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9 month bf baby slow gaining weight

My son has been breastfed since birth and is now 9 months hes been on the smaller side at the 5% from 4 months till 9 months where he dropped to 2%. He was born 6.15 20 1/2 inches he's now 15.13 n 29inches. Dr said if he doesnt go to 15% by his 1 yr visit shes going to want to do testing, and im not ok with that. He had a cold for three weeks before his 9month visit so didnt eat as much as normal but drank good. He did gain 9oz in ten days after his cold. His dad is super skinny and drs gave his mom a hard time when a baby as well and made her hospitalize him. My son crawls like craxy all day long and eats like a machine... nurses 6-8 times a day eats baby food 3 times a day n people food inbetween. He poops daily alot of the time a few times a day and pees all day long... anyone else experience this and just have a thin baby who’s totally healthy? I want to tell the dr to kick rocks my baby is happy and healthy just a skinny kid. My 9 yr old is 54 inches n 62 lbs tall n skinny n my husband is 5’4 n 110 soaking wet. Were just thin people.
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