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Recurrent Miscarriage Loss and bacterial vaginosis

I had two miscarriage one at 14 weeks and one at 10 weeks. During my second miscarriage my doctor diagnosed me with bacterial vaginosis and she gave me antibiotics to clear it up. Then she tested me again and I still had it, but she said since it's not causing me any symptoms not to treat it. I went to a maternal fetal medicine specialist and he said my doctor was right. He gave me tests for thrombophilia but wasn't concerned at all about the bacterial vaginosis. He said that bacterial vaginosis doesn't cause miscarriages, but I looked online and there's so many studies linking them. I'm worried that my doctors are missing something really obvious. Anyone had a similar situation?

Re: Recurrent Miscarriage Loss and bacterial vaginosis

  • I haven’t had a similar situation, but maybe seeing another provider for a second opinion? More often than not, they won’t start looking into the causes of MC until it’s been 3 or more in a row, or quite a few recurring between pregnancies. As tough as it may be, they may not look more into for you until you go through at least one more MC.   

    I am so sorry for your losses. I’m prayin for you and hoping your next one isn’t the same situation! 💕
  • So sorry you are here.  I had some vaginal bacteria with my first loss.  I can’t recall the name but I was treated with antibiotics.  I had no symptoms either just something that showed up in my urine.  I was not retested for it.  I lost that one at 10 weeks and was measuring 10 wks.  I had two losses after that but was using a RE and I didn’t have any urine taken so as far as I know I could have still had it and didn’t know it.  My OB said bacteria was not harmful to pregnancy but could be issue during delivery so it was better to take care of now.  I too have read info that it could be related to MC.   I did have testing done on my 3rd MC and it was not related to bacteria at all so that has helped me feel better about that issue.  I just think there are still some unknowns about MC so there are still some maybes out there that Drs can’t say yes or no to.   
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