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Why my pregnant self is RAGEY today

I mean FFS I CAN'T be the only one!  >:)

I get bouts of seeing red ridiculous rage (I would say uncontrollable, but my children are still alive so...) over some stupid stuff. My worst at the moment - so a "friend" I taught with in Vegas, and then taught with again here in Alaska (I convinced here to apply because our school in Nevada was not renewing her contract) just quit her job in the village she was teaching in and moved here to the Kenai - in the same trailer park we are living in (and leaving) 2 doors down from us. She is supposedly one of my very best friends and, but every time I see her face come up on Facebook or messenger or anything else I want to scream. Some of it is ridiculous - I have no reason to be THIS rage-y at her, but I feel like I can't help it. There is some shit that happened last year, and some of what I feel like was/is gaslighting, but still, I don't feel like my level of anger is appropriate. This level of apathy would be fine. 

Ok, sorry, kind of attention whore-y and "vaguebooking" but there are a few details behind that are more... out of the norm than I am willing to share publicly. 

Anyway, that is what is sending me into a blind rage right now, how about y'all?

Re: Why my pregnant self is RAGEY today

  • My f'ing computer. It's slow as shit and when I spend all day on it (and billing by the hour) it's a legit issue that it takes for freaking ever to open a document. Instant rage!
  • @cindler definitely legit rage! Did SPED paperwork on my Chromebook at home today, took me half the time it takes at school!
  • Mother effing thieves.

    So I guess the guy from earlier today came back tonight to help himself to the stuff on my back neighbors property. I went out to check on my animals and heard someone digging around out there. 

    I'm seeing red. I can't stand a thief. 

  • So I lost 70 pounds before getting pregnant. I have several people reach out and I’m more than happy to help. BUT what rages me is the people who get mad when I tell them that I just eat whatever I want, but smaller portions and excercise! They’re like “that’s it?” They’ll ask what I eat and everything and I’ll tell them. Then they just are so negative saying “I can’t do that” “that’s too hard” like I’m SO sorry that there’s no magical weight loss trick out there. You have to work towards it if you want it. I’m telling you what worked for me because you asked. Don’t get mad when I don’t say “I eat as much as I want and lay on my ass all day.... I just take this pill once a day and I’m skinny now!!” Not how it works. Sorry 🤬
  • Oh those are the same people that message me once a month asking the SAME EXACT QUESTIONS they did before. Lol 
  • My poor husband has been sending me over the edge lately. Just over stupid things that normally I’d roll my eyes at and move on. He’s been the unfortunate recipient of a few of my “rage” episodes. 😬
  • @nopegoat UGH, what an ass. I assume you've told your neighbors and police are gonna probably get involved. Why do estate settlements make people go crazy? 

    @bartonolivia Right with you there. I lost 20-25 lbs a few years ago and my sister was so upset, and I told her the same thing - try to make good food choices and exercise, but mostly WATCH YOUR CALORIE INTAKE. This times x1000000. Nope, she still thinks a large bowl of granola and vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit is "healthy."  :| People who keep bothering you are idiots.

