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  • We have already told quite a few people - close friends, family and my work team. But, that’s because we did IVF and wanted to keep those close to us in the loop for their support and prayers during this time. So far it’s been so nice and sharing the joy has made me focus on being more excited and less worried. I’m kind of glad it worked out this way because hiding it and making up excuses would have made me so stressed. But, it also makes me really nervous because I feel like I’ll be letting everyone down if it doesn’t work out. 
  • @jenniferjoy37 thank you! I actually bought it when we were Ttc and once we found out about this little bean I got a matching baby bear newborn onesie in grey too
  • Even though I’ve had losses, it was irritating me to keep thinking of excuses why I’m not drinking, exhausted, and kind of fat. Everything looked great on ultrasound yesterday so even though it’s early at 7 weeks, we just told some close friends at a “Friendsgiving” we had with them, and are telling our parents next week at 8 weeks. I know it will be hard to tell them if it doesn’t work out but it’s so awesome to share the joy while it’s here! And I am so damn bloated I look like I’m at least 4 months already 🙄
  • I plan to wait until Christmas when my family is all together. Only hubs and I know and we're keeping tight lipped until Christmas! 

    This will be the first grandkid for my parents after they were told by both my sister and I that kids weren't in the cards for us. I don't know how they'll react, but I'm sure it will be priceless!
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    We told our parents and siblings (only one each). We figured we’d need the support if we hadn’t problems with this pregnancy. We told a close friend and family friend as well. We plan to tell the rest of the family on Christmas, and possibly announce on social media then since we’ll be at the end of the first trimester/beginning of the second trimester. 
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    Just announced at Thanksgiving lunch today. Told the family to make sure to drink all the wine so we wouldn't have any left behind since I can't drink for a while. It took them a second and then they got it. :)

    I am 8 weeks tomorrow but we have seen the heartbeat. And I am usually extremely private but if something happens, I want close family to know because they have been putting subtle pressure on us to have another kid and if they do that unknowingly after a MC, it would be incredibly painful (no way they'd do that if they knew). We had to go through a lot of IVF to get the first baby (they dont know that) and if this one doesn't work, we are done trying.  
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  • We went ahead and told our family and close friends yesterday after my appt. Nothing cute, just sent the ultrasound pic and that we were due July 10th.

    I'll probably take a picture of my boys holding the ultrasound picture to announce to everyone else after our next scan. 

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    We told our parents a few weekends ago with these boxes, and my SIL and BIL with a “Big Cousin” onesie for their 4 month old baby girl. Everyone was over the moon excited! I’ll tell work this week (they’re like family, it’s a really small company). Waiting to tell Most people until closer to the end of the first trimester though
  • We've told very few people.  My best friend is the one who gave me tests so she knew pretty early.  My other best friend saw me at the doctors.  My mom knows because she watched our older two while we went to the doctor this week.  And I told my co-leaders for scouts since I usually help set up tables.  Other than that we are waiting until Christmas time to tell everyone.  Then probably after new years for the facebook announcement since my next scan is the day after.  

    Really hoping my very excited 6yo can keep the secret!!

    As to how we're telling I think we're going to put it on the back of our Christmas cards.. so front will be our family photo then the back will have an announcement photo.
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    We've told more ppl than I was ready to but we needed to. On Thanksgiving (I was 6 weeks)we had to tell our parents because they are at our house all weekend jelpinh with home remodeling and there is so much I no longer should do (i.e. strong paint odors, high ladders, etc) PLUS I need multiple naps a day and nobody would understand my exhaustion otherwise. We are also planning some vacations with them that we can no longer go on, and my FIL has to request all 2019 vacation this next week. 

    Aside from that we told my brother, his sister and our grandmothers because otherwise our parents would have spilled the beans from excitement. 

    This week I've been tempted to tell my boss because I am sooooo tired all the time. This pulling "all-dayers" is not for the weak, or for the pregnant 😂
  • All our family is an ocean away, so we are telling my family (parents and sibling) when they visit at Christmas. I'll be about 8 weeks then. We are telling H's parents just before my family comes (so they have happy news when they'll probably be sad that they can't see our first child, their only grandchild, at Christmas this year) and we'll tell H's siblings when we skype them after my parents know. 

