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    @crs89 Honestly, it sounds like you've got it covered!  Congratulations on those Middle of Year scores!!! And some meeting EOY scoring goals already, awesome. :) I'd bet they want you to stick around based on how involved you are, their openness to the new VP going out on maternity leave, and your rock-solid performance in the classroom. You should feel pretty comfortable telling your good news when it comes time to apply for a new position. Wishing you the best position and sweetest class-- a whole school year early! ;)
  • Announcing to my siblings this weekend whole we’re all out to lunch! Any ideas on how to do it to so many in public? All I can think is to maybe wear a shirt that gives it away and lose my sweater sometime during the outing. I’ve heard of having a cake brought out but I want to do it early on. Also heard to have the waitress come “take a picture” but really record and say “Say so and so is pregnant!” But I’ve never been here so I don’t know the atmosphere well enough.
    Thanks for the ideas!
  • cee_moll said:
    Announcing to my siblings this weekend whole we’re all out to lunch! Any ideas on how to do it to so many in public? All I can think is to maybe wear a shirt that gives it away and lose my sweater sometime during the outing. I’ve heard of having a cake brought out but I want to do it early on. Also heard to have the waitress come “take a picture” but really record and say “Say so and so is pregnant!” But I’ve never been here so I don’t know the atmosphere well enough.
    Thanks for the ideas!
    I love the picture idea!! 
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    @keikilove Thanks! I don't want to sound too confident - but there seems to be a lot in my favor if I interview at this elementary school.  If I have to interview at a different school within the district (say there aren't any openings at my current elementary school), I don't think I'll tell my interviewers.  They won't know me well enough so I want them to see my skills as a teacher and not be focused on me taking maternity leave in September.  Only pause I have with that is that I don't want to seem dishonest.  However, I was talking to one of my "wisest" friends yesterday and he suggested that I don't tell at all - they can't unhire me after they find out so what is the harm. :) Let's just cross our fingers that the woman on maternity leave now decides to stay home with her 3 kiddos.  She has said it's a possibility from day 1, so hopefully I don't even have to worry about any of this and I am offered her position permanently! :) 
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    We told our parents and grandparents at Christmas back when we thought we were due 08/21. Now we're thinking of announcing to the rest of the family, but we're just doing a Facebook post. We've told all the ones that we wanted to know in person. What we're going to do, as the S/O and I are both gamers, is doing a Player 1 & 2 ready, Player 3 loading. 

    I am just conflicted as to when to announce since now I am only 8 weeks instead of the original 10 weeks. My work already knows because I wanted to give my boss a heads up on appointments, but my aunt works higher up and doesn't have a clue. I just feel like she would be heartbroken to learn it from a coworker than from me.

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    First time parents here!  Around 8 weeks now and we have not told anyone yet since we have not really seen the family since finding out.  My family is throwing me a "surprise" birthday party this weekend and it will 100% be noticed if I don't drink.  I'm planning on doing the fake drink thing or having a beer in my hands at all times then I will not be forced to tell any friends or extended family that will be there. 
    I am thinking that we might have to tell my close family members since after then we will not all be together until Easter and I think that is wayyyyy to long to wait to tell!  The problem is I am only 8 weeks and don't have my first Dr. visit until the Monday after :/ 

    I was trying to think of a fun way of telling them but couldn't think of anything that would not be noticeable to other party attenders (like wearing a t-shirt or giving a baby related gift to another family member)  My MIL will be a first time grandmother so was trying to think of something cute for her or for both our mothers.  Any ideas are appreciated!
  • (8 weeks 2 days here, first time mom 😊)

    we told our parents & siblings this weekend! We used cute little cards for everyone because we wanted them each to have something to have & look at. They’re holding onto our secret until after our first appt on Thursday! Then we’re slowly telling extended family, like my grandparents & parents siblings, etc. well put it on Facebook after Valentine’s Day (week 12-13). 

    Thankful to to have the support from family, we’re young (both 23) so I was expecting a little kickback but they’ve really embraced it so far.  I’m hoping having them to talk too makes the first trimester go by faster. I know it’s gonna fly by but waiting weeks is a little stressful, lol. 
  • @lillywonderland those shirts are awesome!  I'm also ono the fence about posting on social media.  🤷🏼‍♀️
  • We have told a few close friends. We are going to announce to family after we see the heartbeat at the end of February. We will announce to the world at 13 weeks (I have been around these boards too long and have anxiety about announcing before that point). I have also told my boss because we have a lot of leaves/changes that need to be accounted for.
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  • My best friend and his best friend now.  I also had to tell my boss, just given how our office runs.  We won't tell anyone else until we tell our older kids and I don't want to do that until we at least have an ultrasound. DD's birthday is at the end of March, if I can convince DH to wait that long, I think that is when we will tell everyone. 
  • We got a BFP on Dec 25 and told my parents (and sister who tagged along to lunch) on Dec 30 as my parents were heading out of the country on Jan 3rd for a month and a half. This is my first pregnancy, so I did want to share the news with them as I knew how excited they would be and didn't want to tell them over the phone when they would be thousands of miles away. They were over the moon, my mom cried. We told my in-laws on Jan 1 - they seemed happy, but not that excited - we aren't that close with them and their other daughter-in-law is KU and due in May, so I think that sort of distracts them. I told my brother and SIL about a week or so later because I felt like a big jerk not telling them, since my sister knows and I'm best friends with my SIL who has 3 kids (twins and a singleton). A few weeks ago we had my BFF and her H over for dinner and a game night and I knew she would know because I wouldn't be drinking and I can't fake it since we always share drinks and whatnot, so I told them which was really fun and exciting - they are starting to TTC, so it's exciting to share the news with somebody who is in the same place we were in earlier in the year. We had our 1st US last Friday and everything seems to be progressing nicely. I did tell one of my other closest friends who lives across the country mostly because I wanted to tell somebody else and knew she a) doesn't have anybody to tell and b) would be so excited and would want to spend the first month here, helping out. I'm really happy altogether with my decisions of whom I've told early - but at this point will not tell anybody else until my 12-week NIPT on 2/20. After the results of that (provided all is well) I'll tell our extended families and our friends. 