    Nothing making me particularly rage-like here, unless you count rage/weepy about how little my friends reach out to me these days. I feel like I am the only one making any effort to get together or learn how their lives are going. I'm so mad and sad all together. I can't figure out if it's me or them. 
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  • DS has been driving me up the wall with his cabin fever. I know I just need to chill out and enjoy his silliness but I haven't been able to allow myself to get there yet. I got so irritated at him last night because he was holding onto a book after we finished reading last night and this amethyst crystal that he holds to calm down at bedtime.. like.. who cares?? Apparently me. I need to find some perspective asap. 
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  • rgn12rgn12 member
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    My mini Aussie puppy has been driving me insane. I know it sounds so mean and bad, but he’s always crying and whining, almost like he’s overly excited or anxious. We try to shush him and nothing stops the constant whining. We are on a waitlist for puppy “boot camp” (board and train program), so
    hopefully that’ll help and we can get some tailored advice for our crazy pup. I am working on patience, but it’s difficult when hormonal. Lol. Hubby says we’re just mentally preparing for our new baby if she cries a lot 😂
  • Have a sub in the Math class I push in to today. Have a few problem behavior kids in this class and a few kids with SPED needs. One of the kids - already failed this class last year because he refuses to do ANY fucking work and is failing this year because he is mouthy AND refuses to any fucking work (kid has been tested, lazy, not SPED). He is sending me into a blind rage and if not for the sub I would leave and get paperwork done. 
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    @indulgentgypsy oh no!! I don’t miss those days of teaching (I was a middle school music teacher for five years). I’m sure it’s magnified being pregnant! 
  • @rgn12 so very magnified. Blind rage. The fact that I do not fucking cuss at these kids all day every day is a miracle. The fact that I have not slammed my head against the wall or slapped this particular student is even more of a miracle. The situation is not helped by the fact that this teacher has NO discipline or really classroom management rules. He says he is very laid back... Okay, I am laid back. The level of noise, questions, interruptions, and overall chaos I can handle is more than 90% of the teachers I know, but my classes run smooth even when I am out with a sub. My students know I have very specific expectations, and swift disciplinary measures when my expectations are not met. I cannot stand teachers who just act like "oh these kids are just out of control, I can't do anything" Like seriously? What the actual fuck?
  • I’m irrationally mad about not being able to sleep on my back, it’s driving me NUTS.  My husband can’t understand what’s so bad about sleeping on my side instead and I can’t explain it other than the fact that I just don’t want to dammit (cue the adult having a toddler temper tantrum complete with whining ‘it’s not fair!’).
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    Every other Tuesday I drove to Orlando for an account my work has there. It’s a doctors office, we work with the medical records department.  It’s a 1.5-2 hr drive, depending on traffic. It is the slowest fucking office ever!! Today I finished the copying in less than an hour. I drove almost 4 hours for less than an hour of work. I hate hate hate feeling like I’m wasting my time, which is exactly what I’m doing there. Work wants to see if the case load picks up at all, and I’m over it! We just need to cut that office and focus our resources on other clients that are actually busy!!
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  • I’m on a train for a work trip that should usually take 3 hours. We stopped two hours in because the train in front of us had mechanical problems...waited there two hours before back tracking. Now we are going the right direction again but will arrive 3.5 hours late (aka 2am or later...). I already didn’t want to do this trip....now dreading the meetings even more.
  • School was canceled today and all of my clients canceled. None of our employees worked due to being home with kids and worrying about the roads. It’s 4:30 and JUST started snowing. I hate when the news makes things so dramatic. I understand safety, but today was crazy. 
  • @nopegoat I’d be so mad!! 
  • @frenchbaby18, work trips when you're pregnant are the worst:(  I have to take a 6 hour flight Sunday and I'm just dreading the combination of jet lag and overall pregnancy exhaustion. 
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 good luck!! I did a 9 hour at 6 weeks and I won’t lie, it was super rough!!! Next big work trip abroad will be at 18 weeks and only 6 hr difference so I have hope :)

    It’s definitely worse that it’s for work! Went to Japan for fun (babymoon) when 13 weeks with DD and did fine with the flight and time difference :)
  • Can I play twice?? I’ve been trying to sort out a prescription with the pharmacy for 3 weeks that I need tomorrow. After insurance it’s going to be 1500/mo! And they have kept me on hold for over 7 hours total this week. I’m thinking of sending them an invoice for my time. This phone call alone is at 55 minutes and counting. 
  • @frenchbaby18, I do this trip once a month.  My big issue is stomach problems, I think it's a combo of pregnancy hormones and nerves (I hate flying).  On my last trip, I spent like 4 hours in the bathroom, it was mortifying. Thank God I was upgraded to first class because I was in the 1st row and able to jump up every time I felt the urge. It's so so so embarrassing.  I just told the guy next to me that I was pregnant and had morning sickness because I didn't want him to know I was actually about to shit myself  :'(
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 how long will you continue your long trips? Do you plan to start them up again when LO arrives?

