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3rd miscarriage this year

Hello all, 
I'm new to the discussion board, but was interested in your thoughts.  I just had a third miscarriage this year.  I am 41 years old, and after years of waiting for the right partner, have been TTC.  From what I can tell, I am easily able to get pregnant but having difficulty keeping a pregnancy beyond 7 weeks.  My first and third miscarriages have no known reason, as I did not have any medical intervention.   My second miscarriage, I had a D ans C, and the testing showed chromosomal abnormalities.  

I am weary of trying again naturally at my age, and am considering IVF.  Are there any older mothers out there that may have conceived naturally after multiple miscarriages ? 

Thank you ! 

Re: 3rd miscarriage this year

  • I’m so sorry for your losses.  Unfortunately I have not had successful pregnancy after losses. I’m 43. ****TW-LC**** my first pregnancy was successful and delivered at 40.  My losses came afterwards.  We did IUIs with an RE for our last pregnancy but no IVF.  
  • I’m so sorry you find yourself here. TW I also get pregnant easily but have had many chemical pregnancies and two MMC at 9 and 10 weeks. We did have a successful pregnancy before all of this without intervention, therefore our OB thought it was just bad luck. I however didn’t want to keep going through that emotionally or physically so we also decided to do IVF, we are currently in the middle of our second cycle. 
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  • I'm so sorry for your losses. I'm 37 and have had four losses this year and another several years ago. I'm also able to get pregnant easily and then lose them between 6-8 weeks. I'm no longer willing to try without supervision by an RE. If you're open to IVF and can afford it, I would 100% go that route. RPL is beyond heartbreaking.
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    ** been lurking the board as had a very recent loss and not ready to fully jump into the TTCAL conversation yet, but wanted to give some thoughts*

    @knenemay I started TTC at 40 (similar stories) and after two MC (one known trisomy, other too early to test) I went to an RE. Things looked good medically (other than a blocked tube), but unfortunately I learned a lot about egg quality after 40, the stats are scary. The RE recommended we either just keep trying naturally or do IVF/PGS to test the chromosomes. Her thought was IUI might speed up our getting PG, but we still have the same chances of chromosomal abnormalities that have clearly been an issue for us. With 2 IVF cycles only one of 9 tested embryos came back normal, which was hard to hear of course. We were planning to FET, then had an unexpected natural PG, which we now lost at 13 weeks, again due to chromosomal abnormality. After the dust settles we will use the tested embryo and hope for the best.

    Sorry I didn’t have a success story, but I also remember seeing stories about women with healthy PG over 40 and was a bit blindsighted finding out it can be harder than people realize. That being said, we do have good eggs in there and I fully believe it can happen, it’s just a bit of a lottery. I do recommend at least consulting with an RE to rule out any medical issues and to know all of your options to make the decision that’s right for you. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. All the best in your TTC journey.
  • @mackorori I hope you're doing okay. I've been thinking of you. <3
  • @ruby696 thanks for reaching out. It’s been a rough week, but with the D&E behind us hoping to move forward and make our peace. A fun night out with DH last night helped. I’ve been thinking of you too, I hope you are doing OK, sending creepy internet hugs ❤️
  • @mackorori lots of hugs girl! Glad to see your popping in here!

    OP I have no advice as I'm probably the youngest here and. I do want to say I am sorry for your losses. RPL is cruel and unfair, with that I can commiserate. I hope you find success.
  • @knenemay I first got pg at 40, very quickly. It unfortunately ended in a mc and then I went on to get pg 2 more times in the same year, very quickly as well, only to lose those too. The drs I saw kept telling me at my age it should take a long time to get pg. But that wasn't my case. I was getting pg but losing them between 5 and 8 weeks. I was found to have slightly elevated cardiolipins, which means I'm on baby aspirin and then if I get pg again I'll need to give myself a heparin shot daily. This by no means is an answer though. And the RE I met with a few weeks ago today me she felt I was hyper fertile, which I've always suspected. Basically my uterus will accept any old egg whereas a healthy uterus wouldn't let the bad eggs take hold. About a year ago I started taking ubiquinol but one dr told me to go off of it. Then the RE suggested it. I don't know a great deal about it but I have read quite a bit that says it increases the quality of your eggs. I'll try taking it again. Now all of this being said, since my last mc, we've had many bumps in the road where we've had to be benched so I feel like we have barely been able to try again. We are slowly getting back on the ttc train (dh is recovering from a pretty serious injury now)  That just my story, we are all different. But if I were you, I would look to an RE, get as many tests done as you can, and look into ubiquinol.
  • knenemay  I'm sorry for your losses. I definitely would go to an RE. Have the RPL panel of tests done. This may be able to tell you if there's a certain issue that you're experiencing that is contributing to the MCs. Or if nothing is found (which unfortunately is often the case), you could discuss going forward with IVF.
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    @knenemay I'm so sorry for your recent loss, and the others earlier this year. (And for everyone else who replied--wow, I am so sad about all of your stories.) I'm also your age and *TW--LC* had my last baby at 39.  Now my husband and I are trying for our second together and it's proving harder than anticipated to get to a healthy outcome.  I shared my too-long story in my intro in this group today in an effort to help anyone who might be experiencing something similar--here's possibly another one of many stones to turn over. I'm wishing you all the best.

    TL;DR: "Patient has gene mutations of MTHFR and PAI-1, both of which can lead to blood clots and may affect pregnancy."  [PAI-1 could be replaced with any number of other blood clotting disorders with same result if no interventions are made.]  Many doctors will say these issues are very rare and maybe even insignificant, yet there are thousands of women with these clotting gene mutations who are experiencing repeat early miscarriages, late losses, and stillbirth (There are some good support/info groups on FB). The simple solutions [that aren't foolproof] appear to be baby aspirin, fish oil, folate instead of folic acid, and Lovenox/Heparin injections to diminish the risk of blood clots.  There also seems to be a strange pattern for many of us: women either experience many early miscarriages or, like me, women are able to have one or two healthy babies and then begin experiencing late losses/stillbirths thereafter.  The trend I've found in my online groups is that many doctors aren't very knowledgeable of these mutations; you must push and advocate for what you need if the next pregnancy is going to be successful.
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