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Share sales, freebies, coupon codes, etc that our mamas will enjoy! 
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Re: Freebies/Steals/Deals Thread

  • Baby Box Co: take a brief online course about baby sleep safety and receive a sturdy box (that doubles as a bassinet) filled with educational materials and coupons. 
    Target: The top banner of the Baby section in the app says, "Free $10 gift card when you buy 2 packs of diapers & use Order Pickup."
    Breast Pumps: from what I understand, most major insurance companies in the United States will cover the cost of a breast pump. Can any USA STMs back this up? Do they let you pick whatever pump you want?
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  • mamanbebemamanbebe member
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    @hestia14 yes on breast pumps, it depends on the insurance what their policy but some do medela or provide you an allowance for your choice amongst certain brands. I have united and I believe they do the allowance. 

    Edit, benefit is something of a month before due date, I think. Not earlier. 
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  • @hestia14 pretty much every pump was covered by my insurance last time.  
  • @hestia14 My insurance company (Anthem BSBC) covered a few models including the Medela model I wanted. I had some issues with the suppliers, as it was something you have to ask for yourself. Some of the suppliers would not provide me a pump until after the baby arrived and I'd have to make the claim on my own. I finally found an online one (not sure who), who filed the claim and fulfilled my request by mail prior to delivery so I didn't have to figure out all the paperwork and wait on a pump while recovering from my emergency c-section.
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  • My insurance covered a specific pump last time. I had to be within 5 weeks, I think, of due before I could get it and my dr just had to fax them an order for it. It was shipped directly to me. I could "upgrade" to the premium package and pay the discounted rate for all the extras that came with that pump (bag, extra tubing, extra flanges) but chose not to. If I get that option again, I'm getting the bag meant for my pump. It's so much easier than trying to use a regular bag. 
  • @mamanessen Ooooh thanks for sharing that! 
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    $24.99 Graco P&P.... it was posted on my deals website. I don't know how long it will be until it is unavailable/sold out! 
  • Pregnancy body pillows are on sale on Amazon under the daily deals

  • I'm just seeing this thread but @hestia14 my insurance covered two different pump brand. I was able to order it at any time and got it probably around 20 weeks with my second. Closer to 30 with my first. There's a certain website you can go through that will tell you all the brands you insurance covers. When I think of what it's called I'll post it. 
  • I think Aeroflow is the company that will work with your insurance to get your breast pump.
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  • ccmama3ccmama3 member
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    @leendenny yes! That's the one I was thinking of!
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