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Insomnia thread

idk how this will go but I know many of us are insomniacs and sometimes I need something to keep me entertained until sleep finds me so here it goes

what do you usually do on those nights that you can't sleep?

Re: Insomnia thread

  • I usually watch Netflix but today it's not helping it may be the nausea after all the Thanksgiving food! though I really didnt eat as much as I had hoped! 
  • Where has this thread been all my first tri?? Thank you for starting it! I have been waking up at 3:30-4 every single night. I've now worked out a routine where I have a bowl of cereal and try to get back to sleep. It works about 50% of the time. On the nights when I try not to eat, it just prolongs my awake time by however long i hold out. 
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  • amaren-2amaren-2 member
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    Insomnia is starting to subside a bit, but I am almost out of first tri. I try and watch Netflix and get a snack if needed. If I just lay there it doesn't help.

    Also, if I've has a string of bad nights, I just take a Tylenol PM before I go to sleep.
  • I also get up and eat and watch a tv show. Lately a bagel and cream cheese has been my favorite thing to eat in the middle of the night. 
  • Mostly I just toss and turn and get really angry :) I really should get out of bed, but I'm so freaking tired that the thought of moving makes me want to cry. Maybe I need to start a new show on Netflix!
  • Luckily my insomnia didn’t hit last night (mostly because we had my stepson and as much as I love having him here he is exhausting), but because I live quite the glamorous life I usually clean things or do tasks that are tough when the kids are awake. When I was pregnant with my first decided to take up a new hobby and taught myself to knit and tried out different meal prep recipes including one that has been a lifesaver that I still make every few months. All usually done while watching really bad/sappy tv. Knitting and lifetime movies, cooking and 50 shades, mopping and BBC miniseries. 
  • I need to take on a new hobby to get me through, I've never dealt with insomnia so it's absolutely new to me not being able to sleep! I finally managed to get to sleep but we're not home and it's not my bed so I still woke up pretty much all night. My go to insomnia show is Friends because it's hilarious and I have seen it so I don't mind falling asleep to it!
  • and so we begin again! yo mr sandman where you be?!
  • I do the 230 or 330 or 4 am wake up. . Pee then feel hungry so bought a box of granola bars for beside bed. Check fb instagram bump. Play candy crush. We have a 55 inch tv in bedroom and our remote is clicky so sometimes i move into spare room and turn on netflix on ipad 
  • It's 2:23am and I've been up for about a half hour. Guess it's time for my nightly ritual of eating cereal and watching MST3K, then falling asleep on the couch instead of my nice big warm comfy bed. 

    Anyone else get outraged at those articles telling you to sleep now because you won't when the baby gets here? Wish I could take their advice, but this baby wants to keep me up now!
  • Reporting for 4am duty...
  • I feel like I am awake from 4am. If I do fall back to sleep I'm barely asleep and it isn't restful. 
  • Hubby fixed my insomnia last night. A little boom boom and back to sleep i went lol
  • luckystar28luckystar28 member
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    I take Diclegis before bed and it knocks me the f out. Thankfully. I do wake up to use the restroom at least once though. 

    The times I haven’t taken Diclegis (when I run out) I lay awake thinking about the mostly important things, such as the episode of trash tv I watched before bed or a random argument I had with a friend back in high school. You know, important thoughts 😂
  • @canuckbaby well that's something I never thought about but maybe I'll have to try when nothing else works! Dh is going to love my insomnia
  • and of course like clockwork it's midnight and here I am and my nausea is real tonight
  • Omg thank you for this thread! About a month ago I had two weeks straight where I couldn't sleep more than two hours at a time. I couldn't even nap during the day. It felt almost like my mind was on speed! That kicked with some gravel before bed recommended by my doctor. I showed up at her office crying because I was so tired and frustrated. Two days later Hypermesis Gravidarum kicked in and I was able to sleep again but was so so sick. Ive been on meds for it for about a week now and am no longer throwing up but the nausea is still there and my mind is wild again. Last night I laid awake until 3 am, fell asleep until 4:30 and then fell back asleep until 6 and that was it. Usually I just suffer by tossing and turning but I've started to head down to the couch and close my eyes there to see if it makes a difference. My doc said to avoid TV because it stimulates the mind. I have no patience for reading in that state. I need other options!
  • ncm1919ncm1919 member
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    I can fall asleep, can’t seem to stay asleep. My elderly dog was just tap dancing around in my room and had to be run out. He really needed to go so I’m glad I woke up but it is raining and now I’m cold and awake.

