HDBD 12/6 — The Bump
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HDBD 12/6

we haven’t done this in a bit...plus we need a convo starter.

Re: HDBD 12/6

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  • Look at her hair!! ❤❤ @ashtuesday
  • @ashtuesday she is using a sippy cup?! Declan won’t even hold his own bottle.
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  • For real! LO will use a sippy cup IF I hold it for him lol hes got it made. We also tried 3 different types now. 
  • I don't know why the sippy cup awe is cracking me up!  She won't hold her own bottle either, and she won't use a regular sippy cup.  But I always carry one of those Camelbak bottles with a straw around the house with me and she recently figured out how to drink from it.  Just bought her these straw sippy cups this past week so that she would stop backwashing in my water bottle!
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