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TTC after 35

Hello! My Intro... (TW child/loss)

Hi everyone! My name is Heidi. I'm 42, husband is 41, so we're the over 40 crowd.

*****TW: child mentioned
We have one daughter, 26 months old, that took us 3 years to conceive. My husband and I are trying to conceive #2.

*******TW: loss mentioned/CP
I was breifly on the July 2019 board before suffering a chemical pregnancy a few days ago. We were so excited to conceive after struggling with TTC for 18 months; it was a devastating loss for us.

So back to the drawing board for us. I'm extremely discouraged reading all the statistics about trying to conceive after 42. We plan to get right back to TTC and hope for the best.

I'm starting BBT again, but I work shift work, which makes temping difficult. I've also been using the Clear Blue fertility monitor, which shows I've been ovulating. So we're hoping to get this right soon!

Glad to meet you all. Onwards with this journey!


Baby GIRL born 9/16/201
BFP! EDD 8/1/2019 CP 4w2d

Re: Hello! My Intro... (TW child/loss)

  • Welcome to the board.  I’m also 42 and DH IS 42 as well.  We have a DS which I delivered when I was 40.  We had 3 losses following my son.  We did a year of IUIs with a RE but we’re not willing to spend money on IVF so we are back to trying naturally.  
  • I'm 39 and TTC for the first time. I just put out an intro message a couple days ago. This is my second cycle trying and I absolutely no idea what I am headed for conception-wise- weeks, months, years....but it's good to communicate with others. Starting out "natural" for a few months and then I'll evaluate as needed. I am using the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor, as of cycle two, and feel like knowing that the timing is right is a crucial step. 
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  • I forgot to say that I'm sorry for your loss.
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