    We don't get a scan or heart beat check or any form of confirmation until the AS here, so I'm going to try to wait until then to tell work and friends (though maybe as early as 14 weeks for both work and friends) and definitely not posting to social media until after the AS.

    TTGP history (*TW*):

    Started TTC Oct 2015
    BFP #1 June 2016: EDD 16 March 2017, MC July 2016
    Re-started TTC Aug 2016
    Started IF testing Nov 2016
    Spontaneous BFP #2 January 2017: Rainbow Baby Boy September 2017
    BFP #3 November 2018: Baby #2 expected August 2019

  • I think at this point we’ve told just about everyone who’s getting the news directly. 
    I called my sister when I POAS, told mil when we were in vacay with her the following week because I was kind of a wreck, told my parents at thanksgiving, close friends all heard pretty early (I was the last on the fence around #2), and I just told my boss yesterday. Obviously it’s early for the work convo but we’re a tiny company (3.5 employees), and July is going to be tough timing for us. I’ve worked with her for 13 yrs though, so seemed like the right thing. 
  • Well I announced at work today but not on purpose! She jokingly asked if I’d be drinking alcohol at the Christmas party next week and my face gave it away and I’m a horrible liar. Oh well!
  • We've told most of our immediate family and very close friends, except for a select few that we're having Christmas dinner with shortly on Dec 8th. I've told a few workers because by now if I didn't, they'd probably think I'm bulimic. We are mainly telling people as we see them. I'm 8wk5days today. The rest of the world and social media will probably find out sometimes after new years as I'll be close to 14 weeks.
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    @jenniferjoy37 I love your idea! I'm now thinking of doing something similar for my boyfriend's family for Christmas. He is more exciting about announcing via tshirt than I am! My parents already know, I'm so excited that i couldnt wait any longer.
  • I'm 9w with #2 and I've had to tell several of my coworkers and boss already just for babies health and safety reasons. We are planning on telling immediate family on Christmas with strict orders of secrecy until we announce it to everyone else through social media when we get to the second trimester. Several close friends we will tell around the new year probably so they dont feel caught off guard when we announce on social media.
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    We told immediate family at Thanksgiving and I told my boss a couple weeks later because I was feeling so crappy. The rest of my colleagues will probably find out next week when I'm not drinking at the holiday happy hour. We'll do extended family at Christmas gatherings as they come; I'll be exactly 12 weeks then.

    I plan to do the social media announce late in January - I'm in the middle of interviewing for a job I really want and I'm acquaintances and FB friends with the person I'd work for. I'd rather get an offer before I mention I'm pregnant - the job wouldn't start until after the baby gets here so it's not really relevant, but still, I'd rather get an unbiased review (just in case).
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  • My parents are visiting for the weekend. They don't know yet because I have my heart set on a Christmas announcement. It's been fun keeping this amazing secret, but I'm also really struggling to not drop little hints! 
  • I'm considering putting pink/blue tissue paper in a box with my ultrasound picture and leaving the tag on it "to everyone, open last" at my family Christmas eve party. I'll be doing the panorama testing for health reasons this Tuesday, but will also be able to know the gender most likely right before Christmas with the blood test results. Not sure how I feel about this as ill be 13 weeks which seems fine, only its my first pregnancy and we are monitoring my thyroid levels. I think it's a cute idea but I'm also a private person. Don't really like all eyes on me but would also like my family to know before social media. What do you think? 
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    @jmh1696 Family should know before social media 100%. They're family afterall.
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    cindler said:
    @jmh1696 Family should know before social media 100%. They're family afterall.
    Yep this 100%! We always tell our family and close friends first. Since they are all in different states we normally just sent a text or call them then post on social media after.  Same thing when we find out the sex. 

  • @jmh1696 I think that's a cute idea!  I don't like having all eyes on me either, which is why I don't want to make some big group announcement at Christmas. May steal your idea :)
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