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A name for Beau’s little sister..

Wanting some opinions/suggestions on girl names! 🤗

So far this is my list (minus the ones my husband vetoed):






I love classic/traditional names. The middle name will most likely be Mae, after my grandmother. But I’ll also consider Elizabeth or Jane for middle names. Depends on what fits 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Re: A name for Beau’s little sister..

  • I love the name Jolene, but can’t get over the homewrecker connection via the song, personally. Jolie sounds like Jolly or named after Angelina Jolie.

    I think Eliza Mae or Eliza Jane is adorable. Evelyn seems pretty popular right now, so personally I’d avoid it but if the popularity doesn’t bother you, I like the name Evelyn too.
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  • I’ve gotten over the reputation of the song for Jolene, but definitely haven’t gotten over the popularity of Evelyn. 

    So far Jolene has been my top choice, but Eliza is still a strong contender. I do love those combinations. 

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  • Does the sound of Beau and Jo bother you? That might be something to consider...

    Love Eliza! (and just Liza)
  • You could go with Jolene, nickname Jolie. She'll definitely have people singing that song to her from time to time, maybe not from her peers but certainly by older folks. But, meh, I have had people make jokes about how my last name is like an old character name and I have found it at worst to be a mild annoyance and a reminder of how unoriginal people are, so if you really love the name, I don't see that as a reason to throw it out.
    I think Eliza is great as well and agree that, while Evelyn is a beautiful name, it has been trending lately.
  • Does the sound of Beau and Jo bother you? That might be something to consider...

    Love Eliza! (and just Liza)
    Ohh I hadn’t thought of the Beau and Jo thing. 😬 not a fan. 
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  • I like Evelyn but the popularity would be a deal breaker.

    Eliza Mae is very cute and goes well with Beau

    I like Jolene but don’t like the Dolly Parton association. However the first song that comes to my mind is Joelene by Ray LaMontagne and covered by Zac Brown Band. 

    Jolie seems like an Angelina fan to me.  I don’t really like it. 

    Savannah is ok but kind of meh to me.

    Suggesting Jocelyn Mae or Josephine Mae

  • I have a Savannah Jane so that gets my vote :)

    Also like Eliza Mae or Eliza Jane
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    I like Jolene and Eliza

    The song doesn't bother me and I don’t think many people younger than our generation and honestly half of our generation will sing it on repeat. Maybe it’s just where I live
    but Dolly Parton isn’t really common listening 

    Evelyn is too popular and Savanah is just nms

  • Love Jolene! Maybe Josie? 
  • Have you considered Evelyn with the nickname "Eve"? That would give you the name you love without the nn being overly popular. Beau & Eve are super cute together. 

    My children are Jude & Eve. :)



  • The Beau and Jo thing kind of turns me off the Jolene/Jolie options. Evelyn is quite trendy lately, but I like Eva Mae or Ava Mae. Savannah or Eliza (or just Liza) fit nicely with Beau. 
  • Echoing all the above sentiments. 

    No to Beau and Jo. Evelyn is overdone. Savannah is meh. 

    Eliza is #1 and paires nicely with Jane and Mae. 
  • please no more jolies...ugh
    Eliza or savannah

  • Love Evelyn but it’s very popular. Eliza is great! Agree about axing the Beau and Jo combos

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  • Of those you list, I prefer Eliza. Eliza Jane is perfect. Have you considered Georgia?
  • I like Jolene or Savannah. Although, I can see how Beau and Jo might be problematic...
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