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Weekend Randoms 9.29-9.30


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  • I read about the apple butter last night and searched my kitchen high and low for some for my toast this morning but to no avail. I want biscuits and apple butter now! 
  • I love apple butter! I also make apple crisp (way easier and tastier imo than pie). I also sometimes bake apple slices with squash — yum! 
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  • @Hollyyyyy I like this apple crisp recipe from Epicurious: 
    I sometimes sub rolled oats for half the flour in the topping. Mmm. 
  • @Llynde5 I'm sorry about your weekend! From big to small, it sounds like everything was going wrong. I hope your week turns around & that you're able to find a decently priced sink with the necessary dimensions!
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  • @LLynde5 ugh I'm sorry your weekend was too much to handle. I really hope you recover quickly.  Rest if you can.  I always over do it, too.  Definitely need to start slowing down now we're in 3rd tri territory.  

    I want all the apple butter now. Thanks ladies!  And apple pie!
  • @LLynde5 Happy anniversary! I’m glad you will be getting your money back!

  • @LLynde5 Happy anniversary!  Whee, I sure hope you do get that money back...FX for you!
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  • @LLynde5 I hope you had a wonderful anniversary and you felt well enough to enjoy it!
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