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Anatomy Scan Results Discussion Thread

I thought it might be helpful to have a thread apart from the ultrasound pictures thread where we can all share results from our anatomy scans and ask questions or just vent if needed. I know a lot of us have either already had it done or have it scheduled. :) 

Re: Anatomy Scan Results Discussion Thread

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  • @SpaceBurger I think dark spots are fluid at this point. I wouldn’t worry tomuch about it! :-)
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  • SpaceBurgerSpaceBurger member
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    @mrskoz428 It was a top down view with both sides of the brain, and one side had a dark spot while the other didn't  :#  You're right thoguh, trying not to worry because it's probably nothing. 

  • @ashleaf2018 here's to hoping the impact is minimal and that you'll be able to breastfeed. Good luck. Do you know when you'll have any future scans? 

    Great news @journey721! So glad to hear. I can imagine it can be nerve-wracking waiting to hear more.

  • MaggieG183MaggieG183 member
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    @ashleaf2018 I hope the lip is all that is impacted. Surgery for that is small, quick to heal, and typically cosmetically has little impact when dealt with young. Keep us posted!
  • @ashleaf2018 Thanks for sharing that! prayers that your Lo's palate is not involved.
  • Had our anatomy scan today and baby boy is measuring about a week behind and had bright spots in the bowel. Already had the NIPT done and it was low risk, so it’s mostly likely not Downs Syndrome. They did blood work for Cystic Fybrosis and other infectious diseases. Will have another ultrasound done in a couple of weeks. Dr Google and several medical websites state most babies are born healthy. Dh is freaking out slightly.

    On the bright side my ultrasound was done at the MFM dept at the hospital because I’m AMA. We met with a high risk doctor and they have a genetic counselor in office who we met with right after. And we didn’t have to go to the lab for the bloodwork as it was drawn there. 
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  • @robyn2201 my son measured a bit behind and ended up catching up- if that makes sense? And with negative NIPT the chance of DS is very very very low. The geneticist we saw covered it in full for us- I’m sure yours did too. I’m glad you have a follow up and hopefully baby has a little spurt! 
  • @journey721 they did do a good job explaining everything and I was glad we were able to do it all today. They recommended an amino and I declined it. Something about a needle going in my stomach freaks me out. Hoping he is just resting up for a growth spurt. Haha.
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  • @robyn2201 i would have declined as well
    if it were suggested when i went! I’ll add some prayers for his growth & your peace of mind. 
  • @knarlytaurus No specific date on our next ultrasound but I have an appointment with our new OB on the 27th of this month (moving one from side of the state to the other on Sunday). I

    t sounds like from already having higher risk factors for this pregnancy aside from the cleft lip (FI’s EHK, prior polyhydramnios which is also common with cleft babies, DS’s pectus excavatum which doesn’t cause any issues but nonetheless is a defect), the new OB will set us up with an MFM for more ultrasounds and we’ll also meet with a craniofacial team at some point, get a fetal MRI done to check on his palate, etc. Lots of appointments coming up but hoping that it all leads to a healthy, happy baby! 
  • @ashleaf2018 my nephew was born with a cleft palate. He is a perfectly healthy 7 year old now. Praying it isn’t in the palate for you and the impact is minimal. 
  • @ashleaf2018 prayin your appt with the new OB goes well and for a healthy baby!

    @journey721 Thank you!
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  • I have a question for those that have already had their anatomy scan. How much was bub moving and did this pose an issue?

    I’m due to have mine in a couple of weeks but had a scan at 16 weeks and bub was moving so much the ultrasound tech couldn’t get any good pictures or check any blood flows, just got to check the heart was beating and that’s about all she could do. Couldn’t even get a measurement of the head cause bub was literally doing summersaults.
  • @wiseh

    Sorry pressed enter too soon! 

