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For ladies due March 1 to March 9

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GTKY: Do you have a birth plan in place?  Who will be at the hospital with you for delivery? 

Re: Week 1 Check In 1/7

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  • Post-ultrasound update: Still have polyhydromnios but *barely* and LO is still measuring large (but this is no surprise, he's been measuring 1-2 weeks ahead all along) so they do want me to come back for another ultrasound in 4 weeks. I scheduled the appointment but I think I will talk to my doctor about it at my next pre-natal because honestly, I think this is excessive monitoring.
  • @abbykwail I took a birth class with my first and I agree with your doc about it being fresh in your mind. If yours was anything like mine, it was an information overload.
  • @bug_hunter I, too, am having a hard time grasping the fact that I will actually be giving birth soon. Starting to get a little overwhelmed, so my hope would be that the class allows me to feel more prepared for any scenario. Thank you so much for your perspective!!
  • @cancer2988 I would definitely ask your doctor or contact the hospital about your question regarding the NICU. I’ve never heard of Special Care Nursery, though, I’d imagine it’s similar to NICU.
  • @BuckeyeNut05 good luck with your interviews! It's definitely been a stressful decision, but such relief to have that off the to do list.
  • @lalalauren15 I am still trying to come to terms with this pending birth process too. Last time because everything was "unknown" I just went with it and was ok. This time since I know how it goes, it stresses me out a bit. I don't think I'm to that point of "get this baby out" yet. Once I was there last time, it didn't matter what I thought about it.
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    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
  • @lalalauren15 I just wanted to follow up because my husband and I went to our first birth class last night. I didn't learn anything groundbreaking considering how much information I read on my own, but it was very valuable being in a room with other freaked out couples (made me feel less alone!) and I think it was really good for my husband. I don't talk to him about every little thing I read about online and this was a good way for him to get briefed on the important information he needs to be aware of so he doesn't feel completely lost when I start going into labor. He woke up this morning asking questions like "so how are you going to give birth? are you going to squat? all fours?" which was ridiculous haha, but I think it was eye-opening for him that birth doesn't always happen flat on your back in a hospital bed.

    The midwife running my class is also totally awesome and hilarious and she really helped reassure everyone that childbirth can be a positive experience, despite always hearing horror stories. She was realistic but I walked away with a more positive attitude about what I'm getting myself into which I think it pretty valuable! Anyways, if you have the time to sign up for this weekend then I'd go for it! 
  • @bug_hunter I really appreciate the follow up. I have been thinking that it would be beneficial for MH because I feel he really doesn't have any idea what to expect, and I don't want him to freak out if something goes a little different than what he sees in the movies. Haha. He has been so involved throughout the pregnancy, so I want him to be able to be as involved as possible with the actual labor. They actually added another class in early February, so I think I will sign up after reading your response! :)

    @novelblessings sorry I am just now getting around to responding to your comment, but the unknown is my biggest fear. I typically overcompensate by planning/risk management (which is great at work, a little annoying in my person life haha)...however, with a baby it seems there's always a level of unknown, so I hope I'm able go along with the process.
  • @abbykwail I want to hear about the lash tint! I’ve been thinking of treating myself to a lift and tint!

    For ladies due March 1 to March 9

    Due date: 3/9, RCS 3/6 unless he comes before then!


    Rant: DH and I took a little, 3 hour road trip to IKEA last weekend to get some things for the baby’s room and the house. They were out of three of the things on our list. BOO.

    Raves: DD (19 months) is the most fun right now. She’s loves to say, “thank you!” and be a sweet little momma to her baby doll. She’s the best.

    Questions: I don’t think so!

    How are you feeling? Large and in charge. 

    GTKY: Do you have a birth plan in place?  Who will be at the hospital with you for delivery? 

