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5 week old won’t sleep and I’m dangerously exhausted

my 5 week old will only sleep in my arms and also has day night confusion. She hates being swaddled and wakes the instant I put her down. I do not have any help and holding her 24 hours a day has me so tired I’m afraid I will fall asleep holding her. I’ve tried a lot of tricks, she is not cold, etc she just wants her momma 24-7. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 

Re: 5 week old won’t sleep and I’m dangerously exhausted

  • Knottie, it's kind of a matter of habit.

    Morning coffee for instance - let's say you always drink coffee in the morning - you get used to it. It's soothing, it's familiar. Then suddenly all of the coffee in the world changes into...watered down cranberry juice. At first you resist, maybe protest. It is unfamiliar! That's not what you ordered! I want to talk to the manager! BUT - if that was just the new way of things, you would get used to it too.

    Babies are much the same. If kiddo ALWAYS sleeps in your arms, then that is the ONLY place that's familiar. You need to mix it up, and the baby will get upset. This isn't the same as CIO but some crying will happen. Start in small increments, but don't stop.

    My babe prefers to sleep on me too - he often starts sleep on me, but he wakes up elsewhere because when he's out, I put him in his pram or PNP. Sometimes he wakes up five minutes later, but sometimes he doesn't. He doesn't like beginning sleep away from me, but waking up away from me doesn't bother him anymore.
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    My first was just like that. He would only sleep being held. The first couple weeks my DH and I would take shifts holding him all night long. This time around my daughter (knock on wood) is completely different. She is 5 weeks now and you lay her down wherever and she sleeps. So dont feel like you are doing something wrong, some babies are just like that. 

    Will she take a pacifier? I let me LO take naps in the swing. Some people swear by those rock n plays for getting their baby to sleep. Do you have a wrap to put her in? At least to help get some things done or to help her get to sleep and then transition her out? 
  • Thank you both very much for your responses. ECT- great analogy! EBK thanks for easing my guilt & for the suggestions! 
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