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I wanted to get an Elective Gender Ultrasound at 13 weeks which is December 30th. My husband's family is Russian and they celebrate Christmas on NYE and it's a huge celebrating with the whole family. We told them we were pregnant during family Thanksgiving dinner and I think it'd be super cute if we all found out the gender together at NYE dinner. The next time we will see them will probably not be until April or May :/

I was thinking of getting the Ultrasound and letting the tech know I don't want to know the gender and to write it down and then I was thinking of taking that piece of paper to this cute bakery next to my In-laws and telling them to make me an assortment of pastries/sweets with either a pink or blue in the middle. This way everyone will find out at once when we serve desert and no one will have the pressure of doing anything for us.

Anyone have any other ideas of how I can do this? I also want to hear how you ladies plan on revealing the baby's gender?

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Re: Gender Reveals

  • We did something similar with our first, only I had my best friend wrap a gift with either a boy or girl outfit inside, then we opened it with my family. We didn't actually have a party for it, it was just at a family dinner. I don't know if technology has advanced a lot since then (5 years ago), but we weren't able to see the sex until 16 weeks. 12 might be early to get a definitive image of what it is. 
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  • There are blood tests available that are decently accurate at noting whether you are having a boy or girl. One of the at-home options is something called Sneak Peak which is a send-away test to a lab, that you can do around 9-12 weeks. You could have a bakery log into your account to find out the gender. It's around $80 I think.
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  • We did this with my first.  The tech put the gender on a piece of paper in an envelope.  A local bakery made a cake and we cut the cake a dessert on Passover.  
  • I love your idea @babyginjuly! I have no idea if we'll do something creative to tell our families: I think DH and I are in agreement that we want to find out ourselves first during the ultrasound. None of my immediate family lives in the same state (long story), but DH's family is close by, so I wouldn't want to do something special for one side and not the other.

    One thing DH and I want to do just for fun is see if our cat can guess the baby's sex. We'll set up two cups each with a treat inside and label them "boy" and "girl" and see which one she picks first. If an octopus can predict the World Cup winner, why can't a cat predict her human sibling's sex? ;) 
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  • @hestia14, oh no!!! I am totally flaming you, lol. You definitely can't find out the sex if you are planning a reveal! That's the whole purpose! If you all already know,  it's not exciting. I feel like parents want to believe other people are anxiously awaiting word on the sex, but in reality, most people just want an excuse to eat cake and enjoy seeing the excitement in the parents when they find out. My two cents:)
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 I was pretty surprised to know they do it at 13 weeks too! It seems so early to know! Your outfit idea is so cute.

    @foodislove I've heard of some horror stories where the gender was wrong in some instances but the good news is that they have a sale for $59 right now.

    @ketomommy I wonder if one day is enough time for a bakery to make a cake especially on NYE :/

    @hestia14 I'm waiting for pictures haha I better see this on the boards soon from you.

    @nopegoat I've definitely researched the time line, many many places start at 13 weeks. I love that photo of your boys!! it's so cute.

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  • We didn't do any sort of reveal for DD. I was convinced she was a boy and always imagined myself as a mom of boys so finding out she was a girl was enough of a shock that I'm glad I found out in private:)

    This time we should have our NIPT results back by Xmas. SO has no idea when I'm getting the testing done so I'll probably slip a gift under the tree for him that should hopefully be a surprise. I'll see how long it takes him to catch on and figure out what the gift means:)
  • @Panaceia, I surprised DH with boy clothes the weekend I found out it was a boy. He was going to a concert that night and celebrated his new son a little too hard.  I heard a noise downstairs when he got home, and found him leaning over the clothes on the counter that were covered in puke. I have never been so mad At least we have a good reveal story down the road, lol. 
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 I wanted to tell you I'm love with the name Amelia <3 and that's a hilarious story to someday tell your son.

    @Panaceia My husband really wants a boy and I feel like it's a girl lol I don't if it's because it's opposite of what he wants and its the stubbornness in me or what..

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  • @babyginjuly, it's my favorite girl name ever. I don't care how popular it gets, it's so beautiful  <3
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 Well, that's the thing. We're probably not going to do a big reveal, but I'd like to do something a little more special than texting my parents "It's a ___!" My cousin and his wife found out they were having a girl in the OB office (which was hilarious because my cousin was completely dumbfounded), but they took a video of revealing it to their older child and sent it to our family, which we loved. So, to each their own.
    Side note, Amelia is on my short list of girl names too :) 
    @babyginjuly Thanks! Definitely gonna wait until after the first ultrasound to see what my cat says. I'll be sure to post pictures! :)
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  • rgn12rgn12 member
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    @hestia14 I am probably going to do something similar. I want to know before so I can process any feelings that I might have about it in private with my husband, rather than in front of people. I feel like no matter what I will be happy, I am not one of those people hoping for a certain gender. I also don’t know how I’ll react being a hormonal pregnant person!! Haha! However, I feel like it would be more meaningful for family and close friends to do some sort of gender reveal for them (even if small) instead of just texting or calling and saying that it’s a boy or girl.

