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  • @itsnotmine How absolutely beautiful of you to do this! Have you seen the Facebook show Nine Months with Courteney Cox? It’s a docu series about all kinds of different pregnancies, and there’s a lovely woman on there who is a surrogate for her friends. 
    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • @itsnotmine wow! That's so awesome!
  • *lurking* 

    Yay @Schumerator!! So happy for you!! 
    Me: 31 │ DH: 34 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 EDD 9/5/19 Please stick little one!!

  • zuuls_mom said:

    Yay @Schumerator!! So happy for you!! 
    Aww thank you 😭 I felt bad just ghosting but didn’t know how to go about talking about it. 

    ME: 26 DH: 26
    BFP: 07/05/16! EDD: 03/21/17
    DS #1: Born 03/21/17 

  • @prpl11butterfly Just so thrilled for you. Hope you stay!!! 🤞🏻 
    @itsnotmine What an incredible gift you’re giving to the IPs. There is definitely a place for you in this BMB. 
  • @mamabear1619 and @greenbean-2 yes same here!! How can I love another like I love my son!? Especially when he says, “noooo my mama!” When we mention a sister or brother. 
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  • @Cakimmy30 teacher mom here! I think I’ll be staying home after this one comes along though. 
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  • @anne11716 yay! I am also considering staying home after this one. We weren’t trying... but we weren’tnot trying” I just didn’t think we’d get pregnant the first month 🤦🏼‍♀️ The idea of beginning a school year with a newborn sounds exhausting. I did it 2 years ago I told myself never again. We’ll see though! What grade do you teach?
    DS #1 11/08/10
    DS #2 due 10/20/16
  • sorarose said:
    Hi all, just got a positive FRER today at 10dpo! Had squinters at 8 and 9dpo, but the digital FRER was negative yesterday. I'm due Oct.28th ant this will be my third. I have one of each. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
    Have you been active under previous BMB's? Your name sounds super familiar. I was in June16 and Sept14 previously under a different SN.
  • elle-0409 said:
    @itsnotmine How absolutely beautiful of you to do this! Have you seen the Facebook show Nine Months with Courteney Cox? It’s a docu series about all kinds of different pregnancies, and there’s a lovely woman on there who is a surrogate for her friends. 
    I have not! I'll have to check it out. A lot of documentaries paint surrogacy in a negative light so it's nice to hear when there are good ones :) 
  • My daughter is the same way! It’s breaking my heart! But I got her a baby doll for her birthday and I told her she will help mommy take care of the new baby like the baby doll 
  • @Cakimmy30 Welcome neighbor! We moved west of NOVA a couple years ago. I am a former teacher. I took a year off when DD was born. I taught for one more year after that but was miserable, so now I stay at home. 
  • @Cakimmy30 exact same thing happened here! Was very surprised!! When I went back after my son was born it was so hard because my sub did not have very strong classroom management. That was a rough year!! I teach 3rd! What about you? I taught kindergarten for a year and then 1st headend for two when we lived in CO. This is my 6th year teaching 3rd it’s a fun grade! 
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  • @limeferret I'm in South Jersey too :)
  • @blancett116 Welcome! I think you definitely have the largest family I’ve seen anyone post about so far on this BMB 😊 Are your other children excited? And just curious what makes you think it’s twins? I don’t necessarily think I’m carrying 2 but my 3 year old insists lol
  • blancett116blancett116 member
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    Awwww thanks! Well our 3 year old was a twin but her twin vanished before oro second ultrasound. My mother was a twin as well. Other than that my symptoms are extra early! I've never gotten an early positive but this pregnancy I got a positive 4 days before my missed period!..Im only 4 weeks 3 days and I feel EVERYTHING !!! Everything is maximized!
  • LMMama said:
    @limeferret I'm in South Jersey too :)
    @LMMama nice to meet you! I live in Runnemede, I'm from Cherry Hill and work in Edgewater Park!
  • @StellaZee83 Welcome! I’m from PA too 😊
  • LMMamaLMMama member
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    @limeferret I'm from Delran and in Woodbury Heights! I work all over Camden County.
  • @itsnotmine I think you will fit in great :)
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  • Cakimmy30 said:
    Hi everyone! My name is Kim and this is my third time joining an October DDC! I have two boys who are 8 and 2 and both were due in October. (Although my 1st is a November baby) 

    I live in Northern VA and am a teacher (any other teacher moms out there??)

    My husband and I are excited and anxious about adding a third baby to our family. I am 35 
    I am a teacher. In Northern Virginia! (Fairfax) I teach high school history. 
    I have two kids! (4 and 2)
    I'm 33!
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