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Alcohol in first 4 weeks

I just took a test which came out positive. My husband is freaking out and making me very nervous because I have been drinking all week (I’ve been trying- but truly didn’t think I was pregnant!). Should I be very concerned? He said that he can’t even be excited until he knows everything is ok 😢

Re: Alcohol in first 4 weeks

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  • I always heard drink til it’s pink. Had most of a bottle of champagne the day before we got our positive (it was the super bowl), and baby is here and okay! 
    Talk to your doc if you’re that nervous, though!
  • Unless you were so drunk that your organs started shutting down, you are fine.  Baby isn't sharing your blood or intake yet as the placenta is still growing and isn't yet active.
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  • Agree with everyone else. If that nervous about it talk to them at your first prenatal.  
  • @delujm0  I just did a quick Google search and this is the first and latest article. I know it's a change in hormones, but I'd take the opinion of a doctor and trained professionals that there is some sort of body defense mechanism in place... even if not all people experience it. 

    "Morning sickness is not normal, so it must have a reason. Researchers now think it's Nature's way of protecting the embryo or fetus by discouraging mothers from ingesting potentially harmful chemicals." 
  • I got pretty drunk the night before my bfp with DS. My temp had dropped below coverline, and I was sure AF was on the way. I took a test when my temp was sky high the next morning. He is now 5, and very healthy. I hope that helps reassure you. 
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