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Last minute help with baby girl name

I posted for name opinions during my last pregnancy and appreciated the honest feedback. Here I am 2 weeks from this due date back again asking for help. 

My top girl name has been Mila since my last pregnancy but recently I’ve been very fond of the idea of Nina. 

Middle name will be a family name. Likely either: Louise, Elizabeth, or Ann. Last name starts with J and is 3 syllables 

Her older brother is Arlo. 

Any opinions on which name/middle name combination is the best choice?? 


Re: Last minute help with baby girl name

  • I like Mila but I find Nina more refreshing and less common, like Arlo.

    Nina Louise has my vote 
  • I agree that Nina is super refreshing and goes well with Arlo. I also like Nina Louise.

    I'm curious how you would pronounce it? I have heard it 2 ways.

    Nee-na and Ni(as in nine)-Na
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  • Love Nina and it’s so refreshing

  • It would be Neena. I’ve actually never heard of the pronounciation Nine-a
  • I like Nina Louise best as well.
  • Another vote for Nina Louise 🙂
  • Nina Elizabeth
  • Nina Louise
    Nina Elizabeth
    Mila Elizabeth
  • Nina Louise!
  • Nina Elizabeth

  • Another vote for Nina Louise!
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