    1 woman enters hospital, a woman and her baby boy exit! Ha! Really, the only things important to me are having it be just me and DH for most of the first day and to try to avoid some of the issues I experienced with DD when it comes to medication and also lactation/feeding.
  • @swanbrooner I will report back with how it was and before/after pics if I remember to take them!! (although it is in a couple weeks). Sucks about the ikea experience!! 
  • I haven’t updated here in a long time but I’m always lurking and following your journeys (I always intend to update, but by the time I do it’s already the end of the week, like now 🤪)

    Due date: March 8th

    Rants/Raves: Rave: I’ve found myself really loving this stage of pregnancy (looks wise). I’m surprised how much I enjoy catching a glimpse of myself with this big ol belly - definitely not something I would have ever expected to like seeing on my figure lol. I also have this immense sense of pride about the bump (I can see my pre-pregnancy self eye rolling that statement 😅).

    Rant: Just got the PG&E bill for the last period (when we had house guests for 4 consecutive weeks) and it’s $397.99!! I was expecting a high bill because our house is not well insulated and we kept the house warmer than usual to accommodate our guests (even still, my in-laws complained of the cold and wore hats and jackets in the house 🙄) but DAMN! That’s a steep ass bill.

    Questions: None at the moment (many of my questions are addressed just by reading the threads on this board, yay)

    How are you feeling? Physically pretty good, but definitely slowing down a lot and catching myself grunting when turning, standing up etc., much to everyone’s amusement. Sometimes I ask MH to give me a little push when trying to get out of bed, to which he laughs and compares me to a rolly polly lol. Emotionally, I’ve been a little volatile. I’m attributing it to hormones, the realization that baby will be here soon, lack of sleep, and the emotional havoc of having had the in-laws here. But it’s so nice to have the days to myself again and finally get the house back to order 😊. 

    GTKY: Do you have a birth plan in place?  Who will be at the hospital with you for delivery?

    Nothing written down, but loose plan is to have an unmedicated birth at the hospital, with an epidural an option if I change my mind. I’d rather not labor on my back, so will attempt other positions available to see which works best for my body. The only people in attendance (besides medical staff) will be MH and the doula. I’ve got to discuss with MH about it first, but I’m also open to asking him to leave the room if he’s too tense, as I’m anticipating that could affect my ability to relax through the labor. Oh! And I’m going to set the rule that he not take a call from his parents during labor, or at least not in the room and to please not tell me about it (long story but he tends to take calls from his parents during significant moments and I’ve come to resent it so much that I get irrationally angry.) Wow! I didn’t realize I had such strong opinions of my birth plan already; this was a great exercise 😄
  • @navete good to hear from you again! =) I believe my hospital has a general policy of no cell phones allowed in the delivery room. I think it's because of the distraction and they don't want any signals to interfere with the equipment in the room. May be worth seeing if your hospital has a similar policy? Then your husband taking calls would be a non issue.

    I almost don't even want to let family know when I'm in labor because I don't want an entourage rushing to the hospital to wait to immediately greet the baby. It's totally something they would do but I anticipate not wanting any visitors for a good while post delivery and I'd guess the baby could use some time to settle in before getting bombarded with new faces too. Unfortunately, we will have to tell SOMEONE because we will need a friend or family member to take care of our pets while we are at the hospital.
  • @mayoduck Are you close enough with any of your neighbors so that one of them can take care of the pets? Close enough for them to be trusted into your home, but not close enough that they’d also want to intrude in on baby time lol.
  • @navete I’d just hide his phone from
    him or if there isn’t a policy just tell him there is. I would be ticked if DH did that. He tends to be stuck on his phone but was really attentive during labor last time. I think it’s harder for him even because he works in IT for the hospital where I will deliver again. Our hospital doesn’t have any particular cell phone policies. 

    @mayoduck My mom was annoying about coming up last time. This time I think we will have an excuse to keep visitors at bay. The hospital is currently under visitor restrictions due to the flu and it probably won’t be lifted before we deliver. So as of right now I told her only daughter will be allowed up and they will have to wait until we get home to meet LO. 
    Dx: Non-IR PCOS
    Baby Girl K #1 Born 3/8/14
    Baby Girl K #2 EDD 3/3/19
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