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Why my pregnant self is RAGEY today


Re: Why my pregnant self is RAGEY today

  • @tova24 omg, did someone go into your desk?? many years ago, a coworker of mine had left town and had a bag of funsize candy bars sitting in his desk. each day, my boss took a cand bar out of this sealed bag until there was one and he just left an IOU post-it on top.

    DS is still driving me nuts. Yesterday, while I was making a 3-hour lasagna ordeal, he pulled a bunch of strings out of a decorative pillow and destroyed the case. Crate and barrel doesn't make the pillow or even that size of decorative pillow case anymore so now we just have a shitty throw pillow. And then during dinner, he went into the bathroom and spun all the toilet paper off both rolls like a cat. This child is almost 5. wtf. 
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  • @wineandcoffee is it the mekena?
    my insurance denied coverage and then my dr office forgot to file paperwork so I didn’t even get the shot this week. They are sending it out to get on Monday. I have a rep who calls me to check in did they give you one too? You can ask about the copay assistance program and that should help bring the cost down.... or so I’m told. 
  • rgn12rgn12
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    I feel like I’m ragey with every little thing today. 😂
  • Just cursed out my boys for being thoughtless and selfish and lazy. They care about nothing beyond playing their video games or on their phones. My 9 year old has broken 5 phones (all ones with no service, just for games and stuff, but still). 
    My 11 year old that I can usually count on has only cared about the video game he got for Christmas. I have asked to pick the shit up off their floor every day this week and they still haven't done it.

    I'm just fucking down tonight.
  • @greeneyedgirl12 that sounds delicious 
  • My in-laws decided at 10 pm last night that they were going to come visit. They live 4 hours away and leave in the middle of the night to get here. So guess who was knocking on my door at 7:45 this morning 😡 I love them but I need a little more notice and would like to be asked if we even want them here. I spend every free minute I have trying not to vomit. So it will be a fun weekend.... 
  • I think being alone with 4 kids and doing everything by myself for the last 2wks has finally taken its toll. Every little thing has set me off today. Totally sucks because H is home one day before he leaves for another week and I've spent his whole day home pissed AF. So ragey!

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