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Exercise & Eating, Wk of 1/7

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What are you doing to stay active during your pregnancy? (No judgment if you are doing nothing! That was me in my first pregnancy!)

I have been obsessed with Orange Theory for the last year, but stopped going after my IUI per doctor suggestion. Now that I’m 5w pregnant I need to get back into something structured quickly, or knowing me I will get completely out of shape and unmotivated - which is not what I want. I already have a lot of weight to lose after this pregnancy. 

Im thinking about just doing at home workouts but I will miss the vibe of the group classes. Other alternative is to do power walking at Orange Theory but I am worried I will over do it, and also don’t want to do burpees etc on the weight floor. 
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Re: Exercise &amp; Eating, Wk of 1/7

  • Hi @aussie&yank I love the Daily Burn program.  It has so many workouts to choose from and has a ton of different trainer options.  Even has a yoga program specific for pregnancies!
  • @aussie&yank same here! I want to be way more active and stick to healthy eating this go around. I did pretty well last time on not gaining a lot but that did NOT mean I was making healthy choices! I had high BP towards the end and that lead to a lot of other things so I definitely want to do everything I can to avoid that this time. I’d love an accountability thread! Knowing there are other people to check in with will definitely help me :) 

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  • I've followed Tone It Up on and off the last few years and they have an entire pregnancy-focused section of workouts. I'll be looking forward to doing those at home and continuing running as long as I feel comfortable. And lots of walking!

  • @pennylane91 I love tone it up!!

    ME: 26 DH: 26
    BFP: 07/05/16! EDD: 03/21/17
    DS #1: Born 03/21/17 

  • I stayed active in my first tri first time around but really fell off after that. I haven’t done a very good job of working out consistently since DS was born but I really want to be active during this pregnancy so I’m committing to at least a half hour jog 4-5 days a week. Hoping I can stick with it!
  • I started doing a pre-natal step routine I found on youtube. It implements a little bit of weights as well. It's by Jenny Ford. I find step aerobics fun. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it!
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  • @VeeMore like you, I haven’t been very good since DS came around. But I’m going to try really hard to keep to at least 4x a week 30 minutes of something. The only time I really have is the evening, when DS is sleeping. So, I’ve started some home programs. I’m currently doing the Brazilian Butt Lift from Beach Body. They have 30 minute videos that are of moderate difficulty and don’t require a ton of weight on the wrist, which also hasn’t been perfect since DS. I have beachbodyondemand and I’m pretty sure they have prenatal work outs as well.

  • Woo so glad this board was started! I weight lift, but I already feel winded. I'm going to continue lifting, but scale it back to "maintain" rather than "build". I also walk about 3-5 miles a day due to working on a large campus and to/from a train, so worst case scenario I'll have my daily walking. 

    Does anyone else feel like they breathe heavier? Google tells me this is normal even in the first tri but I'm planning on asking my doc on Friday. 
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  • @bostonlady-2 and @Veemore add me to the group of not doing very well with and after DS and hoping I can stick to it a little better this time around.  Right now I'm just trying to walk as much as possible and I'm adding in some squats and other body weight stuff when I'm feeling up to it.  Spoiler alert: I'm not feeling "up to it" as much as I should be...
    @chichiphin Things that shouldn't be that hard are leaving me a little winded, too.  I think you're fine, but let us know what your doc says on Friday!

  • @chichiphin I ran 5 miles today (which is normal for me) and I was definitely more winded than usual!  I was expecting to tone back my workouts but didn't think it would be this early!
  • Thanks for the Tone It Up suggestion @pennylane91! I downloaded the workout app last night and signed up for a free 7 day trial. I did my first 30 min barre class this morning and it was the perfect level of exertion for what I want in this pregnancy. I felt so good afterwards that I did a 30 min walk on the treadmill also. I will miss the in-class atmosphere of Orange Theory, but I like that I can do this at home whenever I have time and also that I can scale back the intensity without having to explain myself or feel like I’m not working hard enough. 

    Looking forward to having this group to keep ourselves on track! I would love to keep hearing from others about what you are doing to workout, and also healthy meals you are making. 
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  • @aussie&yank I'm glad you checked them out. I find them to be very empowering women!