    today is the annual Christmas parade so it’s a bummer that it’s raining again. It was FREEZING all weekend so I should probably just be thankful it’s not going to be a foot of snow. I’m blessed to have a membership to the Y where we have an indoor field house- I can take my 2 yo there tomorrow and let her run of some steam before the game. 
  • marijaa333marijaa333 member
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    I woke up twice to pee but was able to go right back to bed-a first in at least two months. Finally woke up at 6:30am. I had a super bizarre but beautiful dream of waking up on a cruise ship and watching from my room the most stunning blue-purple tall waves and mist in the ocean. It's difficult to describe but the sense of natural beauty was overwhelming. Who needs drugs when you're pregnant... (And I've basically never used drugs...)
  • I went down a google rabbit hole of Unisom sleep tabs vs Unisom sleep gels and safety during pregnancy. 
  • My husband has been hitting the snooze button every ten minutes on his damn alarm clock for the last 45 minutes. It is currently 4:46 am. I’m about to smother him with his own pillow.
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  • Its 427 here and i have been up since 3. Checked out cyber monday sales wish hubby was up to pull trigger on the baby breeza formula pro on amazon. Its normally 219 plus tax here and its listed for 134 plus tax egad
  • I can fall asleep just fine. It’s staying asleep that’s hard. Right now I’m awake 2 hours before my alarm is supposed to go off. I originally woke up becuase my SO’s breathing machine was making too much noise so I moved to the couch. Then my body decided it was time to throw up! I’ll probably fall asleep a half hour before my alarm goes off. 
  • @antera23 me too its all about the late insomnia... getting up to pee and its game over usually around 3 am.
  • @canuckbaby I hear you. It’s so not fair becuase I’m tired all day and then when I get the chance to sleep, I can’t. 
  • @antera23 @canuckbaby same here I can fall asleep it's just staying asleep. last night was a weird one it wasn't my usual up for an hour or 2 it was more like let's wake up every 30minutes to an hour luckily I was able to fall back to sleep fairly quickly! 
  • Pregnancy insomnia has been hit or miss for me. I wake up a lot but can fall back asleep easily enough if DH is in bed too. But on Saturday night he was out of town for the night and I didn't sleep at all. I had no idea why I am so anxious when he is out of town for a night but I am. It's terrible. I feel like a child alone at night or something instead of a grown woman. Anyways, I was up every hour to 1.5 hours and it would take at least a half hour or more to fall back to sleep due to anxiety. And I'm definitely still paying for it today and there's no nap in sight for me.  Why can't I just be a normal grownup who can sleep normal with their partner gone? 
  • @runyogamom I'm the same way, I wish I could enjoy the bed to myself when hes not there but no instead I can't sleep. My DH will be gone for a week early next year and I'm dreading it! I may just have to let my girls sleep with me.
  • what do you do when insomnia hits you lurk all the other BMB's of course. I'm a shameless lurker🤷🏻‍♀️. Also my husband must be dreaming about something hilarious because he keeps laughing in his sleep. I wish he would sleep talk so I could know what's going on.😁
  • @vv826 230 am club! My husband is at least not snoring this morning. Yesterday was brutal. I am watching last man standing on netflix to get through. I think tonight i blame it on going to bed too early. Maybe i will check out other bmbs
  • @canuckbaby ooo I like last man standing! my husband snores too although he's traded that for laughing tonight. I blame tonight on having to pee and being extremely thirsty! I must say I'm a little jealous of all the earlier bmbs who are further along but I hope we will all be there soon enough! 
  • @vv826 i feel bad turning the tv on in our room. Its 55" so gets super bright depending whats on. Like tonight of course it was some infomercial advertising something in a white background. DH didnt notice phew 
  • lol good I feel bad too because I toss and turn and I know I wake him
  • I live to sleep lately, so I take Melatonin.  My doctor approved it for me.
  • I started watching Desperate Housewives from season 1 (I have all the seasons on DVD). DH is not a fan so when he and DD are asleep and I can't sleep, I watch those. Even the nights I can sleep a bit better, I wake up every 1-3 hours to pee so I don't really get a good night rest regardless. 
  • @KissMeImScottish I remember you mentioning that about your husband before. Mine has taken up the same habit. He sets alarms starting at 7:15 and they keep going off until 8 or maybe a bit later.... and then when I shake him awake to get him to shit it off he’s always like “what, why are you waking me up?” 
    Its not nearly as early as your DH but it’s still infuriating. I feel for you 
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  • @Dcwtada I hope you ate that lunchable 😆
  • Lol i agree @meatballs37 i hope that lunchable hit the spot @Dcwtada

    I am shocked according to my husband i got up 330 to pee and managed to go back to sleep (i avoided checking the clock which is why he had to tell me when it was i got up) small win since first time this week so far 
  • I did, and it was so good it felt wrong. Christmas tree is also up and I have begun a really not fun game of connect the dots with the knots of wood in the ceiling.
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