    I feel like that could also be your tech. My baby was moving a lot so my tech had to be fast. There was only 1 picture that she couldn't get because baby would move into that position and then flip back quickly. Trying to get that last image was frustrating. I was there for about 2 hours and my stomach hurt that evening from all the poking. They made me try jumping jacks and drinking cold water and flipping from one side to the other really fast and still could not get a good image of the final one they needed. 
  • wisehwiseh member
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    @kaitcrystalline that makes me feel a bit better. I’d just had abdominal surgery so perhaps she just didn’t want to press too hard and hurt me. I’m also really struggling finding a good imaging place. The last place I went to neglected to mention my rather large ovarian cyst, even though it had been on every other report. This place couldn’t get good pictures. Another place I went to took 11 days for the report to come through and the tech was really horrible - it was an “urgent request” and she just decided to downgrade it to non-urgent. I’ll just have to keep searching. 
  • @wiseh that's so frustrating! I hope you find a place that works out. Like I said the the tech was very nice to deal with but by the end of the appointment I was just tired. Since you did have surgery lately they probably didn't want you to do anything too strenuous. Maybe it will take you going for a couple of mini sessions to get everything they need or hopefully you just have a faster tech next time.  The final picture that they partially took must have been good enough for the doctor and my midwives because I never got a call to come back. Wishing you luck!! :) 
  • So, we went for our anatomy scan yesterday and our little bean is already camera shy. Spent the whole time moving and turning but wouldn't flip around. Didn't even get to see the little face. Needless to say we got some great photos of the spine, but that's about it. Going back in two weeks to see if he/she will reposition so the tech can get some shots of the front. 
  • @mrskoz428 I have an anterior placenta too and I feel this baby much less than DD. BUT, I know that skinnier moms feel the baby more frequently, so that could be part of the reason you feel her so much. Congratulations on having girl! 
  • @chloe97 thank you! The tech was so nonchalant about it, too. She didn’t even say anything. Just took the picture and typed “it’s a girl” on the screen! 😂 My hormones took over and I cried! 😍
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  • @mrskoz428 Good luck 😂😆 I had an anterior placenta with DD2, felt her at 13 weeks, it never stopped, and this girl is constantly on the go. She turned everything into an obstacle course as a crawler and then turned into a climber. But weirdly, she has *always* loved being worn and still does at 2.5+! But really, I say good luck in the most loving way, I wouldn't change my girls for anything!
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  • @mrskoz428 I had an anterior placenta with DS and felt him at 18 weeks!

  • @imrachellea haha, well so far she has made things far less than easy, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she gives us a run for our money from the get go!
    @DuchessOfCambridge the midwife looked shook when I told her how frequently I’ve been feeling her kick. I’m laying here now feeling kicks and flips like nobodies business! However, she did spend most of the ultrasound with her face nuzzled against the placenta. Maybe that’s why? 🤷🏽‍♀️
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  • @mrskoz428 I had an anterior placenta with my first and didn't feel him until 22 weeks and did not feel much even in later months! I'm so glad he was my first bc my second one bounced around like crazy! I would have been so worried if it had been the other way around! 

  • @ElleJDubs this is my first. It was weird because the tech didn’t really say much about the placenta during the ultrasound, just that she was having a hard time finding where the umbilical cord attached to the placenta. It wasn’t until my appointment when they mention the position. I mean, I’ll take all the movement. I honestly love it, even if it keeps me up at night!
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  • @cwell2016 Yayy!! Congrats! Sorry your little one wouldn’t cooperate! And I thought mine was stubborn! 
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  • Had my ultrasound yesterday. It was hard to get a good profile shot cause my belly button was in the way, but baby girl looks great and my fluid levels are good (thank God!) I feel like I'm not drinking enough but my ultrasound confirmed my fluid levels are fine. Such a relief to see her! :)
  • @cwell2016 congrats on baby boy! Fingers crossed for good results in your echo. The benefit to baby not cooperating is an extra sneak peek! 
  • @Stormiewinter Thanks!  I actually gogot my echo results yesterday and it was normal! The tech said they'd only call same day if there was something urgent, otherwise I'd here next week, but my cardiologist's nurse said he'd made a note to review them and get back to me ASAP so I wouldn't worry all week! I'm so relieved,  but I panicked when I saw that number on my phone yesterday!
  • Baby is breech. NBD but you've got 20-21ish weeks to flip, kiddo!

  • @DuchessOfCambridge mine didn’t tell me what position baby was in. Head is up by my liver, butt is by my stomach, feet and hands are by the face. I think her back is up in the air?
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