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When are you announcing

Curious - when how are you sharing to others? 

I am currently 6w 4d. I haven’t told anyone yet. One of my friends caught on though already when we were celebrating Halloween. She’s sworn to secrecy. 

I am having my first appointment next week Friday. I think I want to tell my mom next week. I am on the fence though because we aren’t ready to tell DHs mom as we aren’t close to her at all. My mom though we see at least 1-2 times a week. DH and I will be discussing it more. 

 I wanted to wait to tell his immediate family at Christmas when I’ll be 12 weeks. I haven’t thought of any creative ways yet. I am looking for ideas!

Not entirely sure about a social media announcement. That I think would be closer to 20 weeks 

Re: When are you announcing

  • I’m 4+5 today. I told my cousin yesterday because we are very close and she’s in Germany so it’s prey easy for her to keep it to herself. 

    My u/s is 11/26. I think I’ll tell my mom on 12/1, which is the next time I’ll see her. Not sure if I’ll do any type of real announcemt for anyone else. 
  • I'm 6+2. I've told a couple people at work, but other than that we're waiting until closer to Christmas or possibly the New Year before we announce. I have an u/s the tuesday after thanksgiving to check growth. We'll announce with a onesie staying "Handpicked for earth by my big brother in Heaven" on social media, not quite sure how we'll announce to family yet.  
  • I’m 6w 4d today and we’ve already told most close family and friends, basically the people who I would be comfortable telling if something happened and the people whose support I would need in that worst case scenario.

    We’re waiting until 12 weeks to tell my daughter because she’s just shy of 3 and I wouldn’t begin to know how to explain a miscarriage to her. And we’ll probably “announce” to everyone else right after Christmas when I’ll be past the 12 week mark! 
  • With my other pregnancies we told family and close friends right away. These are the people that I would want support from if something happened. Waited till 2nd tri to announce on social media.

    H got over excited and told everyone about my last pregnancy just a few days after my BFP. A couple weeks later I miscarried and it was very hard untelling people, though family and our close friends were very supportive.
    ***end tw***

    This go around we are waiting till after my first appt to tell close friends and family. Though we did tell MIL to try and ease the blow for us not coming to Thanksgiving this year.

    There is no right or wrong answer here. It's all whatever you are comfortable with. 

  • I’ve told close friends and most of my family. I’m planning on a big announcement with our Christmas cards as soon as we see the doctor in the beginning of Dec ish. The people that do know are the people that would be my support system in case of a loss. 

    We wont be telling our children until after we see a doctor. When my sister had her loss, the girls didn’t understand why the baby wasn’t coming anymore so I don’t want that to happen again. 

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  • I’ve told my closest friends and my trainers at the gym (so they know if I need to modify anything) but we are waiting to tell family for Christmas! 
  • I'll be 13 weeks on Christmas so telling family then. My parent's know but, his don't yet (SIL just announced her pregnancy so want to let her have her time). I wanted to wait till Valentines for a cute social post, but I don't think I can wait and will probably end up doing it early January. Anyone have good suggestions for telling a large group of people? 
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  • I am 4w4d and I will be telling my family on Thanksgiving. As far as the world I probably won’t announce until 2nd trimester. 
  • I've told some close friends and my sister, but we're waiting until after the first appointment to tell our parents. We'll probably tell other friends/extended family around Christmas.
  • I was only planning on telling my best friend until I see my family for the holidays, and then accidentally texted a picture of my pregnancy test last night to my director of HR who shares the same last name.  So for now, my best friend and coworker. I obviously had to call her afterwards to be like, uhhh, surprise! 
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  • My husband and I have agreed on telling family on December 9th (2 days after my 25th bday), we will be 9 weeks and 6 days. we aren't planning on posting on social media until Christmas day when we are 12 weeks that day. We are currently only 5 weeks and 4 days. 
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    My situation is so complicated because almost none of my family lives close by. I told my parents and sister the day after my BFP (3+2) because the next time all four of us will be together, by ourselves, is Christmas. Afterwards I told my mom I was nervous about telling them so early because I didn't want to make them sad if I lost it right away. She said not to worry about it and that me being pregnant was happy news, and if the worst happened, they'd understand.
    Our best friends know and we're going to tell DH's parents and my grandpa this weekend. I'm 4+1 today and I know these people will be very supportive if I end up with a loss. I'd like to tell the rest of my family on Christmas when I'm 10+5, but I'm not sure. I'd like to announce to social media on Valentine's Day, which will be around 18 weeks :) 
    *edited for clarification
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  • Only 3wks2d here. The only person we plan on telling until we have an U/S is my best friend (who is our legal guardian for M). Other than that, we'll probably wait til Christmas/New Years as we'll be seeing both our families, all siblings included, for the holidays. Unless it becomes so obvious that I can't really hide it.