    I’m not sure what we’ll do yet, I love reading everyone’s ideas though! :) @nopegoat I absolutely LOVE your pictures idea. It’s so cute! I don’t have children yet, but we have two pups... I might try and think of a cute picture idea with them! 
  • @hestia14 I support your plan. A big reveal isn't for everyone. 

    DH and I plan to find out ourselves first. Not sure if we'll do it right there in the Dr. Office or afterward with a note in an envelope. I want that special moment with just him so we can celebrate our son or daughter in private. After our private celebration, since all family lives far away, I plan to send a pink or blue bouquet to parents and siblings (only 4 bouquets needed) and have the card say "from your niece/neohew/granddaughter/grandson". No plans for social media since that's not an important part of our lives. 
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    @cindler I love that idea!
  • We did a big party with my first... we popped a giant confetti balloon. DH and I knew the sex though @ameliabedelia-2 I guess you disapprove lol! It was still fun!
    With my second I had my first finger paint a canvas with blue and pink finger paint. I had written the sex in tape and then pulled it off. I sent progression pics to our friends and family @hestia14 so I think sending some kind of cute pic is fun too! This time I think we will be team green.
    @nopegoat for some reason that pic looks super familiar... did you have an August16 baby?
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    @ccmama3 I was in the July16 group. He was born late June though.

    ETA I also had a different username then. I was kdm06c. 

  • @ccmama3 Love the painting idea!!!
  • @ameliabedelia-2 Haha! I love that story! Your kids are going to LOVE telling it when they get older:)

    @babyginjuly When I was pregnant with DD SO definitely wanted a boy. He actually almost cried when he found out it was a girl (in his defence he had recently lost his father who he was very close to and I think he was hoping to recreate a little of that bond) but since we've had DD he has been very vocal about hoping we have another girl. I think once daddys see their daughters start growing up they just fall totally in love. DD has him wrapped around her little finger and I love it. You'd be surprised how quickly he'll come around if it does end up being a girl:)
  • @nopegoat I must have been dirty lurking and seen it or something!!! Lol! Awkward...
  • ccmama3 said:
    @nopegoat I must have been dirty lurking and seen it or something!!! Lol! Awkward...
    I'm pretty sure we're all guilty of it!! 

  • With my second we did a photoshoot.. the photographer prepared blue and pink silly string so they were disguised.. once we were together she peeked in the envelope and handed us the correct cans.  We then sprayed them at each other.  It was SO fun!  Especially for our 3 year old!  It was just the three of us and then she edited real fast and we had it to announce that evening!!  

    With our first we found out but kept it a secret and had a party to reveal it to friends and family.  We just had a box of pink balloons.  The best part though was my best friend stayed up really late the night before the party helping me prepare and we spent hours making this blue centerpiece (pink one was already done) the next day she was so mad we stayed up so late when it turned out I was having a girl.  It was fun just the two of us knowing for a few days and listening to everyone guess.  

    I would love to do something fun with my girls again this time.. just the four of us but haven't figured out what.  Then we'll announce to everyone else.
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  • If we have our blood test back by Christmas we will do something cute to tell the family when we reveal. Like give the grandparents something to open that indicates the sex. We will already know but it’s just an announcement for our close family, not a “reveal”.
  • @Panaceia I'm hoping my husband feels the same way. I think he just wants to  be a boy dad because he always talks about biking with his son, teaching him to fish, all that boy stuff. I keep reminding him he can do that stuff with girls too!

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  • @babyginjuly I have a boy and girl and I think my girl will end up being more athletic than my boy! You just never know  ;)
  • @babyginjuly My dad lovingly raised two girls and we got to do a ton of boy stuff with him. Worked on cars, went fishing, even hit up Sturgis together! Boy or girl, your hubby will still get to raise his child the way he wants.
  • @babyginjuly My daughter does all the stuff with SO that he loves. She is super athletic, loves watching sports, loves cars, dinosaurs, building stuff etc. He's an architect and she will draw up her own floor plans and add her own special touches to his blue prints. I was always way more of a Tom boy than my brother too. I was the athlete who loved camping and boating and my brother was more of an intellectual. It won't matter once baby gets here. Your H will be smitten;)
  • @Bear14+ haha that's what I keep reminding him, that not all girls are this fragile thing you won't relate to.

    @cindler totally agree!

    @Panaceia yup that's how I see it!

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  • onaedonaed member
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    Im planning on doing the bloodwork so should find out before Christmas. Would like to find out with DH first but do some type of announcement / reveal for grandparents on Christmas. (We already have two boys and since everyone is gunning for us to have a girl, I’d rather not find out in front of them- particularly when I’m fine with either gender!) They don’t even know we are pregnant again yet. Definitely taking ideas for how to share with grandparents as a gift!
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