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Symptoms Week of 12/3 - 12/8

Dear god,  this board is becoming so unorganized. Put your symptoms here,  please. 


Re: Symptoms Week of 12/3 - 12/8

  • My neck has really been bothering me the last few weeks - especially in the morning. Beween that and sinus congestion I've been having killer headaches.  
  • @fatmonica you deserve some neck massages. I make H do it sometimes for the headaches.

    @eatinwatermelonseeds I'm with you now on wanting to express to be comfortable. I don't think I even have much and I feel too full! I'm sure first time around I just thought my boobs were sore. Are clogged ducts and mastkmas a thing during pregnancy but no nursing?! I'm assuming not 😂
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  • @eatinwatermelonseeds @DuchessOfCambridge is that whatyjis feeling is in my boobs!?! 😂😂 Damn hormones!
  • @mrskoz428 it might be! I ignored it first time around and nothing bad happened haha and I won't express now either but I wouldn't mind. Being too full while nursing made my boobs sore and uncomfortable. They were really tender to the touch. What I've got going on right now is not nearly as bad as that, rhough.

    Ugh, I once went out when DS was four months old and I had nowhere to pump in the bar so I ended up hand expressing into the toilet. I felt way too old to be there even though I'm in my 20s 😂
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  • @DuchessOfCambridge agreed with the feeling old in bars. I’m 24 and feel like the mom of the group. I’m perfectly happy with a coffee house bed. 😂
  • The hunger is real this week. I feel like I could eat anything and everything!
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    I've felt some sensation but hardly any movement from baby today. I felt a lot yesterday. Gah, don't over think, don't over think... 😨
  • @bgdwg totes normal, especially this early on! Baby sleeps when baby wants to sleep and is so small that we’re lucky to feel anything! It’s all good, Momma!
  • @eatinwatermelonseeds I’ve been getting headaches every few days also. Such a pain because ibuprofen is usually the thing that works for me - and that’s obviously a no go. 

    The only other symptom is that I’m so thirsty, but for what? Idk! Lol 

    i still haven’t felt baby move. I don’t really expect to yet. With Our daughter I remember being at our 20 week scan and seeing her bouncing around like crazy, but not being able to feel it. I ended up having an anterior placenta. 
  • Cold cabbage feels good on your breast when your milk first comes in. (Old wives tale or not- it helps).  I wonder if it would be worth trying now for some of you who are suffering?
  • @fatmonica I thought that was used to dry your supply? (I could be wrong, it's just what I remember). 
  • I'm no expert, but never had any supply issues and I used it in the early days for breast pain with all three of my kids.   I think it helps with the engorgement, but you probably wouldn't want to over do it.  
  • Per Kellymom:

    @bgdwg does sugary juice or laying down and relaxing help at all?
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  • @bgdwg I’m right there with you. I have started to feel baby a tiny bit, then nothing for what feels like ever! All day today I felt nothing until about 12 min ago. I know it’s normal because often only feeling the really big movements but it definitely messes with you. I think it’s compounded too because I am feeling super stretched out pregnant this week and so I feel like it should be more lol. 

    Its 1130 and i am starving, this week and last is the first hunger I’ve felt since getting pregnant and it is straight up starving hunger! I want to eat all food! Having a hard time finding the balance between feeding the hunger and not overeating. 
  • Sciatic nerve pain. HG is still persisting despite being on Zofran, Phenergan, Reglan, and Pepcid. Braxton Hicks has started up, likely from being dehydrated plus being on my feet all day (mom to a 2 year old plus working retail, I’m lucky when I get to sit down at the end of the day). Atticus (the bump has a name!  :) ) is super active. I can feel him quite a bit through the day, more so when I’m laying down and still. 
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    @ashleaf2018 I am so sorry about your HG. Ugh! I can't imagine how tough that is.

    I mentioned this yesterday but now that I'm done more research, definitely dealing with sciatic nerve pain on my left side (not down my leg at all which is a plus I guess). I looked up some stretches last night and tried them but I'm in A LOT of pain depending on how I move. Carrying grocery bags from the car to the kitchen literally hurt (and I have a 10lb lifting restriction so it was one at a time and they were not very heavy). Whatever tips and tricks you ladies have would be so appreciated! I didn't have this at all last pregnancy.
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  • I’ve been MIA. Finally not puking 5x a day. DS turned 5 so We were out of town for a few days.

    Ended up at OB today for severe back pain and pressure and they wanted to check my cervix and length and all that stuff. This pregnancy needs to calm itself. I need smooth sailing from here on out. I basically live in a state of .... what next? Catching up on the board now.  
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    @journey721 all good at your appointment, though?
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  • The back pain is kicking in hard core today. Not sure why but I feel it in back and around INTO my hips. So...that’s fun.
  • Yup, cabbage is supposed to dry up your milk.  If it didn't have an effect on @fatmonica 's supply, that's great.  But I wouldn't recommend it for anyone else,  especially those who are known to have supply issues.  

