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FFFC 10/12

As usual, I had a great confession 2 days go, didn’t write it down and now have no idea what it was... I hope you all have better memories than I do.
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Re: FFFC 10/12

  • I wasn’t paying attention backing out of the garage and back into my mom’s car (only scratched both bumpers, but ugh!!!). If I could get away with it, I would totally not tell DH... (but DS was in the car and will totally rat me out). 
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  • @keikilove im sad now. All i take is car selfies LOL. i don't have anywhere else to take them. we cant have phones at work for the most part and i also dont want to post online so ppl see my workplace...and i don't do my makeup at home bc i am normally in a rush and don't do it until i drop my son off at school. you just shamed my whole life basically LOLOLOL. its ok though. I understand.  :D:D:D
  • @keikilove I'm not into selfies either. Anywhere. I have friends and family who take daily selfies and I refuse to give them the satisfaction of a 'like' or comment because I don't want to encourage them with attention! 😆
    I'm all for people feeling good about how they look, but honestly, when people post daily selfies, they start to have a photo gallery of photos that all look practically the same.
  • @keikilove the ones that scare me are the YouTube and instagrammers that are doing full in videos in their car, WHILE DRIVING! Pull the F over if you can’t wait to tell someone about your big giveaway! I don’t need to hear how supplements made your workout better while you’re driving home from the gym!
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  • The power was out at my office all day so I ran errands, not because any of them were particularly pressing, but because I didn’t know what to do with myself with no work, DD at daycare and DH at work. What did I used to do with all that free time?
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    My DD loves to take “funny pictures” with those filters!!
    oneofher best in the spoiler

    Sorry double spoiler 
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  • My confession.... I just ate half a bag of tater tots by myself. And I'm probably about to go get some ice cream. Haha!! 
  • My confession is I spent probably $45 on tolls today because I didn’t want to pick up “slugs”  :s
    Me: 30 DH: 31
    Married: 2012
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  • I found a long hair that wasn't mine in my lasagna tonight. I ate it anyway. I felt reassured that it was long lol
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    @keikilove im sad now. All i take is car selfies just shamed my whole life basically LOLOLOL. its ok though. I understand.  :D:D:D
    OMG, @zionsmama85 I laughed so hard at your first statement and then I felt TERRIBLE when you said I just shamed your whole life! :s:'(:o  I gotta admit, your makeup explanation made sense since I do mine in the car on the way to work hahaha. (That’s probably somebody’s UO/FFFC when women do their makeup behind the wheel.) Girl, you do you ;) and I will continue to NOT “like” my besties’ car selfies lol.

    And amen to your comment on the Snapchat filters! That is so crazy to me to edit these beautiful little angels sent from heaven—no filters necessary, babies are already perfect. 
  • My confession is that this pregnancy my self-confidence is plummeting. Between the nausea, constipation, exhaustion, etc. I haven’t felt very pretty and in turn haven’t been taking hardly any pictures. I have taken one bump shot all pregnancy at 11 weeks (I’m 19 now). I wear my hair in a ponytail almost everyday to work and around the house (which doesn’t help). When I get home I change straight into my sweats because I feel so uncomfortable in almost anything. I keep thinking I’m going to go get a haircut and maybe that will help but I never make the time for myself. Work has been crazy busy lately so that’s not helping. Anyways sorry to be such a downer on our FFCF and I’m very grateful for this little one I just don’t ever feel like myself. 
  • @ashley14598 I'm with you! I'm a STM and started this pregnancy with baby weight from my first. I basically hid my belly under baggy / float shirts until yesterday because I felt like my stomach was mostly flub and not baby. I'm now 20 weeks so I've decided "F it - I'm far enough along now that I'm allowed to have a belly this big!" and I've switched to a few more form fitting things. I don't look or feel as good in my maternity clothes this time around because I just feel chubby. And unlike last time, I'm getting a bit of acne which is so annoying! I have a wedding to go to tonight and covering up all these spots is just depressing. I'm going to get my hair done at a salon - I feel like putting in that extra effort with a blowout will hopefully make me feel decently pretty/attractive tonight! I only have one dress that will work with this bump and it's got no sleeves so I'm worried about my chubby arms, too! Oh well. I honestly wouldn't trade this for anything - five months ago I was chubby and not pregnant, so st least now I'm pregnant and have a new baby to look forward to. 
    Hope a haircut (maybe a mani or some nail polish?! Always makes me feel a bit better) will lift your spirits!
  • @ashley14598 @laur84ns I’ve been slacking in the appearance dept too. It’s been 2 months of pregnancy nail growth since my last pedicure/polish change so you can imagine how gross my nails look and I did the math last night at my hair appt (that I finally made) and it’s been 5 or 6 months since my last haircut! I got a much needed chop and I can barely fit it in a ponytail, which usually gives me no choice but to do something with it, which strangely helps me. I hope you both take the time to do something for yourselves. It truly made a difference in my confidence in just the last 24 hrs.
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  • @meggyme @laur84ns thanks ladies for understanding! It is helpful to know I’m not alone. I am on baby #2 too and I know I hadn’t lost all the baby weight from my first one so I’m sure that is some of it. It is oddly strange how simply getting our hair and/or nails done can make such a big difference in how we feel! My mom and I went shopping last weekend and I got 4 new maternity shirts that has definitely helped. I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by!!! 
  • @ashley14598 Right there with you girl!

    We had a girls dinner last night and this one girl is a "picture queen" and I had to beg her not to post this one photo. All I could think was "omg I look like a beached whale." She told me...but you're pregnant :| I was like ugh stfu, I'll kick you if you post that photo idc what filter you put on it just because you've lost 30 lbs and look great. That's my preggo rant lol 
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