    Will probably tell work in Jan as my place of work is super supportive and, well, last pregnancy I was so tired all the time I accidentally fell asleep at my desk once or twice.

    *TW* I only told my BFF last time, when we had a CP only a few days later. We ended up telling our moms to avoid the "when are you having another" questions and no one else about the loss, and honestly for us, that made it easier to bear, having not shared it. 
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  • Several close family members and friends who guessed already know... and my DH mom's side will find out at Thanksgiving. I went back and forth about telling people too early, but we decided to tell some family members for support in case this pregnancy doesn't pan out. 
    My last ended in a miscarriage, and I suffered in silence for the most part as a ton of people didn't really know. Although suffering in silence is usually my MO (I don't like to share my pain/shame with others), I think this go around I'll definitely need extra support.
    *End TW* 
    As for the rest of the world.... we will announce at Christmas time when the first trimester is almost over. 

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  • I was going to wait until Christmas but we'll be with my family this weekend, next weekend and for Thanksgiving and they will 100% get suspicious if I'm not drinking during any if those times.
  • I'm 5 weeks tomorrow, have told a handful close friends, and plan on telling my parents tomorrow. We'll likely wait until 13 weeks for social media. I completely understand reservations in telling people in the event that something horrible happens but my husband and I agreed that, regardless of what happens, we created this precious life and don't want to let the fear keep us from celebrating or acknowledging it with our loved ones.
  • **TW @mamahmh2 I'm in the same boat as you about preferring to suffering silence. Only my DH and BFF knew about our loss in August. I'm close with my parents so it's weird that they don't know but my brother was buying a house/getting engaged so they were so happy and I didn't want to be a downer. DH's parents live in another country for half the year so they didn't know either. I definitely don't want to reveal too early if we have another loss. This part sucks. End TW** 

    I feel like I'm going to have to announce around Christmas, it will feel too early but my husband and I are hobbyist wine connoisseurs and EVERYONE will be asking why I'm not doing the wine pairing. Thanksgiving will be hard enough, I think I'm going to pretend I'm on antibiotics or something just to ease the pressure, my family is VERY boisterous! 
  • @scp2585 awe, I totally understand you not wanting to damper the mood of your brother’s engagement and home purchase. I never want to be the bearer of bad news, especially in a situation when people are so happy about something else going on. At least you did tell your BFF and had someone to bounce things and feelings off of. I’m slowly realizing the importance of that! 

    And like you, I’ve been forced to share the news with a couple friends because I haven’t been drinking 😂 I saw some old friends from high school recently and they wanted to go to a new brewery here. With nothing to do at a brewery but drink beer, I was totally forced to spill the beans. 
    I’m sure you are missing your wine already!!! With these miscarriage nerves, I could sure go for a glass... or two or three 😉

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  • I'm currently 5w4d. I've told my trainer, some coworkers, and 3 good friends. I feel like I have told too many people.

    So worried something could happen even though it's out of my control. 
    End of TW****

    We are likely going to tell family at Christmas and social media next year as end of 1st trimester is NYE.
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    Only daddy and a few friends only cause they kept jinxing me and I called them blaming them. But don't plan on telling everyone else till my second trimester
  • Ill be 5w tomorrow.  I've told my sister, DHs parents and tonite I told my mom.  I was planning on telling my Dad and brother at Thanksgiving and we won't tell friends/announce on social media until 20w or later.  I don't know what I was expecting when I told my mom.  But kindof got the cold shoulder. This will be my 3rd baby and in our family (who all live nearby) there are already 6 grandkids, this will be #7, all under 6 yo.  I think she is starting to get a little over it. Sigh...  She actually told my brother, sister and I a while back to stop at 2!! And my brother was like "Wait a minute?? I AM number 3?!"
  • Unsure when we are announcing. I’d like to wait until after the first appointment on 12/11. However, I have so many things coming up where I’ll be hard to hide I’m not drinking. First up birthday brunch and a bridal shower with my friends this weekend and then Thanksgiving with my already suspicious mom. 
  • Depending on how our first ultrasound goes next week, we'll tell my parents and brother at Thanksgiving. We'll keep the rest of my family in the dark though. Then we'll plan to tell all our family (including my in-laws) at Christmas. 
  • We are going to visit my family later this week and I think it will be hard not to tell them given my fatigue/nausea.  We will likely tell the ILs on Thanksgiving.  We'll wait to tell friends until around Christmas/NYE.
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    We are waiting until Christmas, which will be 12 weeks almost on the dot. DH's family is doing a Christmas PJ party, and I bought totally corny family PJs for me, DH, and DD. I plan to buy matching newborn PJs and gift them to the grandparents, and watch them figure it out. :)

