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I'm 10 weeks 1 day today, 2 weeks ago I got some blood taken and found out I have hypothyroidism. It runs in the family but I never thought to go get it checked, I've been doing some research and supposedly woman don't even TTC if their TSH levels are outside of 2.5 because of neurological issues or possible miscarriage. My level was 5.9. I've since been started on levothyroxine at 50 mcg. I go back at the end of the month to see if my level goes down. I guess I'm just nervous for my pregnancy now as it is my first. Anyone else going through anything else like this??

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  • I’m replying although I haven’t had testing yet, however I’m expecting it to occur with this pregnancy. It runs in my family and I’ve been testing bi-annually and have stayed at 3.5. My sister developed hers during pregnancy as well, she was also 40, and with medicine everything was fine. 
  • I’ve had hypothyroidism since I was 17 and this is my second pregnancy. As soon as I’ve conceived both times my doctor sends me to my endocrinologist and they monitor my levels monthly. Usually my dosage will increase by 25% of medicine and then after the pregnancy it will decrease again. But as far as the pregnancy everything was totally fine and this one has been fine too. As long as you’re keeping on top of everything it will be fine 😊
  • I’ve always had hypothyroidism and actually found out that we were having trouble TTC because of it. I’ve been on 50mg and am still on that dosage as of today at 9 weeks. I just make sure to watch my diet, drink a lot of water and pay attention to my body. It’s hard sometimes to tell if I’m tired because of my thyroid or just first trimester exhaustion. 
  • **lurking from June**

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (Hashimotos) when I was around 7 (they found it because I had a goiter). I've been regularly seeing an endo my whole life. My endo knew we were TTC so worked on getting my TSH down (was around 4.6, now 2.4). Most important thing is to make sure you are getting your blood checked regularly (I go 1x/month) as the recommended levels change by trimester. FWIW - a few months ago I was on 75 mcg of Synthroid and throughout testing during my pregnancy I'm up to 175 mcg. Try not to worry - it's a totally common disease! Also, congrats!!!
  • I don't have a thyroid due to having cancerous tumors. Last pregnancy, I met with my endocrinologist on a regular basis and meds were adjusted. Doing the same for this pregnancy. 
  • I am hypothyroid and was monitoring my levels regularly while ttc to get it into the optimal range of 1-2. My level was 1.5 a week or two before I conceived and by bfp it had risen to 5.6. I immediately increased medication a fair bit and now it’s back to 1.5 after a month. 

    As as soon as you get pregnant, your baby takes your thyroid hormone as it doesn’t have its own supply and your TSH increases. There is a risk if it goes above 2, but it’s only a risk if it’s left untreated. So you should be fine as long as it’s treated and regularly monitored. 
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    Thanks for the replies everyone, you've helped my stress level immensely! Feeling better after hearing your own stories and personal journeys with this. Just have to breathe and let the meds take it from here! Going to try to relax and enjoy this pregnancy (if this nausea will ever let me). Lol. So sorry for all the hurdles some of you are going through too, I had 0 knowledge about any of this until recently. Wishing you all a healthy/happy experience. Congratulations to all you moms as well!❤

    **If there is more to know about this and/or other experiences feel free to keep the discussion going, would love to stay informed! 
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