    @Schumerator A fellow tiu girl! 

    But yes, definitely would like to keep updates on this topic. Especially since this is my first I don't really know what to expect, but going to keep a positive mindset about staying active even though I'm sure there will be roadblocks.
  • oooh yeah healthy meals as well @aussie&;yank 

    I'm committing myself to eating healthy breakfast every day. I'm also trying to get enough good protein in throughout the day via greek yogurt, PB, cheese sticks, and meat obvs. Oh and CHUGGING water
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  • I have been traveling, so haven’t been able to get into any sort of routine, but i was just looking up to see if there are any prenatal yoga classes near me (not that i can find.) I will probably try to make my own youtube playlist once i get home, but it would be nice to connect w/ other MTB in my area, esp. any other FTM? so hopefully i can find a class somewhere...

    p.s. @aussie&;yank Should this have a weekly tag on it? I think Monday is our day for a fitness thread if i remember correctly? It should have a date/week tag of some sort. Thanks for starting it! 
  • @kagesstarshroom I'm a bit of a newbie to posting in the forum, so thanks for the tip. I originally started it as a question, but glad this has turned into more of a check in conversation! I changed the title to be "Exercise & Eating Wk of 1/7".
    <3 DD born August 2016
    <3 2nd baby due 9.9.19
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    @aussie&yank ^_~* it’s all good! perfect. it just helps when there are less one-off posts and more threads we can all participate and tag each other in. i’m a FTM, but learned everything i know about board organization from my time on TTGP, which is run like a well-oiled machine...

    y'all, there’s less than two hours left in this two-day car ride and i’ve never been more excited to stretch/exercise in my life. 
  • I feel so lucky that we belong to a gym with a nursery! I can drop dd off for 1-2 hours - she loves it and I get a good workout in! We usually go 5 days a week.

    I gained 50 lbs with dd and I worked really hard to lose it through lifting weights, walking, and spinning. I'm still lifting, just changed up my routine a bit and I've been walking a lot but I'm so tired that spinning has been out. I'm hoping to get back into it when I'm not so nauseas and tired!

    I have def been eating way more than usual though and need to get myself back in check!

    @pennylane91 I used tone it up a lot before we joined the gym and love them!

  • I've been streaming videos via PopSugar Fitness. I'm enjoying HIIT routines and I've found several that I enjoy on that site, there's lots of variety. Working out during the week is so hard with me with long work days, dogs, and crappy winter weather. I try to make it up for weekday laziness on the weekend but that's only 2 days. 
  • @aussie&yank I am not doing much other than walking until the scary first tri is over! I have too much anxiety around it haha. But when I get past that 12 week mark and feel a little safer I will probably do what I was doing comfortably before I got pregnant ( just a little less intense) light jogging intervals , because I was on a running program, moderated HIIT exercises - pregnant safe ones :) and I will probably still go to a spin class every now and then because I love them so much, I just won’t push quite as hard as I usually do! Other than that, walk walk walk with my doggy :). I am also being super careful with my diet - just because my mother and so many of my aunts got gestational diabetes while pregnant.
  • Love this! 
    Before I got pregnant, I was in the best physically fit shape of my life (we got married in November and I was putting on lean muscle for months prior to). Now, I have NO energy to do anything! I went from lifting heavy about 6 times a week to being exhausted by the time I even walk in the door after work. 
    I’ve been focusing on just keeping myself moving! 30 min walks on incline like 4 times a week and some body weight stuff when I can get it in. I’m a teacher so I’m excited to have the summer to do a little more with more energy throughout months 6-8.
    As for nutrition, I used to track what I ate and I have since stopped that, thinking that if I’m hungry I need to eat regardless of what I planned for the day! I’m mostly focusing on getting in those important foods (spinach, sweet potatoes, avocado, etc) as much as possible and drinking TONS of water. I have however been craving “dessert” after every dinner and so I’ll have a small sweet at night time or an extra snack throughout the day.
    Just doing what I can! Probably going to be my plan throughout the whole pregnancy :)
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