    In all honestly, I think to each their own on telling. When my mother found out I told my BFF, she yelled at me, but in all honestly - if there was a complication I would need her for emotional support - there is no reason why I wouldn't want her to know.
  • Appointment today and then, assuming appt goes well, we'll tell my parents tonight or tomorrow night via video chat. I sent them a package with onesies and a card to open so it'll depend on when that arrives.

    @LJMoon6 the lab thing is definitely hard to factor in. I don't feel comfortable telling my boss yet, but he's been so incredulous that I don't want to work with teratogens. (Obviously not phrased that way, because he's not an idiot.) His stance is basically "you do you, but I used to mouth pipette mutagens and I'm fine!" Ha!

    We have our belated holiday party next week and only 6 people will be there. I wonder if he'll start to piece it all together when I don't drink.
  • Vent: My MIL told a bunch of people! We ended up telling her but I guess we forgot to mention that no one except parents and siblings know, so she took that as "I can tell everyone!" Ugh. She told my grandma, which is the one I'm most upset about. We are throwing a surprise party for her 85th birthday in Mid-February and I was going to tell her then. Instead she heard it from my MIL.  :|
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  • My last pregnancy I just held a beer bottle identical to what my husband was drinking and we’d subtly switch back and forth so he wound up drinking two (and I drove home). 
  • @LJMoon6 I was terrified to tell my boss considering I had just been given added responsibility and had worked my way into higher seniority. I didn't want to tell her that she'd be losing me at peak season. Thing is, she's been nothing but supportive and is flexible with me trying to work in all my appointments. I know not all bosses are the same, but some can be absolutely fantastic. 
  • I'm so excited!!!! We ordered personalized cups for our parents and they were just shipped!!!!! They may be here in time for the weekend!! I talk to my parents daily so it's been hard not to spill the beans! We are waiting til our first appt at 8 wks to tell anyone else.
  • @aliciac2008 I am so afraid of that! We are telling this weekend only because my MIL is in town and I know she is going to tell people even if we ask not to!  She has a good heart but just does not listen!! I feel for you 😕
  • @aliciac2008 I hate when people take the announcement from you; it's not their announcement to give! I'm sorry she did that.

    @jeepwave don't feel like you have to tell anyone if they are a known loud mouth. She can wait. And if she needs to know why you waited to tell her, just say you weren't ready yet. And then pass the bean dip. 

    We've told my mil, as she takes care of my dd, my little sister, and friends I have seen in person who I'd want support from. I will tell people as I see them.
    I'm most excited to tell my bff when I fly out to see her next week and we go to disneyland. 
  • @aliciac2008 oh nooooo!!!!! That is so frustrating, and especially coming from your MIL! I would be livid!

    My dad pulled that crap with me with DS and I was SO MAD! We told my parents because we were staying with them and I was SO sick that I knew they would figure it out. The next day we were at my nieces Baptism and across a whole group of people he walks into the room and yells to me "Did you tell everyone yet?!?!?!" So of course everyone stared at me and I just gave him a death glare, so he announced "She's having our second grand baby!!!" I could have killed him... and then it was awkward because half of the people simply overheard it and weren't actually apart of the conversation and people didn't know whether they should acknowledge that they knew or not because clearly I wasn't okay with it... it was so frustrating! Last year he was at my brother's house and saw a note that said "open bank accounts for DD and baby" and ended up telling the whole family that my brother and SIL were pregnant before they told anyone. We don't want to tell them now and they're coming out here this weekend, so I'm trying to hide literally any and all signs of pregnancy until we are ready to tell them, aka the entire world. 
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  • @aliciac2008 @sunshine2417 oooo I would be livid! like, my mind first goes to "it's now your job to tell everyone who you told if something bad happens," but ADDITIONALLY, it's your life/body/announcement/business! Gahh! I hope this doesn't zap any of the funsies of announcing yrselves for either of you! & good luck not being symptomy! I bet there's a blog out there that's like "what to tell ppl when you're PG but don't want them to know." Fake drinking is a good way to trick ppl, I imagine. This mocktail has ginger beer (which is non-alcoholic) in it, too, so--should help w/ nausea! Double whammy! You'll show them. 

