellie I definitely did it for all of you  :D

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    @stephanie123456 omg congrats!! I was literally looking at your Friday TWW post this morning and wanted to comment that it (your temp chart) looks fantastic but got distracted! 
  • @stephanie123456 I was so stalking you this week!!! Yay you're here, congrats!!!!

  • *TW - I'm out

    Well ladies, just as quick as I was in, I'm out. Bad cramping and bleeding started this morning. I had to tell MH just 12 hours after telling him we were pregnant. Feeling a lot of mixed emotions right now.

    Wishing you all a super boring and healthy 9 months. ❤️

    Febrary TTGP Siggy: Animals in Love (TW below)

    **TW: LC & loss**
    Me: 33 | H: 38
    DS: Nov 2016
    MMC: 11/16/18 (9w6d)
    CP: 2/3/19 (5w3d)
  • @shamrocandroll I'm so so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself and I wish the best for your family.
  • @shamrocandroll I am so, so sorry. ❤️ Take all the time you need to grieve. Be gentle with yourself. 
    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • @shamrocandroll I’m so sorry that you are going through this.
    TTC #1: September 2013, BFP 01/01/14, DS 09/17/14
    TTC #2: October 2018, BFP 02/02/19, EDD 10/14/19

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