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  • I'm so sorry @annierose3 that your cycle didn't work out. Don't lose hope. Has your RE mentioned trying femara? I just took it for the first time this month but I've noticed that my lining wasn't as thin as it was when I was on clomid. Good luck with whatever you decide. 
       I'm still not sure whether it worked out for me yet. Im 13dpiui was going to test early but fig I'd wait until  Weds.beta unless the wicked witch shows up.
  • Hey guys qq. Do you know what your follicle sizes were the day the RE said to trigger. Today I was at 16,17,17 and he wants to trigger and iui Wednesday. 
  • Hey everyone! Thanks for your sentiments! I took a little time away from the message boards cause I was feeling extremely sad. Still waiting for AF to come which is a pain and still have to get my bloodwork to confirm hcg is zero before I can start the next cycle 

    @annierose3 I'm so sorry!!!! Fx for next cycle! 

    @bobella22 yay! I hope you get bfp!!!!!

    @mooret1118 mine were about 22- 26 (with a 14 in there last time) but yours sound about right from what I've seen other people trigger at! I think anything 16 and above is considered mature, plus they grow for the 2 days until the trigger does its magic. 
  • @pegs007 and @annierose3 I'm sorry. hugs to both of you. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you this month. 
  • @bobella22 ; I'm also 13dpiui. I keep going back and forth on waiting for the beta. I'm 70% wait and 30% take a test Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't Beta until Thursday. 

    @mooret1118 - I was at 21, 17 and 17 when they told me to trigger and then at the last minute told me not to because my labs showed I was ovulating on my own. 

    @sarahtothea totally understandable. wishing you the best of luck on the next cycle!
  • I just met with my RE, and because I am rapidly approaching 40 with very low ovarian reserve, we will now be preparing to do IVF. My hope is that each and every one of you has success.  I wanted to thank you all for the amazing support. I would love to see how you are all doing, so I will try to check the IUI boards. Thank you all for your support, it really has been so helpful. 
  • Has someone started a December board or are we just going to continue on this one? @annierose3 Good luck with ivf!
    @bobella22 @31magnolia FX for you. 

    Thank goodness for for the holidays as I distraction this month! Tomorrow is our last shot for iui. This time I did take a half day from work so I’m going to take it easy (I know they say activity as normal but I just feel like a nap afterwards or some hallmark Christmas movies isn’t a bad idea.) 

    If anyone has any  experience with endometrin and can provide me with any heads ups about what I’m going to see that would be amazing. This month was interesting with moods and my poor husband was just so sensitive to my swings and I finally had to say “remember I’m taking these medicines and I’m having a hard time controlling my tone I’m not irritated with you I just sound like I am!” So needless to say if I can prep him for what he is in for he might live to see the new year! 
  • @annierose3 best of luck to you on your ivf journey!
    @mooret1118 there is a Dec. IUI board already. I will move to Dec. pending tomorrow's beta. My follicles were about 21 and 19mm when triggered but I think anything above 17mm is good and your follicles grow more once you trigger. Endometrin isn't too bad but would def reccomend using a pad with them bc the access of it will come out. Not fun but will be worth it. It also mimics  early symptoms of pregnancy so you might feel bloated and or slight nausea. Hope this helps. Good luck to you on your tww!!!
    @31magnolia are you going to test before thurs? 
  • @mooret1118 - Lol. I should have that conversation with my SO. I feel bad for him after I snap, but it's like I can't control it! I was on the progesterone suppositories but not endometrin. Mine I had to insert with my finger. They are definitely interesting. I carry liners all the time. 

    @annierose3 Good luck to you. I am 43 and am hoping to have a successful iui, I'm not sure I could financially swing IVF. But I may need to look into it as well. 
  • @bobella22 I unfortunately did test this morning. My SO talked me into it. It was a BFN. So there was a mini cry session and he did his best to tell me that we still need to wait for the beta test. And of course I'm now googling "negative pregnancy test and positive blood test".  If you haven't tested yet, hold out until your beta. 
  • Oh no @31magnolia. Maybe you are one of those who implanted later. Also its still early and maybe hcg isn't high enough for the test to register yet. You have another 2 days! 
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    @31magnolia  - Hang in there until beta happens, FX for you!
    @bobella22 - Lots of good wishes for tomorrow
    Has anyone tried royal jelly or wheat grass shots for low AMH? Been reading about it lately, thinking to give it a try.
  • @bobella22 wow I feel a little dumb! I was looking for it to be labeled dec 2018 not just December!
  • @bobella22 good luck tomorrow!!
  • @pegs007 I've tried both (mostly the royal jelly). Unfortunately, I did not get retested to see if either helped. 
  • @pegs007 never tried  that. 
    Thanks everyone for the well wishes but unfortunately got a bfn beta. I am so upset.  My RE pushing for ivf but so not ready.  Thinking doing one more iui and then take a break if not successful. 
  • @31magnolia still have my fx for you girl!
  • @bobella22 aww (hugs). I’ve thinking about you all day. I am so sorry. This whole process is so damn stressful! I’ve been going into full on sadness and bouts of tears the last couple of days. That negative HPT has me all messed up. I’ve psyched myself out of tomorrow’s beta test. I’m even taking the day off so I can deal with the emotions in peace. 
    At my last appointment My doctor also asked me if I wanted to go to IVF If this cycle was unsuccessful and I also feel like I’m not ready for that just yet, nor can I afford it right now.  
    If only I’d known in my teens and twenties that getting pregnant would be this hard, emotional, and expensive! Anyways thanks for the well wishes. I’ll be sending you positive thoughts on which ever way you decide to go. 
  • Well my beta also came back negative. Haven't spoken to the nurse yet, but saw the results online. I was holding a smidgen of hope. 
  • @31magnolia was thinking about you today.  So sorry to hear that. The same thing happened to me ...they took forever to call and then I found the results online. I am on the same boat as you. Not ready emotionally or financially for the ivf. I think I may take Dec. off  and try one more IUI in January.  
  • @bobella22 I’m trying to decide what I’m going to do. Last week I was so sure I try again right away  but now I’m not so sure. Today has been so draining. 
    Goid luck in whatever you decide. 
  • Im so sorry. This whole process is so draining. Crazy all these years I was worried about getting pg and now it is so difficult. So I spoke with my husband and he wants to try 1 more iui and then if it doesn't work we will take a break and figure it out after. 
  • @bobella22 similar for us. Not only was I on the BCP, DH insisted on pulling out to prevent pregnancy. We did that for 8 years. Now here we are, 18 months after starting TTC, going through the process for an IUI in a few weeks.
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  • @bobella22 My SO and I also had a conversation this morning. We are going to try 2 more times max (total of three) and then after that take a break and decide. But I'll see how I feel after the second one. See you in the December post. 
  • @bobella22 and @31magnolia sorry to hear you are joining December.  
    @31magnolia hang in there girl, the first is the worst for sure. My husband and I decided from the beginning we would do 3 (December was our third) so that at least helped having a plan going in. 
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