  • Posted on the wrong week. Ended up with a stomach bug this weekend. Awful cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea that became bloody. Ended up in the ER. Fluids and blood work.  Honestly feeling very defeated at this point. Currently working part time and getting my doctorate and I’m just counting down the days until Christmas break and hopefully a chance to catch up.  HG still in full affect.  Can’t even be in the kitchen anymore.  
    On a positive note baby has a strong heart beat and I’ve felt a few kicks.
    Those headache suffers I’ve noticed peppermint tea and essential oil on neck has helped
  • @brichanelle Omg that sounds extremely rough! Are you still in the hospital? I would think they'd admit you at least for dehydration.  I hope you get well soon,  girl!

  • Both of my shoulders are hurting real bad, especially the left one.  I think it's because i've been sleeping on my left side so much.  I can't lift my extended arm straight up so i think it's my deltoid. Does anyone else have this issue? 

  • @brichanelle that sounds horrible! Is this your first pregnancy? Hang in there! Perhaps your professors will let you take any finals you may have (are you even taking classes or just teaching /research?) at a time of day that is better for you (if there is one, that is....) 
  • I think I’m getting some pregnancy gingivitis. Ugh. Admittedly there were nights in my first tri where stopping to brush teeth when moving from couch to bed was not happening and now I’m regretting it tremendously. But I was so so tired. 😢
  • There is a cold going around my school right now and I think I’m falling victim. 😭😭😭 Sneezing up a storm and appetite is just not there, plus I’m exhausted all the time! We will be disinfecting my entire classroom today!
  • I have been feeling so off balance the last two days. I get up and all of sudden I feel like I’m moving to the side. I hate this! Been sitting down a lot. Yesterday I sorted and organized a bunch of boys clothes my friend gave us and went through all the cloth diapers, which sounds great but I didn’t vacuum yesterday or do the dishes. 
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  • I am about to start my 18th week and I still don't think I've felt baby kick at all.  I mean once every couple of days I feel something slight, but it could just as easily be my stomach.  Is it normal not to feel anything yet? I'm getting worried because some moms are already feeling real kicks!
  • TMI but 15 weeks and I’ve developed a varicose vein on my labia. It’s so uncomfortable and by the end of the day if I’ve done a lot that day, it’s down right painful to move. The doctor told me it won’t go away until after birth and even then, it may not ever fully go away. Ugh
  • @llhfreedom are you a ftm? My first pregnancy I didn’t feel anything until 20 weeks. Second pregnancy I was way more aware and felt it at 13 weeks. This is my third and I’m 15 weeks and barely feeling anything but I’m kept pretty busy with the two kids I already have so I think I have less time to focus on what I may be feeling. I wouldn’t worry. 
  • @llhfreedom feeling baby really depends on what baby this is for you, as well as the placement of your placenta. If you have an anterior placenta, the placenta is covering baby so it's harder to feel. But also, I was really unsure of what I was feeling with my first pregnancy and pretty much passed everything off as gas until almost 20 weeks. This time I recognize what I'm feeling better and knew I was feeling baby at 12 weeks. 
  • @Sketner610 @eatinwatermelonseeds Yea I'm a ftm, so maybe it will just take a little longer before I know that I'm feeling him.  I know I have a posterior placenta, which is what made me start getting worried because everyone kept saying you can feel it earlier with it posterior.  Thank you!  I will just have to be patient I guess!   :p
  • Ahhh @Sketner610 that sounds so painful! I'm sorry :(
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  • @llhfreedom agreed, you might be feeling baby but not realize that it's baby. I felt DS around 18 weeks WITH an anterior placenta and it took me a while to be sure.
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  • @robyn2201this happened to me as I was started 2nd trimester (14-15 weeks). I actually passed out from it. Increasing my protein helped a lot. That and drinking more electrolytes, not just water.
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    I've been having diarrhea since yesterday.  It doesn't make sense because I just started taking iron supplements so the opposite should be happening.  

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    @expandcontract They let me go the same day. They weren’t as concerned as i was. Similar to my miscarriage symptoms so wanted to make sure little one was ok.that’s worth the $200 copay 
  • @knarlytaurus i have one semester left. Just clinical hours and my dissertation. Luckily my grader has been supportive and said i could have an extension if needed. But then i just worry about it more so trying to push through. Today was a better day 
  • @expandcontract sometimes shoulder pain is a sign of something else. Like right shoulder pain is a sign of gallbladder issue. If it comes with abdominal pain I’d get it looked at. I’ve been more achy in general. I’d try heat or ice. And massage 
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