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Help. Twins Coming.

Help! We just found out we're having twins and we were already struggling for a girl name if it was a singleton, but if they're two girls we're really stuck. If they're boys we already have names picked out for them. We really don't like really common names (top 100) as both of our names have fallen in the top 20 for the past 50 years, but also don't like names that sound made up. Our last name starts with a B and ends in -er. We want the names to sound good together, but not super matchy.

We have 2 girls already: Callie Jean and Emory Kate

Names I like: Madelynn, Remi, Sloan, Stella, Harper
Names he likes: Reagan, Moseley, Peyton, Nora, Cora

Please help! (We still have quite a while to go.)

Re: Help. Twins Coming.

  • From your list I like Stella, Nora and Cora.

  • I’d do Stella with either Nora or Cora 
  • Agree with the Stella and either Nora or Cora combo. Congrats on twins! I have twin girls and it's the best!!!
  • What are your boys names? It might give us a feel for your style.
    I really like Madalyn and Stella.
  • Thanks thanks so much for your suggestions! 

    Both of us really like Quinn, but already taken by a cousin 😞

    Our boy names are Grant Daniel and Memphis Warren.

    Our girls, we've both agreed on Sloane Caroline as one of the names, so we need one to go.
  • If you don't mind the double "S" I think Stella would sound nice with Sloane. 
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    Looks like most people like Stella and Nora. I see you have chosen Sloane, but compared to your other girls names, it is really harsh and heavy. I hope you will reconsider given that no on here has picked up/supported Sloane. Nora Caroline and Stella Jane would be a stunning combination. 

  • I think Sloan(e) and Stella would be a cute pair if twin girls. Also like the name Peyton, but I think Stella goes with Sloan better.

    Also I know a lot of people are supporting Nora, but isnt that pretty high up on the most popular girl name list right now? I mean, I love the name, but if you're trying to avoid top 100 names, then I dont think it would be the best pick.
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