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High-Risk Pregnancy

3rd high risk pregnancy in 28 months

okay, so first off I know I’m insane for even thinking about having another one right now. 

My daughter is 2 (Born in August 2016). I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and put in the hospital at 34 weeks, induced at 37 weeks. After that everything went back to normal.
I got pregnant with my son (Born in October 2017) when my daughter was six months old and despite having high blood pressure the last half of my pregnancy I refused to go to the hospital until the day I reached 37 weeks because I had no one to watch my daughter if I’d have been admitted or put on bedrest any earlier. So once again, I was induced again at 37 weeks. 
And now I’m pregnant AGAIN (due May 2019) and have been since August and just now found out at 18 weeks. My blood pressures are already stupid high (162/108) and I know what to look out for as far as when to go to the hospital, but I’m just wondering if anyone has gone through anything similar?
With each pregnancy it seems like my blood pressure gets higher, sooner, and I’m really genuinely worried about this time around. I haven’t even been to a doctor yet as I just found out at the women’s clinic three days ago that I’m this far along. (I thought I was around 6-7 weeks). 

I’ve heard every subsequent pregnancy is harder on your body the closer they are together. Has anyone else had this many high risk pregnancies this close together? Hopefully I’m not the only one. 
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