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Appointments Thread, December

Hi ladies, come and discuss your appointments, questions for appointments, etc. Here! Feel free to go free-form & check back in to tell us how it went.  :)

When is your first appointment?

Any questions for the doctor? 

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Re: Appointments Thread, December

  • 12/13 dating ultrasound 12/17 first appt with my doctor. 

    No questions that I can think of being my 3rd. Hopeful/excited to hear the heartbeat. 
  • When is your first appointment? 1/11

    Any questions for the doctor? Not at the moment. I'll sure I'll think of something before then though!
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    When is your first appointment? 12/10, already had my annual that day, and I'm just going to tack on a pregnancy confirmation while I'm there & see about getting some nausea meds! 

    Any questions for the doctor? I have already started a list! I for sure want to ask about breastfeeding while pregnant, as my DS hasn't weaned yet. Also, I'm hoping to get her input on the Brewers pregnancy diet. I had high BP requiring induction with my first, and have heard the Brewer diet can be beneficial for reducing BP issues. 

    Edit: Well, called the doc to confirm they still wanted to see me on the 10th, & they are pushing my appt. to 1/3, which will be combo annual/ ultrasound/first doc consult at 8 weeks. 
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
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    First appointment 12/18, 7w3d. No questions. I was diagnosed with low Progesterone, so I'm not even sure I'll still be pregnant in 12 days. I sort of dissociated from the whole thing at that point. 

    Time will tell. 
  • My first appointment will probably be around the middle to end of January. I am hoping for my first home birth this time around. So, I will have lots and lots of questions for the midwife, pertaining to that specifically . I haven't even called anyone yet. My plan is to call a handful of home birth midwives in the area and interview at least a few and then pick one and set up an appointment then. 

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  • I have my first appointment on Dec 14th, but an ultrasound on Dec 12. Not entirely sure what I'm going to see as per the date of my last period I should be 6 weeks right now (7 next week at my appointment) but I didn't get a positive test until a week ago, which makes me think I maybe ovulated late. If that's the case I may only be 6 weeks next week. Will they be able to see anything in the sac at that point?
  • New Year's Eve (12/31/18) - Blood work, ultrasound, & meeting a new doctor who will hopefully be awesome and delivering my baby next August.  This date will mark the start of 8 weeks for us.
  • First dr appt scheduled for 12/20
    will have dating ultrasound also meeting a new dr. It will be so different having a different Dr than the one who delivered my first 2, makes me nervous 
  • ** TW, spotting **

    Wellp, I have me a nice appointment Monday morning to see my midwife. I've been having some weird spotting/colored discharge on and off since yesterday, so they want me to come in to be seen. My first appointment wasn't 'til 1/8. I'm not excited, really, because it's super too early for an ultrasound so basically this will probably just be taking my blood and maybe peeking at my cervix? idk.

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  • First appt 1/4 will be 8 weeks 2 days. No questions just excited for my first appt 
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    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • I go on 12/17, and don't really have any questions. I'm going with the same doctor who I used for my last pregnancy, so I'm already comfortable there, well, as comfortable as you can be at the OB!
  • When is your first appointment?
    12/20 for ultrasound and then see the doctor. 

    Any questions for the doctor? 
    Ill be getting a referral to a high risk doctor that I will follow up with on a more regular basis. No questions now, I live my doctor, she helped my through my first pregnancy and delivered my daughter, and helped me through a loss. I’ll end up getting induced so I’ll ask if I can schedule that to line up with when she may be rotating at the hospital. I’ll ask her what I should and shouldn’t be doing, and how much weight I should gain. I gained 80 with my first, and have only lost 60 of it, so the less I gain the better, but will do whatever she recommends. 

  • Dating Ultrasound scheduled for 12/24 :D First Appt scheduled for 01/09.

    I’ve already been for two betas and levels are looking great but doc put me on Progesterone suppositories due to slightly low levels. Feeling happy!
    <3 Jen
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    First appointment and dating scan 12/18. No questions that I can think of. I’m just anxious to see what’s going on in there!

    @runningisrad I’m glad you’re able to get in for an earlier appointment, but sorry you’re dealing with spotting.
  • I just had a confirmatory/prenatal blood lab appointment with my FNP on 12/6. (All good and normal!) My first appointment with the OB/GYN is on 01/04, and my dating ultrasound is on 01/08. 

    Questions I have:

    Is it growing okay? How much of NIPT does my cruddy student health insurance cover? 
  • First appointment is on 12/17 for an ultrasound and nurse visit. 

    All of my questions basically relate to the conditions that I have that make me high risk. Do I need to adjust my thyroid medication? Do I need to be put back on seizure medication? When do I start makenna injections? When can we do genetic testing?
  • Thanks @mkrel. I had spotting exactly like this when I was pregnant with my son, so I’m hoping it’s just... spotting. The waiting is the hardest part!

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