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    Technically not insomnia but my 4 year old woke up with the stomach flu, 3 times in half an hour. Just sitting up with her now because she is miserable and needs mommy. I feel terrible for her but oh so tired.

    Never thought I’d be wishing for just plain ol insomnia... 

    Update: the 3 year old joined us, I am calling it a party now. He isn’t sick but doesn’t want to be left out. 
  • I have a sleep mask that I wear sometimes. I’ve noticed when I don’t wear it, I wake up at 3am and can’t sleep. I love it as dark as possible so maybe that’s why. Just passing along the suggestion!
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  • DD has randomly decided that a normal bed time isn't acceptable and tries with all her might to stay up until as late as midnight or 1am! She all of a sudden acts like she ate a ton of sugar and bounces of the walls and keeps us up. It is super frustrating but we have been trying to reset her by waking her up early no matter what time she finally falls asleep at night so hopefully that will set her schedule back on. I have no idea what caused this other than her pediatrician suggesting a toddler sleep regression thing where DD has decided/realized that sleep isn't nearly as fun as playing all night
  • Anyone else having the 3 am sleepless party?
  • @canuckbaby I was up at 3am this morning too (although I think we’re in different time zones). Every few nights I wake up to pee and can’t get back to sleep. It’s the worst. And it always happens at 3am. I don’t know why.
  • @kjr9519 mountain standard time here. 3 am is the worst because i wake up just after 6 am usually so it sucks being up the few hours before real wake up time 
  • @canuckbaby central standard time for me. Ugh, having to wake up at 6 after 3am insomnia would be the worst. That’s barely any time to really get back to sleep.
  • I know this doesn't help you ladies, but my insomnia went away in second trimester.

    Finger crossed it goes away soon for everyone. 
  • @amaren-2 I really hope it does go away.

    I’m up again at 3am. I still have no idea why.
  • sick baby insomnia! my 4 yr old is sick and everytime I doze off I hear her stir and wake up😔 my poor baby 
  • My dog howled in her sleep (which was hilarious and annoying since I woke up) and I was up for 3 hours after that 😑 But also, my dog only ever howls at firetruck sirens so I’m assuming she was dreaming of fire trucks 💖 Likely thanks to DS haha
  • Ugh, tonight my insomnia is coming with a giant side of anxiety. Things I thought I was pretty chill about are freaking me out. 
  • My husband farted me out of bed. Something died up there I am positive, He brought live grenades to a fart tennis match, incidentally I am never making lasagna again.

    Good news is I finally had a chance to trim the tree. Our living room is finally coming along enough I can start to decorate. 

    Sorry about the anxiety @jhems776 - I hope you get rest or some distractions at the very least 
  • @jhems776 same. I read a thread on genetic testing from 2016 and was trying to figure out what happened to the mom /OP and baby. Her last post is a few days before she was supposed to deliver, and not a word after that (since 2016). Sent me to all kinds of bad thoughts and a nightmare.  :(
  • I have escaped the insomnia this far but tonight got the lovely pleasure to wake up with stomach issues and I’m stuck in the bathroom. 😩 Alarm set for 3.5 hours from now so hopefully this is over ASAP. 
  • Jumping in to commiserate with all of you. Why is it that my brain feels now is the best time to think of all the most embarrassing and cringeworthy things of my past? Cue anxiety ridden thoughts and dreams. I could actually feel the anxiety while I was sleeping, which is a whole other level of hell for me. Holy efffff I hate anxiety. 
  • Yay insomnia. Today is my first OB appt. As a FTM i am not really sure what to expect but haven't had any anxiety over it other than Hoping I like the doc. She was recommended by two people. After Emeralds post yesterday i think i got a bit freaked out that i am not out of woods. Her due date was 1 day later than mine and i have yet to hear baby HB just seen it flicker on US twice. So now I lay here unable to fall back asleep for fear of nothing really more than the unknown. 
  • I was up for 3 hours last night. I think some of it was work anxiety, but some if it just plain old insomnia. It's not the first time this week either -- are there any pregnancy safe OTC sleeping pills? I feel like a zombie who just needs a solid 8 hours of sleep before I fall over. 
  • Benadryl and unisom are two things I will occasionally take when I need help sleeping. They are both considered safe during pregnancy. Although, I do feel really weird about suggesting taking any medicines, so I would talk to your OB before starting to take anything. 
  • My OB also cleared tylenol PM. I would ask your OB first, but just throwing it out there as an option to ask about
  • @canuckbaby how was your OB appointment?  And since we're on this thread, hopefully you're sleeping better after it.

    I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and am no longer waking up at 3:30 to eat or just to stare at the ceiling. I still have to pee all the time, but otherwise, i'm getting some rest, finally.
  • @marijaa333 it was fine despite a ghost in our room.... hopefully tonight i have a better sleep. Last night got up to pee came back to bed and couldnt get comfortable.  Sore shoulder from sleeping on left side ... by time i thought i was making headway i had to pee again and start over lol so glad to hear your insomnia has resolved! At least for now
  • @canuckbaby the shoulder pain is terrible!

    I tried sleeping on two pillows to see if that would help but still woke up with a sore shoulder.
  • @marijaa333 i usually sleep on right or back so struggling. 
  • How insomnia feels:

  • This week I think I've joined the insomnia club. I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow and the past week I've had the hardest time falling asleep. Every night it took me 3 hours to fall asleep and I'd have to go sleep on the couch just to get myself to go to sleep. Last night was my first night of more than 6 hours of sleep and a full night sleep in our bed. Hoping it's not like this for another 8 weeks! I'm exhausted all day!
  • wisehwiseh member
    I haven't slept a night through since first trimester and lately I've been all about the day-time naps, which means that I'm actually feeling somewhat refreshed for a few hours during the day! Are you still working @tkbmama? Also, you have a pm  
  • @wiseh that's horrible! I guess I shouldn't complain then! Yeah I'm still working, trying to work up until she comes. I try to take afternoon naps as I can though.
  • wisehwiseh member
    Oh gosh, @tkbmama I don't envy you! My naps are usually around lunch time so by the time it's bedtime I'm ready to sleep again - could your arvo naps be hindering sleeping at night at all? 
  • No I only sleep for 30-60 minutes. I just can't get comfortable at night, too hot or my legs hurt..the couch is in a colder room so I think that helps me fall asleep faster. Slept in the bed all last night, that's two nights in a row so fingers crossed!
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