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2nd Trimester


Is it safe to drink ensure while pregnant?? My appetite stinks and I have a hard time with big meals. I'm wondering if this will help to?

Re: Ensure

  • I’d ask your OB if you haven’t already, just to be safe, but I really don’t think it would be a problem. I practically lived on protein shakes for the first trimester. Better to get some nutrition in than nothing at all! 
  • My appetite didn't really change or increase the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. I was a bit of a light eater prepregnancy but the lack of weight gain really concerned my boyfriend so he asked our OB a bunch of questions. Talk to your OB about your weight and food intake. Ours told us as long as baby is growing he is happy. I've heard a lot of woman do drink ensure or something similar when morning sickness was kicking their butts. For me personally, i tried them when I didn't have time to eat while taking care of my grandma but it made me throw up. I think I drank them too fast though.

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