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My boyfriend and I love it both ways, honestly cannot decide! Azlynn would be pronounced like Aislinn if you’ve ever heard that name before. 

First name / Middle name order 41 votes

Azlynn Elizabeth Overall
7% 3 votes
Elizabeth Azlynn Overall
92% 38 votes

Re: First name / Middle name order

  • Active participants of this board tend to favor traditional names and spellings so I anticipate you will get some push back on your chosen spelling of Azlynn. I do think you will find some variation in how others pronounce Azlynn and your daughter may be in for frequent correction of others, but I think it's a nice name and I prefer the flow of Azlynn Elizabeth to Elizabeth Azlynn. However, if you do decide to go with Elizabeth as a first name, your daughter is unlikely to need to correct spelling and pronunciation.
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    Lynn names are so boring at this point. Literally one out of three girls right now is likely to have a Lynn name. 

    Elizabeth is not my particular style but it’s nickname diversity is great. You can go classic like Liz, Beth, Liszt or you can with Eliza, or something quirky like Betty, Birdie, Betty. So I vote Elizabeth as the first 

  • Looks like you are trying to be cutsie with Aslan from the lion, the witch and the Wardrobe and it isnt working.....sorry. 

    Elizabeth by far!
  • I don’t like Azlynn so I put that in the middle spot and chose Elizabeth
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