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Furbaby Friday!

Who doesn't love cute pet pictures?

I haven't seen one of these on our board yet, so let's start off by sharing a pic and introducing us to your furbaby(ies)!

Re: Furbaby Friday!

  • agpandmeagpandme member
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    Where to begin.... We have 3 dogs. Technically 4 but my parents haven't given one of them back for over 2 years now but he lives on my property still.  This baby is going to be rough on our little chihuahua. He is my number one, he goes everywhere and sleeps in our bed every night.  We adore him. The other two have each other so I'm not too concerned. One is a shelter special, the sweetest boy ever.  He does not have a mean bone in his body.  He adores my sisters kids so I'm sure he will love this one too.  The other is our Weimaraner/Lab. Shes a wild child.  Never ending energy and smart as a whip.  The old red curmudgeon will be 17 in April. I've had him since I was 16 years old.  Hes declined pretty rapidly but already outlived my prediction so who knows how long he will be here.

    I also have a horse and two mini mules.  

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