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Need your opinion on this name please!

We’ve had a tough time agreeing on names. I’m mixed, black and white. Significant other is hispanic. So we need a name that works in Spanish and English. We don’t talk to family or friends because we want the name to be a surprise. What are your opinions on Ezekiel Mason Williams? Option of calling him Zeke?

Also I’m worried about initials EW. Does middle name fix that or is it something that will come up and we should reconsider?

Re: Need your opinion on this name please!

  • I like it but I’m really sick of Mason. I don’t think the initials are that bad 
  • It fine, it flows well, I don't like Mason very much but it does keep Ezekiel from being super churchy. 

    I wouldn't worry about the initials too much.
  • Wouldn’t worry about EW. 

    Ezekiel Mason is good 

  • Drop the Mason

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