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Sleep training Cry it out method

i got this booked called healthy sleep habits, healthy child. It explains how exctintion( cry it out) method seems to be the most effective and fast way to sleep train. My son is 9 months old. Today is day two. The first night he woke up once and cried for 45 minutes and then I didn’t hear from him until 6:30 am. Last night was worse! He woke up several times but cried for about 5 minutes except at the same time as night one he cried for almost an hour. 
My quesrion is, did it get worse before it got better for you?
do you think I should feed him at 1 since that has been the waking time both nights and he longest cry time?
did your baby seem sad and tired the second day? He has hasn’t been his happy self today and it’s making me so upset! 
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