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Cramped Hospital Rooms! Massachusetts

I'm having my first baby in June and the MA board is a total ghost town so I hope it's ok that I posted here. I'm switching OB's and trying to find a hospital I feel good about first. I went on a couple hospital tours with hubby (Brigham & Women's and Winchester Hospital) and OMG the rooms are so small and dismal. Literally the size of a shoebox. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but seriously, there was a bed and not room for much else in the space. I expected to like Brigham much more because of the glowing reviews, but I can't say I did. I got sick on the tour because there were so many people crushed into the room that I felt claustrophobic. The rooms were so hot too. I can't imagine laboring and spending my first days as a mom in such an uncomfortable and cramped environment. I know that it's not a hotel and you shouldn't base a choice like this off of trivial things....but I honestly can't imagine spending two days there and not getting majorly depressed. At least I thought they would be a tad bit larger. I don't even know how we would have visitors. My thought was that bigger hospitals would include more space/comfort/better environment but I didn't find that. I wanted to tour Mass General but you can't tour there unless you are already a patient and over 30 weeks.

So my question is for MA moms, where did you deliver and what was the space/experience like? Are there better options? I just want to find a comfortable place to have my baby. I live on the North Shore but have family all over so I'm willing to consider any hospital in MA at this point. Thanks for any help!

Re: Cramped Hospital Rooms! Massachusetts

  • *Lurking*

    Not sure if you will be finding luxurious accommodations at any hospital, but Newton-Wellesley has a newly renovated labor and delivery that you might want to check out. 
  • What area do you live in? And are you limited to any hospitals? I delivered my first in Beth Israeal, and the rooms were fairly big, when comparing to my sisters in NY, which seemed smaller. This time around I'll be delivering in Newton-Wellesley, and I heard nothing but good things. I plan a tour in May. 
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  • Where does your OB deliver at? Because at least in Florida you don't get a choice of hospital. 

    The delivery room will be bigger than the recovery room. With my first I stayed in my Delivery room, until the second night when they had to boot me into a small recovery room. They don't like to Put women in there unless they are full. It was fine. 

    I'm delivering at a different hospital because I have a different OB, this hospital is newer so the rooms are bigger.
  • I think IF you have an option with your insurance/provider and all other things are equal (availability of NICU and care for mom in case of emergency) then of course a bigger or nicer room will be more comfortable. But it’s MUCH more important to have a doctor you know and trust and to be in a safe environment where you and baby will get good medical care. Ultimately it’s 48-72 hours of your life so some dingy decor and close quarters aren’t going to matter much in the long run. 
  • I delivered at BIDMC almost 10 years ago for my first. Rooms for me were good size, clean both times (I guess they only double you if necessary), and post-partum nurses were good.  Delivery for me was awful though, my physician was out of town and the on-call made for a bad experience.  I know other moms who delivered there and were happy enough with the experience, however.  
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