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Back pain 😞

I'm 38 weeks and 5 days
And starting Friday I was having bad lower back pains but the pain I could deal with
But yesterday after coming from doing some long walking 
I've been having really bad lower back pains and having pressure on my pelvic 
And near my butt  down my legs I feel her moving like crazy also
I'm new to this lol
I plan on calling my doctor just curious if any other moms have any advice

Re: Back pain 😞

  • i would always get contractions after exerting myself in the third trimester. and when you’re so far along, doing anything is exhausting. however, if you are intuitively worried about the pain, it’s definitely a good idea to talk to someone at your ob’s office to see if it concerns them enough for you to go in for some monitoring. good luck! let us know what your doctor says.
  • The lower back pain is likely exertion and/or contractions, things get really heavy and your pelvis is probably opening up a bit as the baby is getting ready to descend. I know my hips have really taken a beating the last couple weeks, and the SI joints are loosening. It might be worth it to see a chiropractor if you can to work on some of those pains and definitely worth a call to the OB to help you problem solve!
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