Pregnant after a Loss

Intro - *TW* hpt pic & loss mentioned

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Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum, I hope I can get to know some of you :smile: i haven’t posted before so I’ll tell you a little about me.
ive been ttc for 4 years now, In that time I have had 3 MC’s and 2 chemicals. We gave up ttc last month but now I find myself here.. 5+2weeks. 

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My heart is so full and happy but my brain is bringing me back to reality. 
I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’ve stooped to the level of trying to compare my pg test lines to others. I just don’t feel they are strong enough. I know I’m paranoid but I can’t help it. Please be brutally honest with me.
You can tell me I’m being an idiot but it’s becoing so familiar losing something I want more than life itself.
Are my lines too light for being a little over 5 weeks pg? 

Re: Intro - *TW* hpt pic & loss mentioned

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    This thread has been closed. Please do not post pictures of your pregnancy test and ask the Community if you are pregnant. Instead, please visit our 1st Trimester board to discuss early possible pregnancy symptoms and the thread pinned to the top of this board called, “What does a positive pregnancy test really look like?” where members are permitted to display their pregnancy tests.

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