    definitely something I’m trying to figure out as my job definitely requires more travel now than it did when I had DD...quick trips to neighboring EU countries are fine but it’s the US that kills me...with DD I would bring her to the US and manage to drop her with my parents (my trips were luckily 3 hrs away from their place) then milk stork her pumped milk....but i promised myself I wouldn’t do that this time!!!!
  • @frenchbaby18,  I will probably continue the back and forth through the end of May (I am due 7/21).  I don't plan on going back to my current employer. I hate my job and boss. They are awful people. I will start looking for a new job while I am on maternity leave, hopefully something that will keep me home more.  There is just no way I can go back to 25% travel with 3 kids at home (5, 1, newborn). My husband works too, and I don't think it's fair to ask him to do that. Besides, having to pump on business trips is terrible! 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
  • @ameliabedelia-2 makes sense!! I’m also end of July, was thinking of stopping mid June...although in France you stop working at 36 weeks anyways so that helps!!

    good luck with the job search! DH changed jobs this year to one with no travel so he could be the main “parent” for school drop offs and pick ups. Unfortunately, he can’t pump for me ;) 
  • Im ragey at dh. He asked what I wanted for my birthday , I said a clean house. No cleaning was done. The following day the same thing. Over the weekend I asked what happened to you cleaning up for my birthday. Still nothing. On Sunday I finally start cleaning up and of course he jumps up from playing a game on his computer to do little things. I figured since he's in living room cleaning, I'll clean our bedroom. I come out and he's back on his computer with pile of sweeped stuff in the middle of the floor. I lost it and slam a chair and started crying and yelling at him. I was just fed up with his laziness. Even dd cleaned her room without me having to remind her 5 times.

  • Someone ate my Girl Scout cookies!!!!! I opened it expecting to eat some and find a post it note. Add insult to injury, these are the s'mores ones you can't get in Dallas( Girl Scouts have 2 bakeries that make their cookies. It depends on where you live, which ones you can get. Recipes are different for some of the cookies!)
  • @tova24 🤬 not cool!

    WTAF??????? Yet more of my mail is not being delivered because the post office doesn't believe I live at my house. I have officially updated my address 5 fucking times and this still happens!!!!!
  • Winter. Over it.
  • The guy we pay to clear the deiveway decided not to o clear all of it, resulting in my Mini Cooper getting stuck in a snow drift. I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard my thoughts on the situation. 
  • key33key33 member
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    We got our first big snow on saturday and I took our daughter to school yesterday (no school Monday) and the sidewalk to the school wasn’t even shoveled. Like WTF. I love slipping on ice and walking on uneven ground. 
  • @tova24 :cold_sweat: :rage: omg, I'm mad FOR you. Nobody comes between a pregnant lady and her girl scout cookies!! (or anyone and their girl scout cookies, for that matter)
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  • I use another app to track data about my pregnancy. Once a week, it gives me an update about what the fetus is doing, what kind of growth it is experiencing, new developments, etc. Initially, they would alternate pronouns, which I was totally fine with. Then I found out the sex (female) and entered it in. For the past two weeks, the app has used exclusively male pronouns. WTF I TOLD YOU I AM HAVING A GIRL!!!  Can we just stop being so male-centric?! I’m not okay with this!!

  • rgn12rgn12 member
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    @tova24 omg that’s ridiculous. Who does that?!?
  • @hestia14 @rgn12 cookie thieves are the worst! I'm going to figure out who it was!
  • @tova24 A few years ago at work I set two frozen chicken patties on a plate and walked away for a minute, then I came back and they were gone. After an hour and a half of searching, I found out that somebody thought they were cookies and walked off with them to a meeting to share with everyone. I really wish I could have seen that idiot try to take a bite.
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  • Found out today that a coworker who has been at work hacking up a lung for the past two days has the flu. 

    I'm all about toughing out an illness and not running for antibiotics, but don't expose your coworkers to that shit! 
  • @tova24 A facebook group I'm in (about shoes, go figure) has a "side hustle" album and I have links for both bakeries thanks to ladies in different areas, if you need to replace your fix.
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  • @greeneyedgirl12 😂😂😂😂 omg that's amazing. 
  • @tova24 Just let me know...
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