    We're hosting Thanksgiving and I'm a little worried people will notice I'm not drinking, so I have some alcohol-free wine to keep my glass full. Worked last time!
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  • jenniferjoy37 I love this! Where did you find this shirt? My husband and I were planning on telling my parents on Thanksgiving when I'll be around 8 weeks.. that is too cute. 
  • @fabcrab Sorry your mom reacted that way :/  My DH's parents have said things in the past that make us think they won't be excited/supportive. Hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised.

    @jenniferjoy37 that shirt is precious <3

    I've already told my mom and my sister (who is expecting her first this spring!!). Waiting to tell the rest of the family until Christmas (11w). Then everyone else (work, FB, etc.) after the New Year.
  • When the baby is born?!?!  No but for real I am trying to keep it a secret from everyone possible until the anatomy scan at 19/20 weeks due to all our other losses.  We have an US next week and then at 10 weeks I will have genetic testing done so I hope after those and making it to 12 week US that I will become maybe ok with telling my parents.
  • So far, DH and our close couple friends now plus the lady who was standing nearby when I told DH   :D 

    We are celebrating Christmas early with my parents because they live out of state and it will be just after my first appointment so we will tell them then. We will tell DHs family on Christmas and are waiting to tell our girls until we are ready for the world to know because our oldest will NOT be able to keep it quiet. I have a cute idea for a Valentine’s Day themed announcement so Id like to wait until then. I will be 18 weeks at that point so hopefully we will know the sex too so we can include that in the announcement!
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    Probably not until Christmas.  Being old and considering this is #5, I am just envisioning the eye popping reactions. It even crossed my mind to not say anything at all and then just have this baby hanging around.  I figure the latter will not work by a long shot 
  • I was trying to hold off until Thanksgiving at least to tell my family (I'll be 8 weeks) but we spent the weekend with my parents last weekend and I think my mom suspects.  This is #4 for us and at 37 I'm not exactly a spring chicken so I'm expecting all kinds of comments. 
  • @mamanessen found it off Amazon! I originally saw the concept on Pinterest and thought, what the hell, I’ll look on Amazon. The one I loved wasn’t Prime, so I had to pay shipping. But I think it’ll be worth it to see the looks on their faces! Hehe. 
  • I’ll tell immediate family at ten weeks probably.  Then Facebook when we know if it’s a girl or boy.  

    Im not sure how I’ll let people know, but I have plenty of time to worry about it.
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  • DH is telling EVERYONE!!!!!  I told my sisters, parents, a cousin and a couple of friends
  • Just had to share how we’re going to announce on social media, probably in the new year when I’ll be well past the 12 week mark. Luckily DD can’t read yet since we haven’t told her the big news, she was just excited to get a new shirt lol 
  • @mrscammack that’s so adorable!! 
  • @jenniferjoy37 that shirt & idea of waiting to see who figures it out is amazing! 

    We are telling our our parents this weekend, at about 7weeks. I don’t have much info on family health history, so I’ll have to tell them before asking for that! I’ve also told my two best friends and my coworkers. I work in a super tight-knit place with some women who have been cheering me on since we started TTC, and are like second moms to me with their advice and support. We are only telling people we would trust to support us if the worst happens for now. Likely going to tell the rest of our family and friends closer to Christmas, after our first appt at the end of November, so a photographer I know through my best friend also knows (we wanted to set up a session for announcement photos right away). I’m anxious to tell the world!! I work in cosmetology, and I’m usually an open book with my clients. It’s so hard not telling everyone! Anyone experiencing that too? 😭
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