    I also haven't told my Dad & we haven't told the in-laws either. But for different reasons. My Mom knows, and I had to tell my bro yesterday bc we had to bow out of our family vacay to Jamaica--the ob was like "you really shouldn't go & I have to tell you not to"-- anyway, he is happy for us & not too upset we can't make it & said all the right nice things & asked all the right questions--he is going to be a FTU (first time Uncle! haha) so he is excited-- but I still feel bad about not being able to make it. He'll be the only one there from our generation unless he can find someone last minute to go w/ him. I explicitly told him not to tell my Dad & that it's his responsibility to tell anyone he tells that it didn't work out if something goes wrong, so I think he knows not to tell anyone....... but he is asking one of our cousins to go on vacay w/ him now, and I imagine he'll tell him why DH & I cancelled & swear him to secrecy & then my cousin will tell his sister & then she'll tell someone else etc. etc. ahhh.

    100% unrelated: we got a roomba for xmas, and our one dog is totally afraid of it and keeps walking towards it to inspect it and then bolting away from it and it's REALLLLY cute. 
  • @kagesstarshroom we have had our roomba for over a year and our dog still does this! I love it. DS also refers to it as our robot. It’s fun when we are with family and he will just randomly be talking about the robot in our house and people look at us all confused or really excited. I’m like calm down it’s just the vacuum. 
  • We we did ours yesterday... caption was "Wow, we didn't even see that goal coming!!"
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    We told immediate family (our parents and DH's sister) pretty much right away, plus a couple of very close friends...just because we tell each other everything. I am on the fence about when to tell work--I would say after my next appointment (10.5 weeks), but I'll probably wait until after the following one (14 weeks-ish). Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with telling work early, but I am up for a promotion, and I don't want it to affect plans or action regarding that. (It shouldn't, regardless, but you never know...if I wait until 14 weeks, it should all be sorted out by then!)

    Oh, and I don't plan to officially announce on social media until the baby is born. Weird? Maybe? I just don't want a lot of attention drawn about it, and I'm not super active on FB anymore, anyway. 
  • @jaykay2004 I think it's fine that you don't announce of FB. It makes perfect sense because you are active on it.  I know several people who did this. 
  • @jaykay2004 i can understand those that don't want to post on social media. I'm not active, but only plan to because I have a lot of extended family who would want to know that are difficult to get ahold of. 
  • I'm excited about announcing to my best friend who lives on the other side of the country, and had to share with people who might care and understand my feelings (my H just said, "oh, that's cool, uh, I don't know"):

    So I'm flying out to see her next week and we're hitting Disneyland without our kids or Hs. I'm surprising her with a stay at one of the onsite Disneyland hotels (we planned on staying at an offsite but I snagged a great deal). Disney gives out these cute buttons that say things like, "It's my Birthday", "Happily Ever After", "1st Visit", and "I'm Celebrating". I was able to get a couple "I'm celebrating" buttons and plan on writing: "my bff is pregnant" for her and "baby 2.0" for me. I'm trying to figure out if I should give them to her after the surprise hotel check in, or when she picks me up from the airport...

  • @dolewhipper how exciting! If you can stand to wait longer, I think it’d be fun to do it at the surprise hotel check in. Maybe you could arrange something with the front desk to put the buttons in your room key evnvelopes or as part of a welcome bag?
  • @dolewhipper What @themadcamel said, are you checking into the hotel first? You could just put it on her bed.  Andplusalso I hope you enjoy your time out here!! (I live close-ish to DL)

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  • I broke down and told my bosses today at work, even though I would have much rather waited a few more weeks. BUT since I spend my days working with minimum-max security male felons, for safety reasons I felt like they needed to know. They were both super supportive and my female boss said she almost started crying and wants to talk baby stuff whenever I want haha. My only hesitation is having to tell everyone if things don't work out butttttt it is what it is.
  • I'm dying to tell, but I think we're going to wait until Valentine's Day. I think I'm going to get a small canvas to have my 1.5 year old paint and then I'll make a valentine with the sonogram so that I can give our parents a little valentine from him and one from us. 
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  • @lillywonderland @themadcamel she’s picking me up from the airport and we’re both heading to the hotel. I think I’ll try everything I can to wait till after or as we’re checking in. I know a lot of front desk agents ask if people are celebrating, maybe that’s when I can drop it? 
  • I ended up spilling the beans to my boss (8 weeks), just because we are close and I felt like I was keeping a secret from her, haha. She is super excited, and I don't feel like it will in any way affect my career path.

    I haven't announced "out there" to all my coworkers yet...will definitely wait until after my appointment at 10.5 weeks, and maybe not even until I get my NIPT bloodwork results back (12-ish weeks) so I can announce gender at the same time, haha.
  • I’ve told my three bridesmaids, but not my parents. My FI has told his groomsmen but not his family. 
    We are going to tell family right after our first sonogram— I wish we had a cute way to announce it besides just calling and saying “guess what!”

    I’m also dying to tell my employers. I’m a nanny and I seriously feel like I’m hiding a HUGE secret and I’m ready to burst! 
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